Oct. 29: Virtual book discussion with former NH reporter C.K Donnelly on debut YA fantasy: ‘Trine Rising’

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MANCHESTER, NH – We are happy to welcome Cindy Donnelly Kibbe back to New Hampshire, albeit virtually, on Oct. 29 at 6 p.m. for the launch of her YA Fantasy novel.

Cindy served as a journalist in our community in 2000 for 14-years, first as a writer and then Assistant Editor at New Hampshire Business Review in Manchester. Also a frequent contributor with New Hampshire Public Radio, New Hampshire Magazine and NHM’s BRIDE, she received honors from both the New England and New Hampshire Press Associations.

Cindy’s love of writing began when she was 14 years old where instead of reading comic books, she was writing Star Wars like fan-fic and fantasy stories. She dreamed of writing a novel and after moving from Arizona to New Hampshire in 2000 and taking a walk in the snow beside the Merrimack River, Trine Rising, was born!

Now 20 years later, she returns to share her novel that is receiving rave reviews from BookLife by Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Review, Indie Reader, Reedsy and a 5-Star review from Reader’s Favorite! Cindy calls herself an “Unsuccessful Quitter” and encourages everyone to follow their dreams!

Register now to be a part of this exciting event as Cindy shares this gripping fantasy adventure. Follow her as @ckdonnelly on Facebook Instagram and Twitter.

All attendees will have a chance to win some awesome giveaways!

  • $25 The Bookery gift card
  • Personalized autographed copy of TRINE RISING
  • TWO custom digital portraits of prize-winner as a character from TRINE RISING


Mirana Pinal, just sixteen summers old, knows she’s different. In her homeland of Kinderra, only a small minority of people are born with one of three magical powers—Seeing, Defending, or Healing. Mirana, however, was born with all three, making her a rare Trine, one whose powers can bring peace to the war-ravaged land—or destroy it.

Only two other known Trines exist in the current age—Tetric Garis, a hero of Mirana’s people, and the Dark Trine, the ruthless leader of the Ken’nar enemy regime, who is determined to conquer Kinderra and subjugate its people. Trines must train to use their powers, but Mirana’s not interested in being a warrior-hero. She’d rather spend time with her boyfriend Teague, a brilliant, young herbsman who yearns for powers of his own. She keeps her powers a secret, but fate has other plans.

When Mirana receives terrifying visions of a Ken’nar attack, she is forced to reveal to the Kinderrans that she is a Trine to warn them of the impending assault. What she doesn’t tell them is that in the same visions, she watches herself unleash unspeakable powers of destruction, crystallized in the image of a watchtower exploding with light. Tetric Garis takes her under his wing and begins grooming her to use her powers, but Mirana fears she will cause more peril than forestall it.

As the battle draws near, Mirana must search within to discover the true nature of her powers and summon the courage to determine her fate.