Police find girl, 5, sleeping in squalor surrounded by feces, trash, with a loaded gun on her chest

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MANCHESTER, NH – On July 18 Manchester Police were called on to investigate a “possible shots fired” call at 9:50 p.m. on Flaherty Lane, when they located Thomas Gulledge, 29, of Manchester, outside of the address in question. Officer Edwin Sepulveda spoke with several witnesses who stated the shots appeared to come from 64 Flaherty Lane, Apt. 2S.

Gulledge granted permission for the officers to do a check of his residence when asked about the possible gunshots heard coming from the area of his apartment. Once inside, the officers noted deplorable living conditions to include dog feces, trash, rotten food and multiple flies. They looked further into the apartment and located a 5-year-old girl sleeping on a bed.

The child’s bedroom was also filled with feces, trash and rotten food when they noticed her sleeping with a handgun on her chest. The fully-loaded .45 caliber handgun was resting on her chest inside of a holster. Her bed was also filled with trash and rotting food as she lay sleeping.

The child, a relative of Gulledge, had no injuries but was removed from the home and placed into custody of a foster family through DCYF once Gulledge was taken into custody on an electronic bench warrant. He was also charged with two-counts of reckless conduct and scheduled to appear in Hillsborough County Superior Court-North on July 19, 2018

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