Police report more than 100 thefts of catalytic converters in the past 6 months

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MANCHESTER, NH – There have been more than 100 reported catalytic converter thefts in Manchester since October 2020. With weather getting warmer, that number is expected to rise.

The thefts had primarily taken place at businesses, but that is beginning to change. More and more often these crimes are taking place at residences, sometimes right in the owner’s driveway.

Most of these thefts take place at night and are not immediately discovered. This makes it much more difficult to identify a suspect.

Manchester Police detectives are working continuously on these cases and have closed quite a few.  However, with the crimes still occurring we want to give the public some helpful tips to keep their vehicle from being targeted. Also tips on how to make your catalytic converter more identifiable if it were to be stolen.

First of all, consider installing security cameras and lights on your property. This will make it much easier to monitor your vehicle and also catch a suspect in action. You can also install a theft prevention device on your catalytic converter. This will make it more difficult to remove. Also, have a service technician etch your VIN onto the catalytic converter. This will make it easier to identify if it was stolen.