NH State Police annual commercial vehicle compliance road check nets 1,205 violations

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A Trooper from New Hampshire State Police – Troop G conducts a Level I inspection of a commercial motor vehicle. NHSP

CONCORD, NH – New Hampshire State Troopers conducted its annual Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) International Roadcheck June 4-6, a 72-hour enforcement initiative where commercial motor vehicle inspectors throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico check large trucks and motorcoaches at inspection sites, weigh stations, strategic locations, and roving patrols.  The State Police is pleased to announce that there were no fatal motor vehicles crashes involving commercial motor vehicles during this period.

Troopers checked 528 commercial vehicles and discovered 1,205 violations, of which 215 were so severe that they created a condition where the vehicle or its driver was placed out of service.  In total, 106 vehicles were placed out of service for critical safety violations, while 30 drivers were placed out of service for violations including possessing drugs, operating after suspension, violating restrictions of driving hours, and not holding the proper class of driver’s license. Troopers issued 84 citations and made one arrest as a result of commercial motor vehicle inspections.

Troopers issued 61 CVSA decals to commercial motor vehicles that passed a Level I inspection where no critical violations were found according to the North American Standard Out-of- Service Criteria.

A commercial motor vehicle was placed out of service for numerous violations, including using lumber secured by zip ties and electrical cords to support broken suspension components which came in contact with the tires. NHSP

Beginning Tuesday, June 4, 2019 through Thursday, June 6, 2019 members of New Hampshire State Police – Troop G conducted commercial motor vehicle inspections throughout the State of New Hampshire to ensure safe operation of larger vehicles and reduce motor vehicle collisions.  Members of Troop G are highly skilled Troopers who have received specialized training to conduct roadside inspections of commercial motor vehicles.

Significant rust was found on structural components supporting the cargo body of a commercial motor vehicle. NHSP

In Windham, Trooper First Class Derek Holston stopped a 2002 Ford box truck.  The vehicle was found to have numerous defects, including a broken leaf spring in the suspension that was supported by 4×4-inch lumber that was secured to the vehicle with electrical cords and zip ties.  The lumber was making contact with the vehicle’s tire, which was flat.  Also during the inspection, TFC Holston observed inoperative turn signals, an inoperative parking brake, rotted sections of the frame, and 10 of the 14 cross member supports for the cargo box were defective or missing.  During a separate stop in Windham, TFC Holston inspected a 2014 Isuzu box truck.  During that inspection, TFC Holston located prohibited drugs in the vehicle and ultimately arrested the driver on an outstanding arrest warrant.

A nail was used in place of a cotter pin on a castle nut securing steering components of a commercial motor vehicle. NHSP

Also in Windham, Staff Sergeant William Burke stopped a 2000 Mack tractor-trailer combination.  During the inspection Staff Sergeant Burke discovered that pitman arm, which connects the steering box to other steering components, was making contact with the left front tire when the steering wheel was turned to the right.  Additionally, he found three brakes that were not adjusted correctly, rust holes in the cross member supports of the trailer, and the roll-off container was not properly secured to the trailer.

A rust hole was found in a cross member support of a commercial motor vehicle trailer.

In Rochester, Trooper David Skelly stopped a 2002 International truck and found brakes that were contaminated with oil from a leaking wheel hub.  Additionally, he found that that a castle nut connecting steering components was missing a cotter pin and had been replaced with a bent nail.

A tire of a commercial motor vehicle made contact with a pitman arm (a steering component) when the steering wheel was turned to the right. NHSP

In Hooksett, Trooper Kevin Raymond stopped a 1990 International truck that had numerous violations.  During the course of the inspection Trooper Raymond observed that the brake pads were so worn that the brakes were smoking.  Also during the course of the inspection, Trooper Raymond found three of the four brakes were out of adjustment, the pitman arm was loose and not securely attached to the steering box, as well as multiple broken leaf springs on the steering axle.

In Sullivan, Sergeant Thomas Coty was alerted to an oversized load traveling through a prohibited construction zone by Troopers from New Hampshire State Police – Troop C.  The driver failed to follow the route designated on their oversized load permit, which led to a traffic backup while the vehicle was turned around.

The New Hampshire State Police are committed to ensuring safe travel throughout the State and will continue our efforts to reduce collisions during the summer season.