Oh poop! Livingston playground ‘biohazard’ likely due to slip of the diaper

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Inquiring Facebook readers wanted to know what was up with the yellow caution tape.
Inquiring Facebook readers wanted to know what was up with the yellow caution tape.

MANCHESTER, NH – Crime tape around a playground is always disconcerting.

Information circulating on Facebook that there was an unknown “biohazard” incident on June 24 which led to the yellow “caution” tape, startling.

Speculation over what that biohazard might have been, or why it wasn’t cleaned up led us to contact police, and Don Pinard, Manchester City Parks Director.

Yesterday police said they did not have information. Pinard was off on Monday, but promptly answered the question Tuesday morning.

“Someone pooped in the playground area,” said Pinard. “We believe it may have been a child’s accident that the adult did not take care of.”

Hard enough to get people to clean up after their pooches. Now, this.

Pinard said someone reported the feces to Parks and Rec on Friday and it was quickly cleaned up by lifeguards from the pool adjacent to the playground, and the tape, removed.

However, on Sunday caution tape reappeared. Pinard says he doesn’t know why. A crew went out and checked the area, but all was clean.

This is a first public poop incident for a city playground, says Pinard.

“We do encounter this in parks, but never in playgrounds,” he said.

The takeaway: If you’re a parent at the park with a child who is potty training, or wearing a loose-fitting Pamper, please curb your kid – and bring a pooper-scooper, just in case.

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