New business is good business for the city

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Three of the city’s newest small businesses are changing the vibe of Manchester.

Over the last few years, Manchester has seen many new businesses pop up over the city. Beside the many delicious and unique restaurants, many other types of small businesses have come to the Queen City as well. These businesses range from a bookstore, to a new form of transportation, to a brewery tour bus. Not all of them have the same business goals, but they do have a common community goal; bring people to Manchester. The more people these small businesses attract to the city, the more money they bring into the city. People will also tend to come back if they enjoy their time at these businesses, and maybe even try different establishments along the way. It seems like there is something for everyone to do in the city and not just in the downtown area, either. New business is everywhere in Manchester, so let’s talk about a few of them.

Bookery Co-owners Liz Cipriano, left, and Liz Hitchcock

The first new attraction many people have stopped by to enjoy a doughnut at, is the The Bookery. The Bookery is an independent bookstore and cafe right on Elm Street where McQuade’s department store once was. This new bookstore is more than just selling books; it offers a local venue for authors, poets, musicians, and other creative minds to show off their talents. It seems like every week they have a handful of unique events happening. You can sit down and relax with a good book there, too, but you can also enjoy a great food selection that just recently expanded to offer more options. You might have stopped in because of their doughnuts, but you will come back for their atmosphere and amazing customer service.

Bill and Alli Seney, of MancheVegas Brew Bus tours.

Another new business that may leave you feeling warm inside is the ManchVegas Brew Bus. The ManchVegas Brew Bus is a brewery tour that brings you to a number of local breweries around Manchester and the surrounding area. Although many of these tour bus-style businesses exist in the Seacoast region, this is the first for Manchester. The Brew Bus is not only about beer. Owners Bill and Alli Seney, allow patrons to customize their own tours to fit their needs and do not limit it to just beer. Recently they had a tour highlighting local coffee shops and chocolate venders, which attracted many people to come back for more Brew Bus fun. ManchVegas Brew Bus’s motto is  “What happens on the bus, stays on the bus.”

If you want a shorter ride of sorts, you can always call Manchester’s new and only pedicab service, Peddl MHT. Peddle MHT is a new mode of transportation started by Mike Cashion. Most people in the New England area are not familiar with pedicabs but if you’ve ventured to any larger city, you may have seen one in passing. This service is meant for shorter trips around the downtown area but is a perfect way to get from your favorite restaurant to a ballgame or even from a concert to grabs drinks afterwards. Not only is taking Peddl MHT eco-friendly but it is a great way to see the city and feel its pulse. One ride on Mike’s pedicab and you will look at the city a whole different way.

Mike Cashion of Photo/Carol Robidoux

There are many fun and unique businesses coming to Manchester and I could list many more but I think it’s more exciting if you check them out on your own. Try a restaurant you have never tasted before, go check out an art exhibit from an artist you’ve never heard, and experience Manchester like it’s a brand new city. I think there are many fun and interesting things to see and experience in Manchester. I wish more people would get out of their comfort zone of activities and really try something new. Hopefully reading about a few new businesses will make you want to look for more!

For more information on each of the businesses mentioned in this column, visit their websites below.

The Bookery 

ManchVegas Brew Bus

Peddl MHT 

Thanks for reading and until next time, live and be happy!

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