Panhandler arrested after alleged heroin buy

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David Gordon
David Gordon

MANCHESTER, NH – Police followed a panhandler from the bank to an apartment where he allegedly bought drugs, to a garage where they say they caught him cooking heroin, preparing to shoot up.

David Gordon, 49, was arrested March 12, charged with possession of a controlled drug.

According to a police narrative leading to the arrest, Officers from the Community Policing Division observed Gordon collecting cash from motorists while positioned on the median at Canal Street and Granite Street on March 12. Gordon did not violate any law by doing so, and police were preparing to leave the area when they observed Gordon walk to Bank of America at Elm and Granite streets, conduct business and then exit the bank and make a phone call. He walked toward a Lake Avenue apartment house.

Officers were familiar with Gordon and suspected he was going to purchase illegal drugs at the apartment house, so they continued to monitor his actions. Gordon walked into the apartment and exited several minutes later. Police followed him to a nearby garage and observed him preparing to cook heroin.

At the time officers approached Gordon he was in possession of a spoon, needle and heroin, and was subsequently arrested and charged with drug possession. Gordon was scheduled to appear in court March 13.

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