NH Rebellion’s Rachel McManmon: Confident and prepared for 4th season

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Rachel McManmon scaled
Rachel McManmon – small in stature, big in dedication to NH Rebellion. Photo/Winter Trabex

First in a series of profiles featuring members of the New Hampshire Rebellion, a women’s tackle football team and part of the Women’s Football Alliance.

MANCHESTER, NH – Standing 5 feet tall, Rachel McManmon is the shortest player on the field when the NH Rebellion women’s football team takes the field on offense. She lines up at center, and when hunched over to snap the ball, becomes shorter still. Yet, despite her size, she is in many ways an anchor for the offense; a steady, reliable person who ensures the first action of any offensive play goes smoothly.

Now 28, she started playing football at age 24 as a way to stay in shape. She joined the team when it was known as the Northeast Ruckus as a way to stay active. At the time, she had been a member of a derby team; a Facebook post from one of her teammates convinced her to join. She has stayed with the team since it’s become the New Hampshire Rebellion, and remains a starter and a regular on every offensive play.

“I played guard the first two seasons,” McManmon said. “So this will be my second season playing center.”

Rachel McManmon 1 scaled
Rachel McManmon is all business once the game is in motion. Photo/Winter Trabex

Since joining, McManmon has seen the team improve gradually each year. For this season, she wants more wins – a tough ask with veteran-led squads such as the New York Knockout and Maine Mayhem in the division. She is also hoping she can be injury-free this season, unlike last season.

In the final game of the year in Maine, McManmon suffered a concussion that lasted four months and required a six-hour stay in an emergency room in a Maine hospital. Her mother, who had driven her to the game, followed her there, and drove her back home when she was released.

IMG 20240218 195934762 scaled e1708914835383
The team takes a knee during a recent practice session while the coach gives them some instruction. Photo/Winter Trabex

Despite the injury her experience has been positive thus far. Even with aches, pains, bruises, and a single ambulance ride, she comes back to practice every week and continues to do the best she can.

“It’s more of a family than a team,” McManmon said. “It’s a great way to stay fit and a great group of women that encourage you the whole way.”

“Rachel is a solid teammate,” QB Kim Bourque said. “She’s basically here every practice. She’s one of the most consistent on the line right now. She’s a good kid. She’s fun to be around. Talk her off a ledge sometimes, you know, but she’s solid.”

“She’s been pretty pleasant,“ Coach Kevin Maurice, the team’s offensive coordinator said. “She remembers every singe play. When you don’t have much to say, you’re doing pretty good.”



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