November indictments include 93 pages for 72-year-old alleged child molester

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Michael Narbis
Michael Narbis

MANCHESTER, NH — There are so many grand jury indictments for November that Hillsborough County Superior Court divided the 317 pages into three separate files, all uploaded here for your viewing.

Although the indictments are heavy on drug-related charges, there are also two particular cases that account for the thick pile of grand jury indictments.

Unofficial wanted poster for Jonathan Dearborn, as seen on the UNH Manchester campus.
Unofficial wanted poster for Jonathan Dearborn, as seen on the UNH Manchester campus.

Jonathan Dearborn has 12 indictments in connection to a series of laptop thefts from Southern New Hampshire University and the New Hampshire Institute of Art, as well as some additional alleged thefts from individuals. You may recall Dearborn’s mug was recently featured on a poster at UNH Manchester, [“Attention UNH Manchester students: This guy!” – Nov. 18, 2014] warning students and faculty that he had recently been released from jail and allegedly told police, if freed, he’d continue to commit crimes.

But even more consuming are the 93 indictments charging former NH resident and radio broadcaster Michael Narbis with “deviant sexual relations,” based on the 1970s criminal code — charges that today would be classified as felonious sexual assault.

Narbis was arrested in Florida in September of 2014 after he was accused of sexually molesting a NH boy in Antrim before moving to Florida in 1974.

In an interesting twist, explained in this Bradenton Herald Story, Narbis was first arrested after he was accused of molesting two boys in Florida during the 1970s, but because the statute of limitations in Florida prevented authorities from prosecuting Narbis, he could not be charged.

However, further investigation brought New Hampshire into the  mix, and that’s when a victim was identified who claimed he had been molested by Narbis multiple times in NH in the 1970s.

Although the alleged victim no longer lived in New Hampshire, NH State Police Sgt. Shawn Skahan brought Narbis’ alleged victim back to the state, where the statute of limitations had been legally suspended under New Hampshire law when Narbis left the state.

The victim, now 51, identified as Kevin K., told police he had been sexually abused by Narbis between November 1973 and June of 1974, when he was 10 and 11.

Based on the indictments below, it appears the abuse took place at least on a weekly basis — sometimes more frequently — during about a six-month period.

Skahan told the Bradenton Herald what made this case “unique” is that, under New Hampshire law, charges can only be filed against sexual abuse suspects within 22 years after the victim turns 18. But because Narbis moved to Florida in 1974 the statute of limitations was suspended, so Narbis can still be charged.

“I’ve never seen this before in my 20 years working with law enforcement,” Skahan told the Herald.

At the time of Norbis’ arrest, authorities said they had reason to believe there could be more New Hampshire victims.

You can read through all 317 pages of indictments below, but be prepared: Some language or descriptive details of criminal acts are graphic and may be offensive.

Hillsborough County Court Nov. Indictments (A-Lo)

November Indictments from Hillsborough County Superior Court (Lo-Na)

November indictments part 3 (O-Z) Hillsborough County Superior Court NH

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