Police arrest man already arrested once before this month

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Lorenzo Hicks, top photo, and Michael Sullivan bottom photo. MPD

MANCHESTER, NH – On Saturday, police arrested two men with earlier offenses following a motor vehicle stop and subsequent chase, with one of the men being arrested earlier this month as well.

While on patrol, officers noticed the two men in a grey Chevrolet Impala near the intersection of Merrimack and Beech streets. After conducting a check, it was discovered that the driver, Lorenzo Hicks, 48, of Nashua, had a suspended license status.

As the officers tried to pull over the vehicle, it made an abrupt turn into a nearby alley, cutting off another vehicle, making another quick turn into a Lake Avenue driveway.

Police identified the passenger as Michael Sullivan, 39, of Manchester.

Sullivan quickly exited the now parked vehicle and began running north away from the officers.

He attempted to discard items during his escape, with the officers catching up with Sullivan as he tried to climb a fence, where he was subdued after a short struggle.

The officers then returned to remove Hicks from the vehicle.

According to police reports, the items Sullivan discarded included a black container that contained a white powdered residue inside, cash and a white rock-like substance believed to be crack cocaine.

Officers also discovered crack cocaine and heroin inside the vehicle, with a plastic bag of marijuana later found in the vehicle.

Sullivan was charged with alleged possession of a controlled drug and resisting arrest. Hicks was charged with two counts of alleged possession of a drug and was later charged for alleged falsification of evidence after discovery of the marijuana.

In the past, the Manchester Police Department have had 55 contacts with Sullivan and 91 contacts with Hicks, with Hicks arrested by Manchester police on Sept, 14, 2019 on two counts of alleged possession of a controlled drug.

Both men were released on personal recognizance, despite police indicating that Hicks violated the conditions of his personal recognizance bail on Sept. 16.

Anyone accused of a crime is innocent unless proven guilty by a court of law.

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