Poets on the Loose: Round 2, dialogue in a diner

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Round 2 of “Poets on the Loose” is upon us and lordy, after “Mermaid on the Rocks” sent us all scurrying about looking for our little blue pills last week with her “oh so steamy” poem, now we must cleanse our libidos and peek into a private conversation.

Today, a new poem by a local poet who breaks down some chit-chit she had at a diner with some crooked-toothed, smoked-laced scatterbrain with one foot in the bed and one foot out.
Bailey Irving, from Manchester, describes herself as a “gifted and talented child who became an anxious, directionless adult.  She spends most of her time taking pictures of her three cats: Steve French, Broccoli Rob, and Doctor Toboggan.  She loves tequila and Nepalese food, and can tie a cherry stem into a knot in her mouth.”
Jump on the train, all you poets to be, break down what’s in your brain and send it along to gsmpoets@gmail.com.  Let’s see if you can shake us!


Are you a poet on the loose? Got poetry? Send it to Rob Azevedo at gsmpoets@gmail.com.

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