Nixle alert for school delay announcement falls on virtual deaf ears

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Original alert as seen on the MSD Nixle alert page.

MANCHESTER, NH — An automated alert system used by city departments to inform residents of school closings, police activity and other pertinent updates failed to go out to some subscribers on Feb. 16.

Manchester School District issued a Nixle alert after a two-hour school delay was called due to inclement weather at 5:10 a.m. on Thursday. The information was also posted on the district’s Facebook page. A second advisory was posted on Nixle just after 7 a.m. and, about 30 minutes later, an apology appeared on the district’s Facebook page in response to complaints from some residents who said they did not get the original alert, even though they were signed up for the automated service.

School closings and delays are also posted on the district’s website and included on WMUR.

A district spokesperson said the IT department is investigating, and they are awaiting a response from Nixle to try and figure out the glitch.

Below are some of the comments posted by residents under the district’s Facebook post, a mix of those who did not receive notification and others who got it multiple times. Check back – we’ll update the story as soon as there is more information:

Dave Violette
Dave Violette
Visit that site and select which alerts you want to receive.


Kylee Tingas
Kylee Tingas I signed up for nixle but never get anything from the schools. I only get motor vehicle accidents.


Manchester School District
Manchester School District Make sure you are signed up for public schools alerts, not just police department.
Rachel Plaza

Rachel Plaza I got mine late

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Manchester School District
Manchester School District Do you usually get emails? From what we’re hearing, people who are registered to receive emails got it, but not the text.
 Sheila French Aubin
Sheila French Aubin I got the nixle four count them four times!!!!!


Manchester School District
Manchester School District You’re one of the lucky ones!


Heather Hutchinson Roy
Heather Hutchinson Roy How do we receive this text


Manchester School District
Manchester School District
Register to receive texts and/or emails from whichever city department you want, including public schools.

Alert Notifications
Lisa Miller
Lisa Miller I also got 4 texts and 2 emails. I seem to get double texts from Nixle just about every day. I need to look into why that happens.


Lisa Hanel
Lisa Hanel Never got a text thankful there are other ways to get the info but the nixle is like the right of passage and a confirmation lol!!
Kiernan Osgood
Kiernan Osgood I did not get one this morning like I usually do but I always look on WMUR


Jayne Leonard Beaton
Jayne Leonard Beaton Yes, I just arrived at school and never got the text,
Amy Scarlett Kennedy
Amy Scarlett Kennedy People should always checking online too… Never trust a text message.


Linda Linscomb
Linda Linscomb I received 4 nixel texts this morning. Three at 5:10 and one at 7:05.
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Kelly McGinnis Machnik
Kelly McGinnis Machnik I got four texts. First at 5:10, then 5:37, 5:42 and 7:05. I also got two emails, one at 5:10 and one at 5:37.
Christine Mlodynia
Christine Mlodynia I got All 4 texts
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Heather Arsenault
Heather Arsenault I have never gotten a text, how do I get signed up for that?
Laura Loowho
Laura Loowho hahaha i got it 6 times at 5am
Robin Galeaz
Robin Galeaz Received two emails, but no text today.
Lynne Gurley
Lynne Gurley Yea never got one..glad i looked online
Tonya Kinara
Tonya Kinara I got it 🙂
Sarah Lambert
Sarah Lambert I got 2 emails and no text message. My husband saw it on wmur.
Christine Grubis Carter
Christine Grubis Carter Got 2 emails but no text
Catrina Bachler
Catrina Bachler I got the text FOUR times.
Paula Bowen Huntley
Paula Bowen Huntley I Always check WMUR!!
Diana Beauchesne
Diana Beauchesne I always get them but not this time.


Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith I received two texts this morning


Haidy Zioze
Haidy Zioze Never got an alert


Amanda Lavallee Surprenant
Amanda Lavallee Surprenant I got my first nixel message at 512am and then another at 635am
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Andrea Isaak Elliot
Andrea Isaak Elliot Got it four times
Mandy Hazelton
Mandy Hazelton I saw it on wmur, then checked Facebook
Valene Coleman
Valene Coleman I got 4, all at different times
Trish Anglin-Martioski
Trish Anglin-Martioski Never received my nixle message, luckily I looked online.
Erin Barrett Fluck
Erin Barrett Fluck Add me to the list. I never got it
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