NH Labor News: ‘Guinta should resign over FEC Violations’

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It's your turn.
It’s your turn.

“It is reasonable to conclude that the people of New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District are being represented by a fraud and a cheat,” wrote the editorial board of the Eagle Tribune in their blistering editorial, “Guinta’s campaign finance violations make him unfit for office.”


NH Union Leader Editorial
NH Union Leader Editorial

For five years now, Congressman Frank Guinta has been lying to the people of New Hampshire’s First Congressional District. In 2010, Guinta’s campaign finance reports showed an additional $355,000 deposit that he said was from a “savings account he forgot about.”

Ever the FEC questioned him about the $355,000 dollars he had lied to the public about it. First it was a clerical error, then it was his money, then it was from an account that he had an “equitable interest” in but was in his parents name, and now he says he will pay the largest FEC fine in the years to just make the complaint go away.

This morning the Union Leader is reporting that Guinta’s produced documents showing his “equitable interest” in the account but the numbers do not seem to be matching up.

“The documents only showed about $100,000 in deposits and did not include a Bank of America account he has repeatedly said was the source of the funds at the center of the investigation,” reported the Union Leader.

Congressman Guinta’s campaign must repay the $355,000 (to his parents) and pay the FEC $15,000 (large if FEC violation, but minor in reality).

“Guinta has betrayed the trust of the public that elected him. He ought to resign,” said the editorial board of the Eagle Tribune.

Congressman Guinta should resign his seat for violating campaign finance laws and for lying to the people for all of these years.

Please sign our petition calling for Guinta’s resignation.  The petitions will be printed and delivered to Congressman Guinta’s office on a date yet to be determined.

The Petition reads:

As a constituent of New Hampshire’s First District, I am calling for the resignation of U.S Rep Frank Guinta.

For five years Congressman Guinta has continued to lie to us and now that the FEC has proven that he violated campaign finance laws, I firmly believe that Congressman Guinta should resign his seat in Congress.

Working families in New Hampshire deserve better than Frank Guinta.

Click here and scroll down to sign the petition.  Click here for an updated list of petition signatories.

MMatt Murrayatthew Murray is founder of the NH Labor News. He is a union member and advocate for labor. He also works with other unions and members to help spread our message, and oversees the NH Labor News Facebook page. Follow @NHLabor_News on Twitter.
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