Planning Board to review application and plans for new state liquor store

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City Works is a regular feature which endeavors to provide a preview of projects coming before the Planning Board, Zoning Board and Heritage Commission by posting agendas and relevant information to keep the public informed about what is happening.


The Manchester Planning Board will be meeting on Thursday, March 4 at 6 p.m.  Remember, meetings are being held on-line to adhere to COVID protocols and can be accessed by tuning into Channel 22 on your television or on-line: PEG Channel 22 | manchestertv

If you missed the February 18 Business Meeting and are interested in seeing what happened, Manchester Public Television has an on-demand feature and you can find the replay here:

Below is a quick summary of applications that were reviewed during the February 18 Business Meeting:

  • SP2019-033: 9 Willow Street, Approved for a one year extension.
  • S2021-001: 1707, 1717 and 1733 Wellington Road, Approved, with waivers
  • S2021-002: 270 Stanton Street, Approved, fee waiver was granted with a 50% reduction.
  • SP2021-001: 15 Riverwalk Way, Approved.
  • SP2021-002: 62 Lowell Street, Approved, fee waiver was denied, waiver from Appendix C, Section 2 was approved.
  • CU2020-021: 540 Chestnut Street, Approved.
  • SP2021-003: 540 Chestnut Street, Approved, waiver from Appendix C (e) and (f) was approved, fee waiver was denied.

During Public Hearings and Business Meetings, the Board will discuss an applicant’s request for a waiver. Generally, these waivers are from requirements for payment of fees or items called out in the City of Manchester’s Subdivision and Site Plan Review Regulations. This document can be found here:  Adopted by the Planning Board on June 27, 1985. Effective date July 29, 1985 (

Under Other Business, the Board also reviewed and approved proposed signage for 252 Willow Street and also reviewed the exterior design of an addition to Carisbrooke Apartments.



While the complete agenda of this month’s meeting can be found here, below is a quick summary of the agenda.  As noted in the agenda, the applicant for 312 Straw Road, R-1A-Residential One Family District (S2021-003) has requested that their hearing be postponed to April 1, 2021.  Given that we have a date certain, abutters will not be notified again.


1681 and 1745 Candia Road, R-1A-Residential One Family District (S2021-004)

Application is requesting approval to adjust the common lot line annexing 3,692 SF from Lot 4 to Lot 5.

Application Detail: 2021-03-04_S2021_004_1681_CANDIA_RD_LLA_APPLICATION.PDF (


100 McGregor Street (SP2019-014)

Application is seeking an amendment to a previously approved site plan to modify a condition of Planning Board approval relative to development phasing.

 Application Detail:  2021-03-04_SP2019_014_100_MGREGOR_ST_APPLICATION_SITEPLAN_AMENDMENT.PDF (


247 Pearl Street, R-3-Urban Multi-family District (CU2021-004)

Applicant is asking for a conditional use permit for a reduction in required on-site parking form 8 spaces required to 3 provided.

Application Detail: 2021-03-04_SP2021-006_247PEARLST_APPLICATION.PDF (


310 Second Street, B-2-General Business District (SP2021-007)

A site plan review proposal to allow a landscape yard with retail sales, 800 SF building with outside storage, and reconfigured site access and parking.

Application Detail:  2021-03-04_SP2021-007_310_SECOND_STREET.PDF (


850 Gold Street, B-2 General Business District (SP2021-008)

A site plan review application to construct a 13,000 SF liquor store with associated site improvements.

 Application Detail: 2021-03-04_SP2021-008_850_GOLD_STREET.PDF (


670 North Commercial Street, AMX-Amoskeag Millyard Mixed Use District (CU 2021-002 and SP2021-004)

A proposal for a conditional use permit for the use of residential units and a site plan review for the proposed renovation of approximately 73,864 SF of the existing ground, first, and fourth floors of the Jefferson Mill to add 61 residential units.

Application Detail: 2021-03-04_SP2021-004_CU2021-002_670_N_COMMERCIAL_ST_APPLICATION.PDF (



The Board will hold a limited business meeting to consider the amendment requested for application SP2019-014, 100 McGregor Street.


Due to the emergency orders issued by the Governor and on the guidance of public health officials, there will be no physical location in which to attend the meeting.  Meetings are broadcast live on Channel 22 or by going to Manchester Public TV’s website to live stream:  PEG Channel 22 | manchestertv.  You will be able to offer public comment on the application by calling 603.792.6737 or by emailing   You may also attend the meeting through our webinar software by sending an email to the above-referenced address on the day of the meeting and requesting an invitation to participate.  The phone line and email will be monitored by staff up to, and during, the public hearing.


June Trisciani is a lifelong resident of Manchester, small business owner and currently serves as vice-chair of the Planning Board.

If you are interested in learning more about the Planning Board, this would be a great place to start:  Planning Board (

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June Trisciani

June Trisciani is a lifelong resident of Manchester and owns j. ellen Design, LLC, a residential and commercial interior design firm. She has served on the Heritage Commission, is a past-chair of the Planning Board and currently serves as Alderman At-Large for Manchester.