Op/Ed: Why I support Bill Gardner

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As I reflect on the person who should be New Hampshire’s Secretary of State, I can think of none other than the current occupant of that office. The job has been filled by two people in my lifetime – Bob Stark and Bill Gardner. Both men have been very special to me.

Bob Stark was the man on the job when I was a member of the Executive Council. He was a fine man and a mentor who showed me the non-partisan aspects of this position. Bill Gardner was my student when he was in the ninth grade at Bishop Bradley High School in Manchester. He was an outstanding student who matured to become our Secretary of State.

Bill Gardner

Bill Gardner became Secretary of State some 40 years ago and has made the office the envy of the country. He is known around the United States as the man who has made New Hampshire “first in the nation.” The First in the Nation Primary is here because Bill has worked tirelessly to keep it in our state. We vote in record numbers, we are noted for good and clean elections, and our Secretary has been cited year after year for his service.

There are those who don’t support his re-election but the proof is in the job performance. He gets my support because he does the job. Don’t let this fine official slip away. Bill is quality and he shows this year after year. His office is open and anyone can come through the door for advice and get it. The office runs well and the people of New Hampshire can be proud of him and his staff.

My vote will be for Bill Gardner and I ask others to join me in this effort.

Sen. Lou D’Allesandro is from Manchester and has represented the people of District 20 for 10 terms. You can reach Sen. D’Allensandro at dalas@leg.state.nh.us. He is a regular contributor to Manchester Ink Link with his NH Senate Report.