Police pepper spray parolee who threatened pair with pipe, fought with officers, prison guard

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MANCHESTER, NH – Josiah Philibert, 21, was arrested Jan. 8, 2018, after he allegedly threatened two people with a metal pipe, and engaged officers and a prison guard in altercations, police say.

Manchester Police Officer Mark Harrington spoke with the alleged victims, who are husband and wife, inside of their Spruce Street apartment house and both claimed a man they didn’t know, later identified as Philibert, illegally entered their apartment at about 5 p.m., minutes before police arrival.

They told police Philibert walked into the apartment and began threatening them. The couple claimed to have been threatened with a metal pipe before Philibert then lifted the front of his T-shirt indicating he was armed with a firearm. Philibert was located on the back porch of an adjacent building by police, however, no weapons were located.

Philibert initially spoke with the officer but soon refused to answer his questions, according to police. The officer attempted to place Philibert into custody for a felony-level criminal threatening charge, but Philibert failed to comply with the arrest, police said. He was tackled and sprayed with pepper spray by police after allegedly fighting with the officers, and continued do do so as he was placed into the back of the transport wagon, police said.

Police say because Philibert remained noncompliant throughout booking process, he was taken to Hillsborough County House of Correction. Philibert allegedly assaulted one of the correctional officers shortly after MPD relinquished custody of him to the jail. Philibert allegedly punched a guard several times before two MPD officers and several additional correctional officers eventually subdued him with the use of pepper spray. The correctional officer was not injured but Manchester Police Officer Meghan Grant was treated at an area hospital for a sprained wrist and a minor laceration to her head shortly after the incident.

Philibert was charged with three counts criminal threatening (two felonies and one misdemeanor class-A), two counts of resisting arrest, assault by prisoner (felony) and obstructing government administration.