Police arrest two men accused of break-ins

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Benjamin Hesselink (Manchester Police courtesy photo)

MANCHESTER, N.H. –  Police arrested two men early on the morning of July 3 in connection to a series of reports of break-ins around homes near River Road and Ridge Road.

The first man, 30-year-old Benjamin Hesselink of Hooksett, was found at a home trying to hide behind leaves. Before finding Hesselink, police arrived at the home in question and found a car door open in a driveway, also hearing noises.No one was in the car, but the home owner allowed police to search the backyard where they found a pool gate unsecured.

At the bottom of the pool, police found a woman’s wallet, with a soaking black hooded sweatshirt next to the pool. Police followed wet footprints that crossed River Road to find Hesselink, dripping wet and wearing just a pair of shorts.

The clothing by the pool was determined to be Hesselink’s and a credit card found in it was found in the clothing determined to be belonging to the home owner. The wallet in the pool belonged to a neighbor.

Justin Koczela (Manchester Police courtesy photo)

Another man, 39-year-old Justin Koczela of Manchester, close to a nearby house. A car at the house had its interior lights on and Koczela was walking away when police asked to check Koczela’s pockets. Upon inspection, numerous items not belonging to Koczela were found.

Kocezela and Hesselink were charged with alleged receiving or possessing stolen property, loitering and prowling. Both will be in Manchester Circuit Court on August 8.

Anyone accused of a crime is innocent unless proven guilty by a court of law.

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