Nov. 21 at The Rex: AC/DC (and fans), We Salute You

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The only real way to write about the legendary rock band, AC/DC, is to play their music at full burst in the background, blazed.

Start with the early Bon Scott bender years, then move down to gasoline alley with Brian Johnson. Let them each tear the skin right off your ears.  Allow powerhouse guitarist, Angus Young, and his late brother, Malcolm, to drop riffs on you that your kid’s kid will be knocking his head too someday.

Do all that and try to keep your hands on the keyboard while you pound both feet into the cold concrete floor, singing wildly into your frozen fist.

Good luck.  I suck at it.

But that’s what the band from Sydney has been doing for over 40-plus years, cranking out songs that leave you doing neck crunches for hours, banging your head all over the joint.

Sure, the lightweights will argue that many of the band’s songs sound very much the same.  Ignore those mutts. Because the music AC/DC creates comes at you like a hot flash of thunder every time you hear them.

AC/DC is relentless.

AC/DC is that kid your folks told you to stay away from.

AC/DC is in all of us.

The band, who has a brand new album out called “Power Up,” grabs you by the tongue first lick of any song and starts flinging you around the room, off the walls, off the floors, the ceiling. And you’re singing every word, mimicking every riff, stiff-lipped and banded together with all the other AC/DC fanatics.

At least that’s what the bands paying tribute to AC/DC this Saturday at the Rex Theatre hope to witness from the stage.  The Jonny Friday Band will join forces with The Graniteers for a slew of deep cuts and hits from each era of the band.  Songs like “Shoot To Thrill,” “Thunderstruck” and “Whole Lotta A Rosie” are on the docket to be played.

Dank Sinatra, another Queen City band with mega vocal pipes, drums and crushing guitar work, will slam some “Big Gun” and “Ride On” and “Have A Drink On Me” down your throats, in a good way.

Other songs rumored to be played are “Highway to Hell,” “For Those About To Rock” and, of course, “Shook Me All Night Long.”

And what promises to be a deliriously delicious sight, One Dan Band, literally one guy on electric guitar and drums — doing it all, making music you would think is rigged with tricks and gadgets (not!) — will open the show with…wait for it…wait for it…”Dirty Deeds…DONE DIRT CHEAP!”

Oh, baby, I can’t wait.  And I hope all you fans of AC/DC, big or small, come and support live local music and get your groove on.  You know what to expect.  Loud rock and roll and lots of it.

So, come wearing three masks if you wish. Come bathed in sanitizer.  Come in a snowsuit for protection.  Just come and rip some AC/DC with us this Saturday night down at the Rex Theatre at 7:30 pm.  Tickets are $19 before the show and can be bought at  Walk ups, $29 each.

Either way, pennies on the dollar for the show we plan to deliver.

See you there!


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