NH Primary: Why I believe Sen. Sanders is the ‘real deal’

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As we begin presidential primary season I would like to share some final thoughts before the voting begins. I would humbly ask that you consider these comments, regardless of who you’re leaning toward at the moment.

Back in September of last year, I was one of the first elected Democrats in the country (some have told me I was THE first, but it’s hard to verify that) to formally endorse Sen. Bernie Sanders presidential campaign and publish an endorsement letter. My support did not come easy, and was the result of a long process of careful study. In the final analysis, the primary choice comes down to a few simple factors.

Sen. Sanders has the best chance to beat the Republicans in November. Recent general election match-up polls have shown him way ahead of the Republicans, and by wider double-digit margins than the other Democratic candidates. This would be enough of a landslide win to likely surge “down ballot” candidates for the Senate and US House, possibly winning back strong majorities again.

Sen. Bernie Sanders speaking at SNHU on Jan. 4, 2016.
Sen. Bernie Sanders speaking at SNHU on Jan. 4, 2016.

Additionally, his supporters are more enthusiastic than those of the other campaigns and more likely to turn out to vote in November in record numbers. Sen. Sanders also stands the best chance to expand the “big tent” and bring more Independents and even moderate Republicans into the fold. All signs are indicating that voter turnout is going to make or break the general election this cycle, and Senator Sanders is the best choice to draw record numbers of voters to the polls.

Sen. Sanders has the best platform to move America forward. The challenges we face as a nation cannot be solved by maintaining the status-quo balance of power in Washington, D.C., nor by continuing a political narrative that has failed for the last 30 years to prepare our country for the next century.

Only Senator Sanders has a platform which includes full support for full solutions, rather than partial support for half-measures. Wall-street reform, tax code reform, foreign policy, civil rights, campaign finance reform, education reform, healthcare, the list goes on – and Sen. Sanders has a plan for all of it. As we all know, the “plans” that presidential candidates put out are mostly symbolic. Presidents can’t introduce legislation in Congress, nor are they  dictators. But it gives us a vision of the priorities that person will set for the party, the kind of things they would veto, and the issues they will use the ‘bully pulpit’ to champion. Senator Bernie Sanders has the right priorities, and the right platform, just when we need them most.

Sen. Sanders has been consistent on these issues for decades. He has a strong record of advocacy on his issues, and has held fast even in the face of “inside the beltway conventional wisdom” prevailing for the wrong side. From his vote against the Iraq war, to his recent hold on the nomination of the FDA chair, Senator Sanders has never hesitated to do what was right instead of what was easy or politically expedient in the moment. This is the kind of reliable dedication we need in the oval office.

Most importantly, friends, we might not get another chance like this. Senator Sanders’ candidacy gives us an incredibly rare opportunity that has not happened yet in my lifetime and may never happen again.

We have a genuine example of an “honest politician” running as a credible candidate for President of the United States. He hasn’t run a negative political ad in his entire career, doesn’t use superpacs or “dark money” in his campaign, and doesn’t “spin” or mix words when talking to reporters. When some
candidates are asked a question, they try to come up with an answer that won’t offend anybody. But when Sen. Sanders is asked a question, he tries to come up with an answer to tell you how he feels and what he thinks. If you’re tired of the same old “Washington bullshit” then Senator Bernie Sanders is your candidate – he is the real deal.

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Tim Smith

Tim Smith is a State Representative, serving his second term in the New Hampshire House, representing Ward 10 on Manchester’s west side. His professional career is in IT management, and he currently serves on the State-Federal Relations & Veteran’s Affairs Committee in the House. His primary legislative focus has been on campaign finance reform, and fighting corruption. In early 2015 he was elected to the NH Democratic Party’s State Committee. He can be reached at tim.smith@leg.state.nh.us.

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