Police investigate theft of copper from McIntyre Ski Area

Cost of replacement estimated at $4,000.

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McIntyre Ski Area/File

MANCHESTER, NH – Manchester Police responded to McIntyre Ski Area at 12:30 p.m. on June 27 for a theft report. A maintenance worker reported the theft of several hundred feet of copper wire. He said three 225-foot wires used to power the snow-making machines were cut and removed.

The copper wire was wrapped in black rubber and is used for heavy commercial applications. The black rubber should be stamped with “portable power cable 2000 volt dry 90c wet carol super VU-TRONO.” The replacement cost is roughly $4,000 according to the maintenance worker.

The wires were most likely stolen between Thursday June 22, 2017 and yesterday. A Caucasian male was captured on the security camera, which is not available at this time. We urge the public to contact the Manchester Police Department with any tip leading to the identification and arrest of the person(s) responsible for the theft.

You can contact the detective unit at 603-792-5500 of Manchester Crimeline at 603-624-4040.