Phone scam: ‘You have been chosen to receive a $9,000 government grant…’

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‘It’s Eric from the Department of Government with your free money.”

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MANCHESTER, NH – Maybe this has happened to you: You’re sitting at home thinking about Christmas, or bills, or work-related stuff, when your cell phone rings.

You love to answer your cell phone because it’s usually someone you like, someone who has your number – it’s one of the perks of abandoning your landline in an age of wireless technology.

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But you see “No Caller ID” flashing on the incoming call screen. You hesitate to answer, but then you think back to other calls that register that way – often local police or other government agencies which have blocked incoming numbers.

You think about your loved ones, and hope nobody’s in trouble.

So you answer.

On the other end, a person with a heavy accent introduces himself as “Ahc Tomxyx” and you hear something about “congratulations” and “government grant money.”

I have received many of these calls lately. Sometimes the person on the other end is from the IRS and warning me that I’m going to be “very sorry” if I don’t respond to their calls.

This is probably what Eric Thomas really looks like.
This is probably what Eric Thomas really looks like.

But on Dec. 6, I learned (after asking him to repeat his name, twice) that it was “Eric Thomas” of the “U.S.  Government” who was congratulating me as one of only 1,500 people selected to receive a $9,000 government grant because of my “good record.”

I resisted the urge to hang up on Eric.

“Oh-kaaaaay?” I said.

“You pay your bills and taxes on time, you have had no criminal case for the last six months, and you are low income,” Eric said. “Now, this grant money – we don’t want you to misuse it for drugs, gambling and drinking. This comes once in your lifetime. We want you to use it for the good purpose of paying your bills, pay off your car, start a business, education, or go on a vacation.”

Eric had me at gambling and drinking.

But I already knew he was up to no good, so I started taking notes.

“All you have to do is submit your confirmation money card to the account manager and, within 10 or 20 minutes, once we verify your details, you can be approved,” Eric said.

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 1.28.38 PM
I resisted the urge to ask Eric what he was wearing.

I had questions.

“What department of the government did you say was giving away this money?” I asked.

“The Department of Government,” he said, with assurance. “The Government Grant Department.”

“And how long have you been giving out these grants?” I asked.

“Five years,” Eric said, without blinking.

“And where did you get my name?” I asked.

“We did a democratic survey. We select only 1,500 people to receive this money every year,” he explained.

I asked him what a “confirmation money card” is.

Eric first wanted to explain that he would explain that in a minute, but that he wanted to get my information confirmed first, “because we are getting so many complaints from you people, that you are not receiving your grant money, and we don’t want to make a mistake. So, you are in …. Nashua?” he said, struggling with the pronunciation of the place where I don’t live.

I told Eric that no, I was not in Nashua. I paused. The “guess again” was implied.

Then it sounded like he dropped the phone. When he returned, he guessed again.

“OK, so you are in New Hampshire, right? Where in New Hampshire are you?” he asked.

I told him I wasn’t comfortable giving him information by phone. And then I said I’d prefer to receive my government grant money application in document form.

I guess he was on to me. Six minutes into our conversation and, “click,”  Eric gave up, pulling the plug on my free government money dreams before I could ask what he was wearing.

He also got away before I could get his phone number or address, neither of which he would have given me. Or if he did, they would be fake 800-numbers and phony addresses.

I know this kind of phone scam is not new. And I know our local and state government agencies put out warnings all the time. Sadly, it’s not me I’m worried about.

It’s people, generally speaking older people, who may feel excited to know they’ve qualified for free government money just by living right. Or people who might want to do drugs, gamble or drink with their government windfall, despite their good record.

Or, in the case of calls from IRS scammers, I worry about those who might be intimidated if they don’t respond to Uncle Sam’s stern warning that they may be in trouble for a tax problem.

I actually know some people who’ve been scammed.

And I know that once you follow through by giving them information about  your bank account, your phone number, or even go so far as to buy a MoneyGram, aka “confirmation money card,” it’s too late. No one can help you recover what is lost.

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There are a few things you can do if you don’t want to get these calls, or if you want to prevent your mom or dad or grandparents from fielding them. Head over to the Federal Trade Commission website and enter your phone number and two other numbers (mom and dad would be a great place to start) which will get you on the “National Do Not Call” registry.

Then, talk to your loved ones, particularly mom, dad, or grandmom and grandpop, about these kinds of scams, and make sure you check back with them every now and again, to make sure they haven’t had any strange phone calls.

⇒ Click here to learn more about the FTC’s Pass it On program

You can also go to the NH Attorney General’s NH Consumer Alert site for tips and FAQS, including the current list of active scams that have been reported, which range from lawsuits, sweepstakes, mortgage and puppy scams, to U.S. mail and email scams. See below:

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  • whisper

    It isn’t just in New Hampshire, and the tally was up to $9200 when they/he called me. I was interested in hearing his scam – after all, if the government has that much extra money, they need to really cut our taxes, right? I kept interrupting him and telling him that the government needs to stop throwing money at people who don’t ask for it, stop throwing money away, give everyone money… after a while he hung up.

  • jasmine

    I got a kall saying i can get 9000 and i had to send 129 and order to get it and they will send it right back .. it takes 10 to 15 mins they gave me there names and told me ill be recieveing 3000 tadaii 3000tomorrow and 3000 monday i knew it was scam ! Please DO NOT fall for it .

  • Pamela

    I got a call today 7/3/15 saying that I just won 9000 in grant money and I need to send $250 to register and my 9000 will be at a local western union in about 30-45 minutes

  • david

    I just got a call saying the govorment was giving me 9000 dollars after a 20min conversation He wanted me to give him 225.00 . thought western union. N I will get 9225.00 thought western union. Beware people they r out there. Nice try. But not happening. Lol

  • Edwin

    When the person asked me which method I would like to receive the payment, I said I would like you to send me a check. Then she said that government has tried that method and didn’t work properly, So I asked “didn’t work properly how”? she said I personally don’t have that info. Then she said I could use Western Union, or my personal plastic card. So I asked her, “well, why do you guys limit to only those two options?, I don’t have any of those, so I can’t receive my grant? that doesn’t make sense” She somehow figured out that I was just fooling around and cussed me out and hung up. haha

  • Michelle Riffle

    I got a very similar call today. However, what was alarming was that the caller said “I would like to verify your information” then proceeded to read to me my correct full name, email address, home address and phone number. Scary!!


    I just received the same call and as “Eric Wilson” was talking, I quickly started a google search and found this site. So then I tracked the phone number and looked it up the location on google maps. Then I asked “Eric” is this all for real? He said “Yes” I then started to let him know what federal entities I’am apart of and I lost connection. I guess it was a scam. Haha Oh and if you are curious, the first number that called me was from La Jolla, Ca though the phone record shows its from S. California: San Diego (858) 534-5250 and “Eric Wilson” is in W Washington state: Seattle and Bainbridge Island (206) 462-5279. Anyone thinking what I’m thinking? “SCAM”

  • Brenna Brin

    Just got a call ( phone # 312-587-0128) from some woman telling me a would receive $9000 from the us government becuase I was one of the 50000 citizens who receive this grant. So I played along. She then gave me a confirmation number and another number to call back to give them the confirmation number (202-470-1102). So then I call back and some guy by the name of “Anthony Gordon” which I know isn’t even his real name tells me I’d have to pay a a refundable fee of $200. Then i call back to tell them they are running a scam and they tell me that I should suck his pussy WOW. Please stop these people!!!

    • Maritza

      I just received the phone call I’m from new York. At first I had no idea what the guy was saying. So I hanged up the phone but they kept calling so I answered and they said that my phone number has been selected to receive a government grant for 9000 for good behavior and other bs. He told me to confirm my name date of birth and phone number and zip code . I didn’t want to give my information so I asked him what was the information he had. He confirmed everything right. Though I moved so my zip code is different. Is scary to think how someone can get your information. People please be smart to know that this is plain bs. And another thing. If your going to work for the ‘government’ I’m pretty sure they won’t hire someone who can’t even speak english clearly.

  • Joe

    Ha! They called me today!!
    But the number was 0000000000
    At first I was being sarcastic, saying REALLY? NICE!! …and the heavily accented lady hung up on me. I laughed and went back to work. Then I started thinking…maybe it was true. She said, “Sir, are you not taking this call seriously?” Then hung up! So I kept thinking about that…

    Then about 4 hrs later, I get another call. This time, still weary because she asked for Joe, and my name is Joseph to the government. Anyhow, I act like I’m interested, and get a paper and pen. She gives me another number to call…with a confirmation code. I call, and the guy that answered was also heavily accented. He’s the one that told me to go to the dollar general and get a $200 money gram.

    To be honest…I really wanted to believe that I was chosen to receive this money. Anyone could use an extra $9,000! But after reading all this, and basically confirming my initial thoughts…I’m going to call back tomorrow and tell them that the cashier at the Dollar General told me that if I was buying the money gram to recieve a government grant…it’s a scam. Then, I’m going to ask if i could just go pick it up in person with my ss card and my birth certificate. Hahaha

    San Antonio, Tx.


    They’ve been calling me all this week, from the get go I knew it was a scam. Finally I can get them to stop calling. Nothing in this world is free, especially not 9,000. And apparently they don’t just prey on older folks I’m only 19.

  • ida

    i think grant money really can give money 🙁 because i need money. anybody help me??please.this is my email

  • Angel

    They said i was selected to win 9,000 I’m only 2o I told I just had a baby and everything and they still tried to get me I went all the way to western union then something told me not to it and I’m so glad I didn’t

  • Cassandra Pollard

    I just got off the phone with “Ashley”. She wanted me to go to a Western Union with $299.00 and extra money for the transaction. “Ashley” proceeded to tell me that I would receive it back with my grant money. That they had to make sure I was who I am. They didn’t want to give it away to someone else.She told me to bring a valid photo ID, pen and pad with me also and to call her apon arriving in the parking lot. Then she would also call the government and they would walk me through it all on a recorded line making sure that I received my grant money of $9000 and my $299. Asking me if I had any doughts..aaahhh…ya….” Don’t worry I’ll be with you on the phone and I won’t hang up until you receive all your money”. If I would have gone through with it, what would have she done? Call me a sucker after receiving my hard earned cash, as she put it, then just simply hang up on me never giving it another thought?! Sad but true…….

  • Cassandra Pollard

    I just got off the phone with “Ashley”. She wanted me to go to a Western Union with $299.00 and extra money for the transaction. “Ashley” proceeded to tell me that I would receive it back with my grant money. That they had to make sure I was who I am. They didn’t want to give it away to someone else.She told me to bring a valid photo ID, pen and pad with me also and to call her apon arriving in the parking lot. Then she would also call the government and they would walk me through it all on a recorded line making sure that I received my grant money of $9000 and my $299. Asking me if I had any doughts..aaahhh…ya….” Don’t worry I’ll be with you on the phone and I won’t hang up until you receive all your money”. If I would have gone through with it, what would have she done? Call me a sucker after receiving my hard earned cash, as she put it, then just simply hang up on me never giving it another thought?! Sad but true…….

  • Joseph Mouton

    They just called me on some low budget number. I knew it was bull from first talking to them. For one: any real govnt number would have ppl in the background and an actual number. For 2 they forgot to answer their phone when I called. For 3 our govmnt has problems sending a welfare check. No way in 9000 “grant” dollars to some random tax payer

    • bria

      I just received one from new york trying to verify my address and name. 1(845)477-5883 I asked what department he was from, his name was Alex Morrin, and he said Government Grant Department.

  • Justen prater

    Ive been getting calls from 2357411111 saying the same 9 grand grant I even gave them a card #, luckily I only had 3 dollars on it lol

  • Julia

    I got a call yesteryear from a new York number, I answered workout looking cause I was expecting an actual phone call. Telling me I was a lucky recipient of a $9,000 grant. I shouldn’t spend it on gambling, drugs, etc. I just had to answer their questions, and called me by my maiden name. I told them I would be happy to answer any questions by document. He told me I needed to use a call back number. I told him there should be no problem for them to mail the information to me, and that the federal government should have my mailing address. …. logic reads if you have my phone number you should have my address. Anyway, he kept trying to give me a call back number so I hung up

  • Nancy

    I just got a call from a 512 number saying that I had been giving a $1500 but that I had to provide a bank account number or debit card number because it was an electronic transfer.

  • Nextleveltbd

    This is the second time I received one of the bogus calls that I would getting $9,000 from the government. The guy calls himself Adam Smith, and he sounds oriental. I finally got him to give me his number (202-618-9304). Of course it’s not a government number. These people are a joke, I’m sure one day they will get caught, I just hope nobody falls for their con.

  • Melinie

    I just got a call 10 mins ago from the number +20 2 7893645 . It was a lady with an accent, sounded like an Asian accent, not sure which kind. She said I won a $9,000 grant from the government. I already knew this was fake because this happened to my sister 2 years ago. The lady told me I didn’t have to pay the taxes and that all $9,000 was mine. I wanted to record the conversation and I took about 10 seconds looking for a camera to record the just audio and the the lady hung up.

    • Jadah Messer

      I just got a call from a very similar number and because of the weird way the number showed up (+20 2…) I googled it and figured out that he +20 is the country code for Egypt and the 2 after it is the area code for Cairo, Egypt. So yeah, definitely not from the US government. I didn’t answer mine though so I don’t know if they were offering the same scam.

  • Michelle

    The first tinebi got the call they wanted me to buy a 300 iTunes card with them on the phone that was last month and today they wanted me to pat 270.00 to some north American bank of some sort and I would get the money right back I told them that I just had surgery and I can’t afford that and if it is free money why not send it to me. Jennifer proceeded to tell me so my name will be registered with the government so I will not receive this money again.I’m sorry you sound foreign and I don’t trust you sorry people this is a scam no matter how much I need that money. I need my money more.. don’t give anything out and if they have all your information find out where to turn them in to and hopefully something will be done about it.

  • Hope Johnson

    While it is very fun to play with scammers, I have found a quick way to mess with them before they can even say a word. I answer:

    Thank you fot calling (insert real government agency name). This is (insert your name). May I please have your case number or social security number?

    This spiel only takes a couple of seconds to say, and as soon as you finish they hang up. It’s aweome!!!!!

  • Dallas Westfall

    Just had an “unknown” number call and tell me I had been selected to receive a $9,000 government grant… wanted to verify my information, which was all correct! Gave me another number to call 315-615-2077… I called and she once again verified all my information, asked if i wanted to have the money deposited I on my card or Western Union it to me. I told them Western Union, she then wanted me to go to the nearest dollar general (call her when i got there) and purchase a pre pay card and load $250 on it… assured me they wouldn’t be able to access the money it was just so the bank could get a reference number to send the money to! Lmfao… I told her I didn’t have $250 and she told me to call back when I had it!! Yeah right!!!

    • Nancy

      I got the same call Saturday I didn’t do that what we need to do is contact Washigton DC government department tell them I am sick of scams it all over the place

  • Yonatan

    I received a my first call on Monday and again today when I chose to reply, but not on Monday. So they start with the story of I was selected blah blah blah blah with a heavy accent, then he continues sarong go(I knew from the goko it was a SCAM) to Walmart buy the I-tunes card/paper for $250. It’s a processing fee since it’s an amount for $9000 so he will be on the phone with me when I do all these lol lol lol. I just put my phone on speaker and let them run their mouth. The whole thing is why are places like walmart, cvs and etc. selling these so called I-tunes cards?.! Is there no way to stop it.

    • Mike Ryder

      so the scam is to get people to buy itunes cards?

  • wshhHead

    I just had this lady call me and say I won $9,000 as a random selection for a grant cause I had a good record. It was believable at first…they gave me the id number and the grant id. Seemed believable. They gave me a second phone number to call so I can get my “grant that I won Randomly”. I called the second number and I gave the grant Id that they gave me. She was explaining the information about how the process works. She said I had to buy a ITunes card for $250 for the Western Union transaction. I didn’t buy it yet but anyone who has completed the process let me know.

    • latyanna

      This just happen to me same stuff

    • April Canales

      Just happened to me. I got the iTunes card and got scammed 🙁

  • Doright67

    I received a call earlier concerning receiving $9,000 government grant with no pay back. I was told to call 202-552-1406 and give a code number that was provided. I didn’t call the number after hanging up and was unable to recover the actual number of the women caller (foreigner). I have now gone to numerous sites and googled the above number. This is definitely a scam. All the grants I’ve applied for was done by “form documentation”. A high percentage of scams are from foreigners. So beware!!!!!!!!!

  • John McReynolds

    I just got a call saying it was federal grant department and they asked for my credit card but i told them I didn’t have one and they gave me a number to call with a code. The number they told me to call was: 202 656 6740 the man was named Tim I think i couldn’t tell when I checked the caller is and called back it may have Benn an unknown caller or the caller was named Tim

  • kunga

    HI guys, I just got call from this no 202 756 3648, there was a guy and as you guys mentions he is calling from ARRA government fund rise and offering me a $9000 for education purpose and he gave me a call back no and gave me a grand code. I am sure this is scam call. well I didn’t call this no back though.

  • Ray

    Just received the call that I would receive a $9,000 government grant from a person with a heavy accent from the Treasury Department. I wouldn’t have to pay back this government grant which I knew was a scam. I questioned him why would the government be giving away money for free when we have a huge deficit. He wanted me to call his supervisor at 626-569-9034 give him my code M69. The call came from 646-569-9034. I did not call his supervisor.Reported the call to the Federal Trade Commission.

    • Jim

      Just got off the phone with the same person (as described above), same script. After a while, when she asked me if my answer was yes to accept the money, I informed them that they were conducting a scam that amounted as wire fraud, Her reply was “f@#$ off”, and she hung up. I was happy to waste 10 minutes of her time.

  • Ian McBride

    Just got a call from a woman that could barely speak English from #718-303-4166. It’s a landline in Staten Island NewYork. She said I was approved for a federal grant from the U.S goverment For 6,700$ with zero payback and could use it for anything, not just school. Then verified my Name, Age, and Address and Which I did admit because it’s public information. Then she asked me what store would be the closest wire transfer store for me to get to within 15 minutes to receive my money. She said I had a very small window of opportunity and when I got there to call a man named Sam Retman her supervisor at 315-303-4166 and Give him the CONFIRMATION CODE she had given me. It was five digits long but not to call until I got to the Walgreens store we agreed on. I KNEW THIS WAS A SCAM FROM THE GET GO but went along with it just to see how far they would go. So I acted like I was gonna call Sam her supervisor but never left or called. She called me back about 15 min. Later which was after I had found this page describing same scam and knew what they would want when I got to wire transfer store. Which is a 250$ iTunes card to transfer the 6,700$ Smh. So I answered the phone and told her I KNOW YALL WANT MY ITUNES 250$ FOR TRANSFER FEES. SHE ASKED HOW I KNEW THST AND I EXPLAINED MY DAD IS A FEDERAL JUDGE AND HAD THE FBI AND OTHER LAW INFORCEMENT ON THE WAY TO THE LOCATION HER NUMBER SHOWED UP AS BECAUSE THIS WAS A KNOWN SCAM. SHE TRIED TO TELL ME SHE KNEW OF SOME SCAMS BUT THEY WERE NOT THOSE SCAMMERS..THEN BEGGED ME TO CALL MY DAD TO TELL HIM NOT TO SEND AUTHORITIES. So I told her no and that you’d better grab your stuff and run before they got there because your heading to federal prison. SHE SCREAMED AT SOME MAN IN VIETNAMESE CRYING AND HUNG UP. ???????????? THIS IS ALL 100% TRUE! So don’t fall for anyone claiming free grant money especially with bad English. Hope this helps someone. Sincerely – IAN -HOUSTON, TX.

    • Mike Ryder

      even if they ask for 250 transfer fee you dont have to pay it …just say im out sorry…how do they get your money…if its my card only i can draw from it

  • Jeannette

    I just received a phone call saying I had $8200.00 in grant money. The person calling me had a think accent, but went through most of the same spiel except he had my address, but asked for marital status and age. He then asked how I wanted to get the money … I said mail. I was given an ID number and a phone number. I was told that I needed to call and use the ID to be verified to get the money. I figured that if I called I would be asked for more personal information like bank account and social security number. Before doing this, I wanted to determine if this was the scam I thought it was and found out yes it is so, no calling back. He did say something about a money card, but I could not understand him … now I know what that is. Most of us can use extra money, but really these scams are getting old.

  • Mike Ryder

    how do they get my money?…if its my itunes card only i can take money out…

  • Anon

    I had the same call with the same callback number… Although I knew it was a scam, because idk what I did wrong but karma is kicking my ass lately and it would just be too convenient that I was going to be getting a ” government grant ” that would have paid for my the blown Hemi in my car and money to help assist everything that just got destroyed when the waterline on my toilet broke while I was gone for 2-1/2 hours which filled the condo with and inch and a half fill of water, this happening two weeks after the condo above us had a water line break and flooding the back half of the condo which we were a day away from having everything back in place from the first flood. He told me he was in Washington even though the 646 area code is from NY, and from the “government grant department” and out of 1500 people i was selected to receive the $9K because I didn’t have a criminal record in the past six months and blah blah blah. Just to see what would happen, I told him I had just got out of jail three days ago for IRS and insurance fraud and just happened to owe a remaining balance of $9,000 so it would work out perfectly. After telling him this, He said ” well then this is the perfect time to receive the grant”, even though the stipulations were no criminal record for six months… I wrote down the call back phone number so I could report it, but never followed through with the call to his supervisor or giving him any information. The even funnier part is I saved a number in my phone from “windows technical department” from a couple days earlier and IT WAS THE SAME NUMBER THAT CALLED FOR MY GOVERNMENT GRANT! This guy is working double time in Washington/New York in the grand department and Texas for not Microsoft, but for Windows. I am pretty computer savvy and know first off, Microsoft who makes windows, NEVER has a technician call you. If you have a problem, you have to call them, they would have to have millions of techs if they made calls about error reports or malware on whichever computer you happen to be sitting in front of… But I played along knowing that I was safe to do what he asked until after passed to a supervisor I was told to open the run command and type “inf hacking software find”. I of course did not run it, but googled it so I could read back exactly what he was going to have me do to remote access into my pc and create a connection that did not show up as running or being remotely accessed but would monitor everything on my pc. When i got tired of it, I told him I’m not letting him hack my computer and asked why when i googled the info he wanted me to run that it came back with results only saying “Scam Hacking – Identity Theft” and How to hack a computer without the user knowing. After I told him I never ran the command he asked me to, he started cussing me out and asking why I was wasting his time… I responded by asking why he was trying to hack my computer and wasting my time and potentially stealing my identification. At this point all there was, was more swearing at me, especially when I asked if it was typical that a ” professional windows employed technician ” swore at customers because they didn’t download their hacking software, to which he replied yes and that i should go suck on a boob.

  • Courtney Murrey

    They called me today. 8/4/16….
    315/316 area code. Same story. Had me call second #. Well the lady asked me to go to Walgreens. Im not stupid. I looked online for something that sounded like this. 9000 $ pay 200$ you’ll get 9200$ . well after reading all these comments on here. I called her back, told her I was at Walgreens. ( which I was not… Loll ) she told me to go to prepaid card section. I then asked her, if she was gonna have me buy an itunes card. ( loll) of course she said yes. I then called her out on being a scam. She got mad, and kept saying ” do u have proof ? Do u have proof? ” I laughed told her its all over the internet. An she hung up. Ha. Thank you Americans for creating pages such a this. !!! 😉

  • Alicia

    Thank you guys so much!!!! I got a call for a women telling me I won $9,000 for no criminal background and always paying my bills on time. I needed to call this number (240)233-4414. I called and “Sam Louis” answered told me the whole go to Dollar General pay $250 get $9,250 back. Looked it up saw it was fake and called them back. He said I would need an extension number and his name but he answered right away with ” Who is this?”. I told him “I am very disapointed in you. You are hurting many people and even ruining lives in doing what your doing. I called the real Government and gave them your fake name and phone number.” He cut me off with are you f****** kidding me!?!?” And proceeded to call me many names. I cut him off and told him (which is not true) that the government has gotten many complaints about him and that they were using this call to pinpoint their location all they needed was 2min. ( call lasted 4min and 17sec) He freaked out and hung up. Lol

  • Mark Thompson

    Just got the same call exactly as detailed above. I also resisted the urge to hang up immediately despite the fact he sounded like he was calling me from downtown Bangkok. The guy actually had my first and last name in reverse order and it is obvious which is which. It was like “So you first name is Smith and your last name is John?” I said dude if you were from the f#@king Federal government you’d know my name. End of conversation right there.

  • Mark Thompson

    Just got the same call exactly as detailed above. I also resisted the urge to hang up immediately despite the fact he sounded like he was calling me from downtown Bangkok. The guy actually had my first and last name in reverse order and it is obvious which is which. It was like “So you first name is Smith and your last name is John?” I said dude if you were from the f#@king Federal government you’d know my name. End of conversation right there.

  • Dara McCranie

    They just called me they gave me this number to call to verify my winnings ( 202) 838-7004. I told him he was going to jail if this was a scam. He said bye bye.

  • Breezy Bsdashyt Taylor

    So I got the same call First from Washington DC with this number 2028102603 where I got the confirmation number where they told me that I qualified because of my good background check low income and I don’t owe the government in the last six months for $9,000 Grant that I would not have to pay back then they asked me how did I want my money in cash, checks,visa, exedra then told me to go to cvs Walgreens Dollar General Family Dollar or Wal-Mart told me to spend the money wisely and then was told to call a second number 16084855963 From Wisconsin where he told me to go in to CVS first purchase a confirmation card for $250 for out of state taxes but don’t tell nobody in the store or they’re going to charge me $6-700 for out of state tax fees so it was very important not to tell NO ONE until the transaction was done then he told me in a raggedy accident that they work for the government the call is being recorded and monitored by the IRS and the FBI so there’s no liability they’re going to send all the paperwork to the IRS for audit purposes and that the FBI is recording the call so if They say or get anything wrong he can be fired or sued and that he gave me his word and assured me that everything he tells me is true and I’m like I don’t even know you or your word and could barely understand what you’re saying so this sounded fishy so I Googled it and found this page gladly and what a relief so I called them sitting outside of CVS the first number I called was the second number from Wisconsin and I was told this Google customer cannot be reached at the moment so I’m like what the hell when did the government started using the Google apps so then I called the first number back and it says at the subscriber’s request this person cannot receive phone calls at this moment which I thought was odd again so I tried one more time the lady who answered didn’t have an accent but when I told her who I was with the confirmation number out of nowhere the accent started getting real heavy and she told me my information that I let them keep all wrong I then asked her where did she get my number she gave me some survey “that I looked up and couldn’t find that didn’t exist” so I said okay I’m here at CVS and I’m ready to get my money, that I asked for in cash “Because I refuse to give any random person promising me money over the phone my bank information” and then she started to instruct me in on what to do when I went inside and not to tell no one again until the transaction is completed but I stopped her and said okay then may I have your department job title and position branch of the government and your employees service number, and again, the accent was gone, and replaced with much attitude as she said “I’m sorry Miss but I’m not here to give out my information” with a quick “click”. I was like OMG LMAO these people are funny and they need to be reported from Washington DC all the way to Wisconsin to out here in San Bernardino California with their Google apps using Lying selves

  • Tiesha

    I just got that same call as of today 8/11/16 matter fact they have been calling all morning so I answer an he say his name James William an he walking me because I was pick to receive grant money because I pay my taxes so as he talking he say I’m give u some answer to give to the school so me when he said that I new it want right so I went a long with him an he said it make the process faster that I already have the answer ok I said so he went on an on an made sure I had the answer Right for when the “so call” school call Me I’m thinking yourself like one why do I have to talk to a school two why he telling me to like cause the answers he gave me was a lie so I kept listen so he ask did I have any questions I ask can he explain what he just said to me to my lawyer he said ain’t no need for a lawyer so I said I had my lawyer listening the whole time an got all your info an guess what James William hung up on me lol

  • Tiesha

    I just got that same call as of today 8/11/16 matter fact they have been calling all morning so I answer an he say his name James William an he walking me because I was pick to receive grant money because I pay my taxes so as he talking he say I’m give u some answer to give to the school so me when he said that I new it want right so I went a long with him an he said it make the process faster that I already have the answer ok I said so he went on an on an made sure I had the answer Right for when the “so call” school call Me I’m thinking yourself like one why do I have to talk to a school two why he telling me to like cause the answers he gave me was a lie so I kept listen so he ask did I have any questions I ask can he explain what he just said to me to my lawyer he said ain’t no need for a lawyer so I said I had my lawyer listening the whole time an got all your info an guess what James William hung up on me lol

  • Iaint fallin for this

    i just received a call saying i had been selected to receive $9000 in Grant money because i was a fine upstanding citizen and 1500 other people had been chosen, i told him unless it is a scam i would be contacted by mail not phone and hung up. i looked on this site and see almost verbatim what he said. He called from the number 202-345-6141 and it came up as a Washington DC on caller ID.

  • Jessica Lynn Troutt

    Some guy called me from the department of government about some grant for paying my taxes and that I had one some outrageous amount of money, then proceeded to ask my information and wanted my account information as well. He then transfered me and no one answered the phone it got switched back to him and he told me to call the number back to confirm how I wanted to receive my money and I never did.

  • Lyndsay Moreno


    soo disappointment right now!!!

    this is a very sick scam!!!

    very dirty to play on struggling single mother who really really needed a miracle like this to be true!

    I am enraged,!!!!!!!!!!!! of course it sounded too good to be true, I googled it immediately after receiving the phone call !!

    I want to start a plan to rid these kinds of scams completely!!
    I was almost I’m tears of joy!!
    and when that joy is gone, really sucked!!!

    • Jd

      Free money from government scam. 9200.00 had me had me call them back from face us treasury department phone number (202)657-6502 they ask for $250.00 then they stated I would reave 9450.00 because the prodding fee would also be returned to me.

  • Sara

    Just received this call first was a (No caller ID) number and it was a woman saying I’ve been qualified for a grant for 9,000 dollars took the information down grant approval # and called a (202)780-9923 number which then I get a man on the phone gave him my card number ( the cardhas no money on it) and he says this card we cannot deposit the money on you can got to your nearest Walgreens or Cvs store and purchase a ITunes gift card and deposit 300.00 dollars on it.. And which ill then revive 9,300 dollars back.. I explained I don’t have 300 dollars the man was willing to go and buy me a 100.00 iTunes gift card. Smh hung up.. And went in to my call log and Blocked the number.. This is really said how these people can get off doing this to others..

  • g

    Today I got lucky I won $9000 government money…yeaaaahhh !
    I gave a few personal information like address age etc, but then said I did not want to give any more personal details.
    I was asked if I had a pen to write down his supervisor number so I could go to Rite Aid to collect all my money, but I told him that I worked a lot and did not feel like writing anything. It’s just two lines he said. I said yeah that’s one too many.
    Agent: What would you like to do with your money Sir ?
    Me: I don’t know.
    Agent: You need to make a decision, we can’t hold it here.
    Me: You sound like a very nice person, you can have it.
    Agent: Are you sure you want to give me your $9000 ?
    Me: Yes but only if you spend it in women and wine.
    And he was gone 🙂

  • Kayla Smith

    So i get a call from a random number:

    Me: Hello?

    Caller: (Indian accent) Yes maiy i speak to Kayela?

    Me: this is her?

    Caller: your name and number have been selected to receive a government grant of $9,200.
    me: okay? -_-

    caller: your name and number have been chosen. you can use this money to pay bills buy a car, but you cant spend it on gambling, drugs, alcohol, i am required to ask you how you plan to spend this grant money?

    me: you’re asking me how i am going to spend this money?

    Caller: yes we are required to get information of what you do with the grant money.

    me: You claim I’ve “won” a grant of $9,000 and you expect me to know what Im going to spend it on??

    Caller: yes you need to go to a local wall greens or CVS to receive all the money in cash’

    me: so you’re saying i should go to a Pharmacy to get money from a government grant?

    caller: hangs up

    me: What the fuck was that about?

  • Liz Martinez

    i just got a call for the exact bs i am seeing here, i qualified for 7,000 free no payback . i was instructed to call a number he provided , he was hard to understand and told him i would, i also knew it was a scam i have not called back i do not intend to, my call came from washington DC +1-202-836-9725 He knew my name and address go figure . so tired of all the bullshit! i am so glad i looked this forum up and will report this . Thank you all for voicing your concern .

  • lynn

    I got the same phone call on FRIDAY and fell for it. I got the itunes card and now im out. 280.00

  • Roger Vardon

    Yes, this is exactly what happened to me. No, I was not going to Walmart and buy a gift card for $200.00 to activate this fraud. The number is the same as yours – 202-683-8586 with the same scam…. NO ONE WILL GIVE YOU MONEY AS A PROMISE, ONCE YOU SEND THEM YOUR CASH FIRST….IT IS GONE….
    The funny thing about the call was that he had an Indian accent, and his english was poor…. a scam from overseas, using an america phone number…

  • Joshua

    Lol just got the call this morning, 6 SEP 2016. Told them to call me back tomorrow, I’m going to see how long I can drag this out lol.

  • Taylor

    I’ve honestly been receiving calls from these people at least once a day for the past two weeks. The first time they called, I knew something was up, since he was going on about how I’ve been selected for grant money due to not having a criminal record and for paying my taxes, but I’m not even 19, and I’ve never played taxes, so I was confused by that, but the man insisted that it was because since I’ve haven’t had to pay them yet, I am still in good standing. But I’ve been asking them to stop calling me, and they insist that they’ll take me off their call list, which never happens. But fast forward to this morning. I woken up from sleeping, and I answer the phone. The number was different (they’ve used numerous numbers to call me, one of which was from Toronto) so I picked up, thinking it was a manager getting back to me about an application, since I’m looking for due to me living on my own. I immediately know who it was, so I just started snapping on him, because I was tired, and these calls were bordering on harassment. But then instead of $9,000 I hear him say $14,000. Even though I knew this was a scam, hearing anyone offer you that much money when your broke and on your own is tempting, especially since I’m done to my last couple hundred dollars. So I calmed done enough to listen to the spiel, and I write down the grant confirmation number (GT23144) and his superior’s number (469-270-0830). He added some warning about not be sing the money for illigal goods, and I said sure. He also seems a bit persistent in may ng sure that I call his supervisor, and even offers to just forward me along to him, but I would rather do it later. So the call ends and I immediately look up key phrases he used, and the first thing I click on is this site. So now I know. I mean I’ve always had a strong feeling, but now I know for a fact. But reading the stories of people who weren’t so lucky, it’s saddening. So I’m going to call the number I was given and get more details so that everyone can be as educated as possible about thses scammers. But I feel I should add that either thses people are all over the place, or they figured out away to fake the caller ID, because they’ve called from DC, Toronto, Florida, Michigan, and California, and those are just the times that caller ID worked. And they’re extremely persistent. It’s honestly gotten to the point that i dred every call I get outside of my phone contacts as being thses hacks, but I have to answer every call, because like I said above, I’ve been waiting to hear back from managers about work.

  • Jessy

    Unfortunately I wasn’t the luckiest person. I didn’t check before I got involved. Can anyone help me please ….how I can get my money back ? What I should do about this?
    Has anyone actually tried ?

  • cammron

    Hi my name is cammron, I just received a call from the federal grants department 9/9/16 2:39 pm olympia wa they hung up on me when I asked if this was a scam there number is 202-854-0994 they said I had to pay 260 to get 9000 I’ve been scammed before so I knew what this was I was sad to find out it was because I am homeless because I got scammed be for by some chick named Kim hunter and she pretty much had me do a money laundering I owe about 15000 now because of her I’ve been to prison because of it if any of you can help me in catching her or knows anything that can help I would appreciate it .

  • Allan Jose

    Why isn’t the cops on this

  • iris Mendoza

    I got the same call today and purchased an iTunes card of $200
    I gave him my bank account information and told me that within 10-15 minutes my verification will come threw. Then he told me that I would be receiving a TeX message to my phone and to enter my security code to receive my 9,200.
    He said that if I didn’t get it by today to call back tomorrow ?

    • BonnieNwayne

      Change your bank account right away!! It’s a scam!! Hurry call your bank now!!!

  • scola

    I just got a call from them 202-417-8376 with the same story then i asked her to spell her name she got stuck that’s how I knew she was tripping.

  • K.K.O.D.B

    Just got dat same call today … Foreigner.. Gave me a few #’s & letters & had 2 call a 800# …they wanted me to call asap.. Didn’t make da second call .. Somethin said see if this a scam ..Dats when I ran into this website… Started reading comments.. Dey all most had me .. 9000 sound good when your pockets hurtin … Dis site make me wise up on scammers real talk…

  • carolina R

    September 17th 2016 a call from 800:804:8172. That i wus approved for $9000 free money’ like realy smh.. To call 855:523:0533 and give them a money card # cr3873.. good thing i looked it up first’ to see if it wus a scam and sure enough. I hope someone can put a stop to this…

  • Nicoleta Talpa

    I got a call today while I was at school and I picked up ,I spoke to a lady that made me think she was talking indian..
    I only understood a number that I supposed to call to get my grant…the second lady asked me to get the 250 $iTunes card and than to call her back and she would explain me the rest….and also she asked me do not tell to nobody becouse the store and the bank will charge them…How stupid….I was so happy for a moment that I will get money to pay my school but than my boyfriend sent me a link and I found this site…I will call them back maybe I get some information about their magic government…thanks for the information guys

  • Nicoleta Talpa

    PS…The second person I spoke to she told me 10200 $ and when I I asked her one more time she have me a different amount like 9550..thay can’t even

  • Chery Luna

    They called me today too. However, the woman who called me would not talk to me about how I was to get the money. Just gave me a number to call back to give my information to and they would work out the details on how to get the money. I wrote the number and confirmation number down and then searched the number and found this site. Pretty much what this guy said above matches my call. Of course, this is not the first time they called. I am going to block the number. Both of them.

  • John Hendrickson

    they call us at whatever time be it at 10 at nite or 7 in the morning. I did a survey and they call me telling me that i qualify for 10,000.00 through my government. They keep calling iv told them to stop but they don’t. They have no phone number comes up as out of area or a weird ranger of letters and numbers. lately they have been saying nasty things to us too.

  • Gabriel Estrada

    They Keep On Calling Me. It’s been about the 5th time already at first I didn’t know till they ask for a down deposit. So yeah I said yeaaaahh sure I get payed on the first. They asked me of next month, I told them noo of this month haha. And hung up.. but when they call I answers in Spanish hahaha

  • Abie Bach

    I just got off the phone with these scammers (10-5-16) and word for word what you wrote was exactly what the guy said!! I decided to hear him out as well and then I was just sick and tired of his droning on and on so I told him I know you’re probably gonna hang up on me but I have a question for you, how do you sleep at night taking innocent people’s money. After a few minutes of arguing how it’s my loss if I don’t do it and he doesn’t care he finally hung up so I called back and kept pestering until he told me he blocked my number!!!!! Please be careful and warn your family members and friends of these low life scammers and stay safe!!!

  • I received a phone call from these scam artists yesterday who actually gave me permission to upload a video I made of them to Please do share this and hopefully we can prevent them from scamming others. Warning: Graphic Language not suitable for minors. please use discretion.

  • Carina Grey

    Mine came from a 205-546-5874 phone number, stating Washington D.C.
    I told the guy I know it’s a scam, he asked how I know.
    When I told him I wasn’t going to help him make his scam better to use against others, he called me a piece of shit and hung up on me.

  • Susan Hoemann

    Received a call today from 214-775-0652 the persons name also Eric, gave a code and number to call so I did just to push a little further. That # 202-854-0965 Aaron Eva both very strong asian accents telling same story. They wanted me to do a state to state registration for a fee of $250.00 which I told them could not do today as already evening and babysitting he continued to try to get me to borrow this money and complete transaction right away. Thought this was a scam glad to look on line and find the same story. THANK YOU. Phone numbers showed from Dallas TX and Washington DC.

  • Ayana Bishop’smom Gray

    I received a phone call today from 202-905-2593, I had been receiving these calls daily for the past couple of days, so I decided to answer to find out who it was. Well the conversation went verbatim as you described, they finally told me in order to get my $9k, i had to purchase an Itunes card and load $280 on it, but I would get it back along with the $9k. I listened to him/her up until this point and decided I had enough, told them I was not going to purchase an Itunes gift card and knew this was some form of a scam and just hung up. Please beware, don’t be fooled by these ppl.

  • Karen Tinker

    I received a call this morning from Washington DC, 202-548-4177. Telling me he had be authorized to notify me the Fed Gov was giving me $9,000. Because I paid my bills and income taxes on time. His name was Richard Scott and his ID # was IRM0707. I have lived on Social Security since 2003 and haven’t paid any income tax since then. He then gave me a claim number and a phone number to call back to verify my money would be sent by money gram within a some length of time. He had said it could be direct deposit or added to any of my “plastic cards”. Told him I have no banking or cards. Did not call back to verify information.
    Also on 11/19 a friend on face book told me she saw my name on a list of winners from “Dept of Health and Human Services” She had won and was awarded so much money. She gave me a number to text to 1-832-639-229, so I did the asked mt full name so the could check, texted right back saying I had won $100,000. asked a bunch of question, name, address, email address, male or female, age, did I own a home and did I own a car. Then told me my information have been entered into the system. Have not heard one more thing from them. Then she gave me another number to call or text 1-610980-2149. No one has contacted me. Ha Ha I wonder why.

  • Joe Muheisen

    Is there any way you can get your money back from this scam? How can you fight it?
    I paid $490 and now they want me to pay $800. They still think i am going to pay so maybe i can find out more information about them before they find out i know.

  • Jim Quinn

    I was able to get the call back number,202-656-9173, and the money confirmation number,LB441, give them a call and let them know you care.

  • MEMo

    I just got this call. I was reading the quote from “Eric” to him. “David” from “my government” told me that was too “qweek to be so smart” and “eef i deedent leesen he vould keek my beech azz. ha ha.”
    ok then.

  • Christopher Clark

    Just got this call and they told me that I had to go to a western union to get the money. The things that told me they were fake 1. Was the noise in the background it was way too much for it to be U.S. government of any level
    2. The government would NOT use a third party to give you money. Just think about your tax return. The government would do something like that.
    3. This one I’m not 100% sure on but don’t think that there is a department of grants
    4. She kept calling me mam! Yes I do have a higher pitch voice then most men (and despise that I do) but MY NAME IS Christopher! There is no way that could be a girl name and they would clearly know my sex from government records!

    One last thing if it sounds too good to be true it usually is… unless you did apply for a government grant the it is best to contact the agency that you applied to and check with them since I got something from Disney World saying that I got an upgrade for my room that I booked through them which I had done. It was through an email though so you can just look at .com part to tell i.e. .gov for the government and in the case of Disney it is .go which I had known before getting the email and told me it COULD be legit.

  • Ostap

    I’ve recently received phone call from 607-245-9006, telling me that i was qualify for government grant, the guy couldn’t speak english normally and had a heavy accent. Also i noticed background noise, the fake one, i’m sure they were trying to imitate office work condition but it was sound like mall)
    After few minutes of conversation i had realized that it’s scam and asked them to give me a number to call them back, of course they didn’t give me, i started claiming that they are suspicious, afterwards they just hanged up on me.
    Be careful guys!
    And i hope that those animals who steal people money will be caught!

  • Called today at 11:35 AM Jan. 20:2017 with confirmation # AND CALL BACK NUMBER 1-202-657-6028. Stupid people think I got money? $9000 federal grant money. Thanks for this cite.

  • Chris Foster

    thats what just happen to me same words same everything lol

    • Kimberly Rainwater

      this just happened to me they were very rude when i called them out. this is the third time this has happend. cant it be stopped.????

  • Michelle Larson

    Ha ha! I get those almost every day. Every once in a while I get the same guy. In my conversation I thanked him for randomly selecting me and thanked him for loving me so much that he went out of his way to call and offer me so much $. He questioned me like I was crazy then he proceeded to ask me to blow him a kiss. I asked him to remove my number from the list. A few days later, I’m pretty sure the same man called, because when I asked him to remove my number, he said he would keep calling until he figured out how he could have sex with me. What the heck is wrong with these people?

  • Wes

    yeah they’ve called me three times trying that I just got off the phone with one of them they wanted me to go get a steam card prepaid from dollar store and then they would send me 9200 to my Western Union prepaid card latest don’t take the hint people ain’t stupid nowadays

  • Jen

    Why cant this be stopped? They keep calling and trying to send me the $ if i pay a 1 time, refundable $250. Its i terezting, because each person that calls says its a different amount of $ in the grant and a different amount to pay to receive said grant $. Been hung up in numerous times as well. I wish there wasnanway ti send ur very helpful, very informative info to everyone in the country or somehow warn everyone as i live in MA amd have been receiving these calls. I even told them that i would rather have them take the refundable $250 out of the once in a lifetime $9,000 “Federal Grabt” interesting as well they say that u cannott owe any taxes to the IRS and every time they call i tell them that i do for both but all of a sudden they seem to forget the fact that they just told me owing $ to the IRS would disqualify me and continue telling me how to go get my $, to call a certain #(202)-643-8368 to activate. I could go on and on but i hope this is enough info to stop neone else from being robbed, literally. There must be something that can be done, and if anyone knows what that something may be please let me know if there is any way at all i can help.

  • Betty Fulk Henning

    I just received a call about a free $9,200.00 US Grant. Do I need to report thid to anyone?

    • You can try reporting it to the AG’s office, but there’s really not much they can do. The main thing is to not answer calls for numbers you don’t recognize. If it’s important they’ll leave a message! Good luck, Betty.

      • Bonnie Griffin Armour

        I’ve gotten a call offering $10,000 and I live in NC. When I ended the call they called my phone 6 more times one after the other without me answering. About two hours later they called again and I asked him to stop calling my phone. I haven’t heard anything today…So far.

  • Kantapong Patcharanu

    Some people just called me today and said that I will receive 9,000 Dallas and I am so scared so what could I do ?. all I said to them is just call me later and 4 pm or monday so they could talk to my parents. What should I do if they called 4 pm or monday ?.

    • Don’t answer the phone if you don’t recognize the number, Kantapong.

  • Eli Morales

    Just got a government grant scam call they asked me to verify my info then to call an agent who releases the grant money and when I did I was told to pay 250 on an activation card and would get it back with the 9000 dollars lol I laugh because literally 3 days ago I seen a special on the news about phone scammers and the one thing they made clear is that grant free money etc come without you paying anything and if you told to pay anything its a scam.

  • vinnie

    I just got a call from 703-844-9743 about a 9000 dollar grant award. The guy was Indian or Pakistani with a heavy accent. He said was awarded the grant for the same reason posted.
    I needed to;
    1. go to Walmart (now) with $200 and buy 2, $100 confirmation cards.
    2. a government photo ID
    3. call him in the parking lot when I got there.

    I told him I was a way from home and didn’t have $200. I asked if there was a phone number I could call him back on. He gave me this number to ask for Christy 1-646-504-8783. When I called back I randomly asked if Rachel was there. She said she was Rachel and started with the whole routine again.

    • Julius Jackson

      Thats a good one. I like your response to these crooks!
      I think I will try that!

  • cursed gamer

    I just got a call from a private number saying their from the us government and in able to get $9,000 the only thing I was said was hi and let him talk then I hung up

  • cursed gamer

    You can even call them back and its weird as well but when I asked about a certain topic his voice got nervous

  • K Bradley Miller

    I just received the second call – told the girl – thanks so much I was just awarded the great money & its transferred to my bank – talk about confused girl & I had fun with itfun

  • Jon Young

    If it sounds too good to be true it is. They’re trying to run that scam on me right now. Want me to send in $200 and they’ll send me back 9200 been having fun with them but I’m bored with it! So I’m done with them!

  • Billy Holcomb

    just got the same scam call and played it out and they think i’m heading to Walmart with 250.00 to get my Federal Bank registration card.What should I do to report this #
    that they gave me ???

  • Female

    Just got this same call from 206-395-6319 and they provided a grant # of OL357 and a phone number to call of 202-643-1516. When I said I didn’t want to provide my information, which they had it incorrect and you could tell they were guessing wanting me to provide the correct info. I knew then for a fact it was a scam! The guy started to get rude with me when I explained I would not provide any information to him so I hung up. I immediately then called the number he had provided to see what it said and did so from a different phone number. It asked me to leave my name and number so I hung up and didn’t provide any info. About 5 minutes later, I then received a call back from that 202 number but they didn’t leave a message. This is a complete scam and do not fall for it!

  • Deb

    I’ve gotten two calls from these guys. I told the second guy today, I’ve already told you that I am not interested and he said they will still keep calling because I am on the list to be given this money. So, just to see how far this would go, I played along. I even called back to talk with the Senior Officer, with the confirmation code given to me by the first guy. I asked the Senior Officer, why cant they just mail me a check, since they had all my information already. But he said there was no way to verification process by mail that I had to show my ID. This guy wanted me to go to Walmart Money Gram and was willing to stay on the phone with me as I drove to Walmart to guide me through the entire process. I was to purchase $200.00 a registration/ activation card. I kept going back to this briefly mentioned action and kept asking him to repeat this step, at times he would reread the script, but then a few new words were “Gift Card” then he mentioned an “ITunes Card”. I just hung up after that. They called back twice immediately from different numbers making it difficult to simply block the number. I didn’t answer and immediately registered my number on the “Do Not Call List”

  • Lizz Campbell

    I was really hoping it wasn’t a scam but I received the same call with the same thing $9000 grant and I paid $200 for the registration I was told and then did anyone else get as far as them telling you to pay $400 in state taxes? Told them I wouldn’t have the $400 until next week but now I’m scared this is not real.

  • salem

    They tried scamming me too. I was asking myself if they even speak English at all.

  • Shawna

    I’ve gotten this call many times. First my “caller id” said it was “United States” and at the time I just kept telling them to call me back, which they did quite well. Idk why but I decided to check to see if my phone was a listed number it’s not, hasn’t been for 12 years. I had no idea I had the same number that long, lol. Anyways same story they tell me again with a new number, yes their number is showing up, this time it says “New York, New York” and this number has 11 digits!!! I have no clue how their making this number work it’s not an international number, I tried looking it up, or Howe they got my number since it isn’t listed. I’ll add the numbers here Incase anyone needs to hear this. The first one was: ‭1 (360) 123-1111‬ (United States) / ‭21274569874‬ (New York, NY). Oh and one other thought is social media but even then my number is hidden to only my friends.

  • Hannah

    LOL- I just got of the phone with one of these scammers. I knew it was a scam but played along. I told him, ” oh my gosh I can’t believe it! Made up a whole story about how much needed this money (literally I talked for 15 mins straight- just blabbing on). He tried interjecting but I kept continuing telling him how much this means to me and how this has been such a blessing. After I talked his ears off, I told him was ready to provide him any information he needs to get that money to me, then just as he was about to tell me ‘click’, I hung up. LOL, don’t my time– or I’ll waste yours.

    • john

      was this the number 15627673

    • Michael

      Just got call bout 9000 dollars, Frank waiting on me to buy two gift cards at 100 dollars piece and the beat goes on !

  • Adrienne Buckman

    Just got the exact same call. Told her I thought it was a scam and she said she wasn’t gonna try to convince me and I could just hang up and go about my day. Did so…here is what the caller ID had (510) 545-6794

  • khalid

    i was scammed by iqoptions but with the help of a recovery expert i was able to recover my money, happy to share my experience , you can reach out via gilbertwayne14 at gmail dot com

    • James

      Hi just saw this post tried to reach out to the email address because I thought it was valid, it wasn’t. I just wanted you to elaborate a little about what happened how far you went, how long it took to get your $ back ect. I’m James!! I’m not sign to Disqus but I’m just going to speak under ur post. I’m here because I got this call a week ago. I was working at my job In Savannah,Ga when my phone rang. I noticed that only four #’s showed up. I thought to myself like let me answer it. You see, I work a job where you can answer your phone. It’s a Home Delivery warehouse and we just gotten back. I answered and I couldn’t here who was on the other end, so l hung up. 15mins later same # again. I heard them say my name & said I won 9 grand.(the 1st #) I immediately told them to hold on and went into my boss’s office. No I didn’t quit, I just told her to listen in & put the phone on speaker. I said alright I’m back. The lady (Nancy Lopez) told me again I won 9 grand, my boss jaws dropped, from a federal grant. Ask if I wanted to know why, I said yes. Well you pay your bills on time, not been getting in any trouble ECT ECT. Now lets just say mistakes happen. Right then “My Boss” said it was a scam. Also I just got this job my second week there soooooo yeah. She knows about me. Anyways I was like cool-n-all but if I have to give out my SS# or account# per se I was hanging up. Nancy said it was nothing like that just call this other# (2nd#) with ten digits (347) 815-2744 New York New York and ask for Catherine. Also take your grant code down. Since they didn’t want any personal information I was feeling a little better, boss says it still a scam. Nancy and I parted ways. I called Catherine at the house, it was alot to take in. I didn’t want to go from maybe this could happen, into you were right so fast. 9grand wow!! On time. At the house I wait then I made the call to Kathrine. Both women sounded Middle Eastern. Everything was sounding good on the phone until she tells me I need to give her $200 for a grants application fee. I told her if you ever win any money you never have to pay for it. She says it’s not going to her or anything, it’s so you won’t have to pay any tax’s when you get that large amount of money. Also you will receive 9,200 because federal grant application are free. She told me wherever I go call that # back when I get in the parking lot. Wal-Mart, Rite Aid ,Wall Greens and she will walk me through it. I told her I would have the $ last Friday but you know bills and all plus I needed to do some researching. I called yesterday Nov 13. Excuse me I texted the #. It read something like I’m unsure is it a scam blah blah.. 2min later same # different voice Kevin foster. He goes yes is this, I said yes. He Kathrine was with someone else he could help no it wasn’t a scam the FBI is listening I thought they always are… But assured me everything was legit. I asked if my other half could hear what u told me if I called back with her he said sure no prob. I will update your file and let Kathrine know we will her from you soon…… I thinking about screenshots and texting the comments…. Thanks for you time

  • Douglas

    I got the call today number they called to contact me was 212-001-1200 guy with an accent name Jerry Calvin gave me the register number & this number to call 347-644-7917 name Eric Johnson I ask a lot of questions which he got irritated with told him I would call back in a couple days they had my cell number obviously & my old zip code i did say my new zip code but thats it cuz I new it just wasnt rite I hope this guys would get busted they said they were from new york and the 9,000 dollar thing bla bla bla the second number I think they will still answer if someone can trace them.

  • elfone

    Just got the Exact Same Call. from #1 (444) 027

  • Julius Jackson

    I just received a call from David Miller(202)503-4163, about a $9000 Gov grant. Said to Western Union him $250 at Walmart and provide him with a control number.
    I’m on to this scam as I’m getting ready to hand him his ass when I call back with nothing but a piece of my mind!
    People be aware of these foreign crooks. You can hear they’re accent.
    I noticed that the phone number they are using is a Google phone account, so it’s probably hard to track and trace.

  • Brenda Austin

    1-315-675-1809 got a call from them saying I was chosen for a 9000.00 grant from the Govt and then they gave me a approval number and i was to call a Frank Miller at this number to get my grant from Western Union 1-315-816-5659 so I called back for shits and giggles and he told me to call him back in 5 minutes cause he was getting my money together LOL WTF I swear!!!!

    • Julius Jackson

      It’s a shame that these crooks won’t bat an eye when it comes to scamming people out of their hard earned money.
      I stalled him after calling him back, giving him excuse after excuse as to why I haven’t Western Union the money. I eventually got frustrated over the fact that he was really lying and trying to steal my money!
      I said a lot of bad things to him calling him out on his scam deal.
      He fired back, talking about my mother, showing he’s very unprofessional, and is nothing more than a young scam artist!
      After my rant and talking over him with a barrage of abusive insults consisting if extreme vulgar language, he eventually hung up and didn’t call back.

  • Marie

    I got a call today saying that I was able to receive 9000 in governemrnt grant money. I told the person on the phone (with a heavy Nigerian accent), that even though i was told not to use it for drugs or gambling, that I would head straight over to the casino and bet on black! He got frustrated at me, and gave me a confirmation number at the end. He said “ready for that number? Make sure you have a pen and paper handy, its f-u-c-k-y-o-u! So go directly to your nearest western union and give them the motherfucking confirmation number”. NO JOKE. I DIED LAUGHING. And then he hung up. What a joke!

  • Edie Enriquez

    They had been calling me all day long for multiple days when I finally answered the phone. I told they guy that I was so rich, I really didn’t need the money. He hung up on me!!