MPD Under the Radar: Girlfriend’s uncle causing problems on Mammoth Road

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Beyond the headlines, the men and women of the Manchester Police Department respond to requests from local residents around the clock, with incidents the public may often find valuable or interesting going unnoticed.

In an attempt to help shed a light on those incidents and spur a greater discussion on what’s going on in our neighborhoods across the city, here are a few of those incidents that flew under the radar, as obtained from the Manchester Police Department Records Division. For the Manchester Police Department’s daily logs, which provide the starting point for these reports, click here.

The actual names of individuals and organizations in these stories have not been revealed to protect them from potential harassment, excluding arrests. Anyone accused of a crime is innocent unless proven guilty by a court of law.

Anyone with additional information on these incidents is welcome to share their accounts of what happened by emailing

Dec. 7, 7:34 p.m. – An individual called the police from a home on Mammoth Road, although the dispatcher indicated that it was very loud inside the house and it was difficult to understand what the caller was saying.

At first it sounded like there had been an argument about which room in the house held unspecified drugs. The caller then said his girlfriend’s uncle wouldn’t leave and was causing problems.

The caller then apparently said that someone was out of control, someone was high and someone was going to get a 12-gauge shotgun, but it’s unclear who.

Six minutes later, two individuals at the home were detained, although additional information on this action was not included in the report

Dec. 7, 7:58 p.m. – Police were informed of a large fight near the corner of Stark Street and Elm Street, potentially including juveniles. Upon arrival, the group began to run toward Elm Street. Additional information was not provided.

Dec. 7, 11:58 p.m. – A person on Silver Street said they saw and heard a man punch the driver of a white car near the entrance of a building. Approximately 20 seconds after the person called the police, he heard more yelling, adding that the man may have been wearing a white shirt.

Two minutes after the yelling, the caller said that the car sped off westward down Silver Street, but did not get the license plate number.

Police searched the area, but could not find the driver or the alleged puncher.

Dec. 9, 7:13 a.m. – An individual’s dog was attacked by another dog as the individual and their dog were walking down Spruce Street. The individual’s dog received bites from the other dog. Additional information on the individual’s dog or the other dog were not released in the police report.

Dec. 9, 12:12 p.m. – Police were contacted about an individual selling drugs on Sagamore Street. The man selling the drugs was reported as in his 30s, wearing a grey hoodie and wearing Nike sneakers. The caller said he had been in that area several days ago as well, doing a drug deal.

Dec. 10, 7:52 a.m. – A woman on Coburn Street told police her bank account was hacked and her debit card was used without her permission. No additional information was available.

Dec. 10, 11:46 a.m. – A man sought to press charges against his ex-girlfriend for alleged assault several days earlier on Conant Street. The ex-girlfriend was upset at the man when the man attempted to call 911 when she was overdosing on an unspecified drug.

According to the man, the assault occurred after she was revived with Narcan.

Police were unable to find the ex-girlfriend.

Dec. 11, 12:32 a.m. – Police were dispatched to a restaurant on South Willow Street after reports of a vehicle “tearing around the parking lot.”

Officers were told that the vehicle was possibly a Ford Mustang, and doing donuts in the parking lot. The license plate number of the vehicle was assigned to a Ford F-150 owned by an individual from Gorham.

By the time officers arrived, the vehicle had left the area.


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