Adopt a pet: Tucker didn’t find home for the holiday – maybe 2015 will be his year

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Editor’s Note: Tucker was originally featured here Nov. 30, 2014. We’re reposting his story at the request of the Manchester Animal Shelter.

MANCHESTER  Tucker is a 3 1/2-year-old handsome pit bull desperately wanting to live his life as someone’s faithful friend.

He is affectionate and promises to be a loyal and devoted companion — laid back, calm, and a real go-with-the-flow pup. Even when company visits, he is polite and aims to impress.

Tucker loves to play and exercise. He loves to swim in summer, play ball or go for long walks. He would love to cozy up on the couch with a special someone. He is studying his leash skill manners and makes improvements every day. He just needs consistency, confidence and someone to remind him he’s loved. He also thoroughly enjoys car rides and is a great passenger to take a trip with.

Tucker is completely housebroken but doesn’t enjoy spending time in a crate. He prefers to have the run of the house and doesn’t cause havoc when allowed to. He’s very well behaved in the home. Due to some allergies he is on a strict grain-free diet, requires regular baths and allergy meds to keep his skin manageable and his itching minimal. He sleeps through the night and even enjoys sleeping in. There will be no waking you up at the break of dawn. Just like a teenager, you will need to be his alarm clock. He’s fluent in his basic obedience commands, intently hanging on every word you say and when asked to do something, he does it without hesitation.

Tucker would do remarkably living with another dog. When having playtime with another pup he somehow knows when the other pup has had enough and will willingly back away. He even minds his business and ignores barking dogs when passing by.

Unfortunately, this cutie is not a cat lover, so he does need a cat-free home. Due to his high energy and excitement level, residing with little kids might be a bit much for all parties involved. A family with teenagers would be best. Imagine all the joy and happiness Tucker can bring to your life.

He spends time with a foster family, but would love to have a forever family to call his own.

Note from Manchester Animal Shelter: As with all of our dogs, we strongly recommend obedience classes for new owner and dog to create a life-long bond with the adopted dog based on trust, respect and rewarding training experiences. We are offering dog training classes through FMAS Wagtime Dog Training. You can check out more information at We can help you train practical skills you use every day with positive reinforcement training. Our shelter dogs are strays and we observe and assess their behavior at the shelter which may be somewhat different in a home environment. In addition dogs adopted from the Manchester Animal Shelter are spayed/neutered, microchipped and have received their Rabies and distemper vaccinations as well as other necessary medical care such as flea treatment. All dogs are also heartworm tested. Some prudent care such as heartworm medication is not provided at the shelter and should be taken care of at the earliest convenience upon adoption.

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