MSD Update 9/18: Patience requested for remote learning

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Manchester School District Office
Manchester School District office. File Photo

In this message:

  • COVID-19 cases: Our weekly update of total cases in the district
  • Technology issues: We ask for your patience in remote learning
  • Meals for remote learners: We are expanding hours that meals are available
  • Hybrid option: When we could begin offering more in-person learning
  • School forms: Families must fill out the usual school year forms

COVID-19 cases: We will send a regular email update every Friday. In our weekly email, we will include a summary of COVID-19 cases in Manchester School District as provided by the Manchester Health Department. Please notify the school directly if your child is sick or tests positive for COVID-19.

  • Active cases: 12 total (11 students and 1 staff member). All were on remote status.
  • Grade levels: Of 11 active student cases, 6 are in middle school, 4 are in high school, and 1 other. The 1 active staff case is at the elementary level.
  • Overall cases: 17 total since the start of school.
  • There have been no identified clusters or outbreaks. There are no onsite case investigations.

Our re-start plan includes protocols we will follow for positive cases in our schools. Note: Our summary includes all cases, including those on remote status. We are working with the Manchester Health Department to develop a dashboard for our website.

Technology issues: Our schools are dealing with a variety of technology issues in remote learning. We understand this is frustrating for students, families and staff. We are working to resolve these issues:

  • Faster internet at schools: We are upgrading the networks at schools. This will solve bandwidth issues for remote learning teachers. The upgrade will be complete to start October. In the meantime we are troubleshooting individual cases.
  • New technology: We have acquired cameras for some remote teachers. The cameras are being deployed now. We have ordered new laptop computers for teachers, but these are delayed. We will also replace some of our older Chromebooks. The new Chromebooks are ordered but are also delayed.

Please remember: Remote learning is still new to all of us. Technical difficulties make things even more difficult. We ask you to be patient as we work to resolve the problems. If you are having technical difficulties, you are asked to email

Meals for remote learners: Remote learners can pick up meals Monday through Friday. Beginning Monday, Sept. 21, meals will be available from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Meals can be picked up from any school, except Manchester School of Technology. You do not need to pick up from your student’s school – you can go to the closest school. Please note that some meals will need to be reheated prior to consumption. Reheating instructions will come with these meals.

Hybrid option: Next Friday we will determine whether we can begin to expand in-person learning to grades 2-12. If certain conditions are met, we will begin to expand in-person learning. Families can choose to remain fully remote. If we are able to expand hybrid right away, the schedule would be:

  • Week of October 12 (on the 13th due to the Monday holiday): 2nd grade; 6th grade at Hillside, McLaughlin, Southside; 5th grade at Parkside; 9th grade
  • Week of October 19: 3rd grade; 7th grade at Hillside, McLaughlin, Southside; 6th grade at Parkside; 10th grade
  • Week of October 26: 4th grade; all other 5th grade; 8th grade at Hillside, McLaughlin, Southside; 7th/8th grades at Parkside; 11th/12th grades

You can find more detailed information in our re-start plan

School forms: Families must fill out forms for each student. These are forms you would usually fill out at the start of a school year. This year, all forms are available online. Forms are at