Operation Granite Shield: 6 arrested in drug sweep

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MANCHESTER, NH – On November 9, 2017, Detectives from the Manchester Police Department Special Enforcement Division and the Opiate Reduction Group took part in Operation Granite Shield, an operation targeting individuals involved in street level drug distribution in the City of Manchester. Six people were arrested on active arrest warrants at various locations throughout the city. All were booked at police headquarters.

Arrested were:

  • Linda Lafond, 65, of Manchester, charged with sale of a controlled drug
  • Jose Delgado Tarrats, 31, of Weare, for sale of a controlled drug
  • Nathaniel Davis, 44, of Manchester, for sale of a controlled drug
  • Craig Pearson, 34, of Mancheter, for possession of a controlled drug
  • Amanda Leard, 34, of Manchester, for sale of a controlled drug
  • Khristopher Allard, 29, of Manchester, on an electronic bench warrant

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