Poets on the Loose, volume 3: ‘Jack Kerouac as Hamlet’ by Steve Goyette

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Volume 3 of “Poets on the Loose” careens our way round past the hilly winds of Big Sur, the crushed butt-lined streets of Jersey, on into Amish America and back, a road trip for the beaten Beats draped in Hamlet’s skin.

Steve Goyette, a masterful English professor from Manchester, leans towards the Beat Generation for his poetic inspiration.  And why not?  Jack and Corso, Ginsberg and Burroughs, labeled the land jazz-infused, a rollicking ride flattening the winds long cut loose cross the barbed wire rhythms of Sonny and Bird.

It’s all just so glorious!

Goyette describes himself as “an old road trip, road warrior and barroom patron who’s traded his youthful travels for changing diapers and guiding training-wheeled bike rides in parking lots. He loves reading about writers and scratching out the occasional verse. He wishes he spent more time on poetry and less looking at spreadsheets, but so it goes. “

And here we go…

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