Please Governor Sununu, hear the NH residents at this time and close our parks immediately

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Dear NH Government Officials:

I have been hearing from several people who I connect with on social media that there is an over abundance of traffic and people at our State Parks as well as our Campgrounds throughout New Hampshire.  Most are very concerned with how many are out of state vehicles parked at these locations.

Please Governor Sununu, hear the NH Residents at this time and close our parks immediately.
This is causing us more concern since people from other states who have higher numbers of COVID-19 are coming to our recreational area instead of following the request to stay in their homes!  These same people are entering into our grocery stores, restaurant pick up areas, and other essential spaces which is causing more of a possibility of the spread of COVID-19 to our community essential workers to not mention the actual community. In addition, we are experiencing hoarding at most grocery locations and having people moving in from outside of the area to escape their areas COVID-19 does not help matters of keeping our grocery shelves stocked for the residents of NH.
I fully understand that you are trying to allow our citizens the opportunity to observe distance in getting out to walk in these area.  However, this is not working out for the benefit of our communities.  It is only opening the doors for those who should be remaining away from community to do so at this time where it is very necessary to follow precautions in order to protect all in the community.
I thank all of you for taking the time to give thought to the concerns of many in NH who are very concerned with State Parks as well as campgrounds in the entire NH State area allowing for this action to continue.
We hope that you will reconsider your decision to allow the parks and campgrounds to remain open.
As our elected officials I and the people in the NH communities request that you please give attention to this issue so it may be resolved hopefully before the upcoming weekend.  Thank you for your continued concern and dedication to our state.

Beg to differ? Agree to disagree? All points of view are welcome. Send submissions to, subject line The Soapbox for consideration.

Angela A. DAnjou lives in Raymond, NH