Letters: Mediation Fails to Resolve Fire Contracts

Historically, since the inception of the city’s proposal and adoption of the Yarger-Decker pay scale, cost of living adjustments have been consistently applied to the City’s Unions. This year the City has been reluctant to follow this decades-old practice. Jeff Duval, President of Local 856, has stated repeatedly, “The Fire Fighters in the City are not looking for more than anyone else, we simply want to be treated the same as the other groups. The cost of living doesn’t change based upon what City department you work for.” Continue Reading →

Prominent New England College grads featured in President’s Speakers series

Pathways to Success will feature engaging and insightful conversation with some of the College’s most prominent women graduates. Attendees will learn from alumnae who have excelled in professions as varied as advertising, nonprofit leadership, investment services, the arts, and media. They will discuss the opportunities and challenges they have encountered, the decisions they have made, and the lessons they have learned. Continue Reading →

MST High School’s FIRST Robotics team takes top honors

Manchester School of Technology’s FIRST Robotics team came home victorious from the New England District Greater Boston competition, just weeks after the first-ever team at MST was established. Team 6763 placed third on its own, then captained the alliance team that won first place in another part of the competition. In addition, Team 6763 received the Rookie Highest Seed Award for scoring the highest points in a match and the Rookie All-Star Award. Continue Reading →

Spring in your step: Walk the walk with MPD Senior Walks program

The Manchester Police Community Policing Division announces the 2017 Spring Senior Walks schedule. These walks allow seniors to exercise, socialize and experience Manchester with an assist from Manchester police officers. Walks are held Monday mornings at 9 a.m. unless otherwise noted. The walks are approx. 2-3 miles and take about one hour to complete. Continue Reading →

False Promises of Gum Chewing

As an early gum chewer, the cool kid thing to do was to blow a bubble or to pop or snap the gum. No reason for such a thing. You did it because you could. I certainly wasn’t considered a cool kid … but that did not stop me from practicing. It gave a skill to the unskilled. Coolness to the uncool. Cajones to the un-cajoned. Continue Reading →