NH SAT scores on the rise –  again

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CONCORD, NH – SAT scores for New Hampshire high school students continue to improve from prior years, according to the latest preliminary information released by CollegeBoard, the organization that administers the test and compiles the annual tabulation of data.

During the latest round of testing, 14,834 students took the SATs and achieved a mean score of 1,063 – up from 1,036 in 2017 and 1,027 in 2016. In both Math and English Reading Writing, scores were slightly higher than previous years.

This year, Math scores rose to a mean score of 531 – up from 522. The English Reading Writing score also rose to 536. Last year, it was 514. Seventy-percent of students met the benchmark in English Reading Writing while slightly less than half – 49 percent – achieved the Math benchmark. The percentages of students meeting the benchmarks were also higher than previous years.

Students in New Hampshire who also took the Essay portion of the test collectively earned higher scores. Those students – 11,997 of 14,834 – had a combined mean score of 1,083 (544 in English Reading Writing; 538 in Math).

New Hampshire’s student scores were also higher than the national average, according to the data. The English Reading Writing score was 480 nationally – 56 points less than Granite State students – while Math was 530 or 1 point less.

Read the full New Hampshire SAT Suite Assessment Report online here.

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