Molly Kelly holds panel discussion on need for paid Family and Medical Leave

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From left, Bonnie Doherty, Sue Hannan, Sen. Donna Soucy, Megan Tuttle, Molly Kelly, Candace Mouton. Photo/Laura Aronson

MANCHESTER, NH — Molly Kelly, a Democratic candidate for governor, hosted a round table on September 6 in Manchester to, “highlight the importance of paid Family and Medical Leave to Granite Staters.” She stated,  “Governor Chris Sununu is wrong and out-of-touch in his belief that Paid Family and Medical Leave is ‘vacation.’” See the video below.

Participants were:

  • Donna Soucy, State Senator of Manchester, who expressed frustration that the bill passed the State House after a lot of work, but was defeated in a partisan vote in the State Senate.
  • Sue Hannan, President of Manchester Education Association (MEA), who said “some members are scrambling to take care of elderly parents with illnesses like Alzheimer’s and would benefit from paid family and medical leave.”
  • Megan Tuttle, President of NEA-NH, sho waid paid family and medical leave would be “huge” for her 17,000 members.
  • Candace Moulton of  Manchester, a mother of two, nurse, and candidate for state representative. She explained how paid family and medical leave would help mothers like her as they care for their newborn babies.
  • Bonnie Doherty, a retired teacher, who expressed the difficulty in caring for her elderly mother.