NSquared: The Art of Dance, Part 2

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NSquared, a non-profit, dance company has an upcoming event at The Rex on February 18, 2024. This performance and fundraiser for the future is a critical part of what company spokesperson Sallie Werst shared with me as a way to “speak our language (of dance) to the public that shows the value of why we offer visibility (of dance) and ask for financial support from the community.”

How did NSquared Dance company connect with Ink Link News, Arts and Culture?

Word of Mouth. The strongest connector between people. Joan Brodsky mentioned InkLink and spoke highly of Carol Robidoux and Manchester Ink Link’s role in building community more broadly through trusted and open communication channels.

This is how Access and Opportunity works here in New Hampshire. In fact, trusted and open channels of community communications is indeed the way to build back community at a time when social platforms divide us. Community focused and accessible news breaks those isolation bubbles. At a time when chasing clicks often dictates coverage, we build strong activist communities via free access and trusted curation.

Today, we present Del Porter, dancing since the age of  3.

“Dance is about the athletics, power, presence, and presentation each individual brings to the stage.”

Del Porter, Hometown: Auburn, NH

photo of NSquared Dancer Del Porter
Dancer Del Porter Photo credit | Tim Avery

Del Porter began dancing in 2006 at three years of age. They graduated from the New Hampshire School of Ballet in 2021, and joined the contemporary dance company NSquared in 2023. Del currently practices in the visual arts in addition to teaching tap classes in Manchester at the Palace Theater. When they aren’t drawing, dancing, or working as a barista, you can find Del painting, biking, baking, and brewing. They’re always eager to spark inspiration and joy through the creative act.

1) What excites you the most about your participation in the February performance?

There is nothing quite like dancing on stage with one of your best friends, with some of the best professionals you know, your favorite teachers, and new friends. That alone just makes me want to jump up and down. I don’t care if people are watching me but to be a part of a larger group and have our craftsmanship on full display. Makes me feel ecstatic.

2) Where are you in your career aspirations and dance performance journey? 

I am currently working on a Visual Arts degree. I never imagined myself to be dancing after high school, so I’m particularly thrilled to be part of the company. I am new to NSquared, but I have been performing since I was 3 years old.

3) How will your role share feelings of fun and playfulness and how will it engage the audience?

Bringing fun energy from studio to stage is an art in and of itself. Dance will always bring me joy and it translates through my movement and connection to my fellow performers. There is something about the energy that’s hard to put into words. With the presence of all the dancers on stage, the audience can feel and enjoy for themselves that which we can illuminate.

4) Why should a non-dance person attend?

Dance is about the athletics, power, presence, and presentation each individual brings to the stage. The energy is contagious and sensational. As a dancer I want you to join the fun!

As a dancer I want you to join the fun!

Porter’s comment immediately had me adding these now-important questions:

How would you want someone to join the fun?

What do you have in mind and is this meant to be passive or active at the event?

If I was in this audience I would be bouncing along to the music bopping my head and boogying (of course in respect to theater etiquette.) But that will look different for everyone! Engagement isn’t only to uplift the community it’s to genuinely promote goodness within us all.

We want you to be leaving the theater in a good mood, you can listen to the music later on and move around the kitchen. Observe how dance makes you feel, it’s no competition we’re all just listening to music and having and making good memories.

This is a community with open doors inviting anyone to the audience and to classes on Sundays! Dance is for anyone that wants to use their body and/or has an appreciation for it.

 At NSquared, An open invitation to engage.

Wow! Right?  An open invitation to engage. This invitation is one more building block of Access and Opportunity within a vision started in 2016 when Joan Brodsky founded the NH Dance Collaborative.  Manchester Ink Link published an article last year (June 2023) reporting on NHDC’s Dance Accelerator’s first fellowship which was awarded to Zackery Betty.

And now, Zackery Betty, the first graduate of NHDC’s Dance Accelerator and co-founder of NSquared Dance company, continues to pay it forward. NSquared offers a weekly drop in session geared for college students and dance professionals.  A place for community. They encourage you to dance and train with them on Sundays at Noon at a cost of just $15.


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