MPD Under the Radar: Drunken sleeping man refuses to leave restaurant, suddenly does, then comes back later

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Beyond the headlines, the men and women of the Manchester Police Department respond to requests from local residents around the clock, with incidents the public may often find valuable or interesting going unnoticed.

In an attempt to help shed a light on those incidents and spur a greater discussion on what’s going on in our neighborhoods across the city, here are a few of those incidents that flew under the radar, as obtained from the Manchester Police Department Records Division.

For the Manchester Police Department’s daily logs, which provide the starting point for these reports, click here.

The actual names of individuals and organizations in these stories have not been revealed to protect them from potential harassment, excluding arrests where information is available.

Excluding any information that could reveal the identity of individuals or organizations, incidents that have been inflicted upon victims will be conveyed with as much accuracy as possible in the hopes that greater awareness about these incidents occurring within Manchester can prevent their re-occurrence to another victim.

Anyone accused of a crime is innocent unless proven guilty by a court of law.

Anyone with additional information on these incidents is welcome to share their accounts of what happened by emailing

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Jan. 7, 11:19 a.m. – A property owner on Dubuque Street said he received two emails from a man who called him names and threatened to fight him.

According to the property owner, the man indicated that he was high on meth and had been arrested in Massachusetts for shooting someone at some point.

Additional information was not provided.

Jan. 7, 9:49 p.m. – A woman on Elgin Avenue called police after noticing that a neighbor’s camera was recording her getting wood for her stove. She wished to file a complaint.

After reviewing records, police found that the woman’s husband had been arrested for harassing the neighbor at one point.

The neighbor could not be reached by phone or in person by police.

Jan. 7, 8:18 p.m. – A drunken elderly man walked in a restaurant on South Willow Street and promptly went to sleep.

Efforts by staff of the restaurant to remove the man were unsuccessful as the man just continued to flip off the staff and go back to sleep.

Staff continued to try and convince the man to leave for 30 minutes. Approximately five minutes after members of the staff called police, the man woke up and got rowdy. While an ambulance was not required a taxi was, and it arrived to escort the man out approximately 30 minutes after the call was made.

The man returned in what appears to be the same taxi an hour later and refused to leave, demanding his car.

The man then found his Jeep Cherokee and began to speed down South Willow Street. State Police were alerted, although it is unclear why.

Jan. 11, 7:15 p.m. – A man on Cartier Street says his neighbor threatened to punch him. The threat came shortly after the neighbor threw tires into the man’s backyard.

While the man was on the phone with police, the neighbor entered the man’s house.

Information regarding what happened next was redacted, but four hours later the man went to sleep and said he would call police back tomorrow.

Jan. 11 10:15 p.m. – A Uber driver called police from Pine Street, saying a recent passenger was threatening to kill people after someone had insulted his kids.

The passenger also told the Uber driver that he had one drink and the driver said that the passenger made racist slurs throughout the trip.

The Uber driver was very concerned that the passenger might follow up on his threats and wished to report the incident to police

Jan. 15, 6:29 p.m. – A customer told the manager of a business on Elm Street that he just had someone pull a knife on him in the parking lot. The customer added that he believed a robbery of the store was imminent.

Additional information was not provided.

Jan. 19, 6:38 a.m. – A call identified as coming from Cedar Street had a person tell dispatchers the words “nine-one-one!” before abruptly hanging up.

A man from the same phone number called back later and yelling could be heard in the background. The man that called police was speaking a language that the dispatcher could not understand. However, they were yelling, even though the language was unclear.

Officers were dispatched to the area. Additional information was not provided.

Jan. 19, 12:21 p.m. –  A man on Tarrytown Road called police because another man would not stop calling him. However, police discovered that the other man was also being harassed by the Tarrytown Road man as well.

Both sides agreed to stop calling each other, Tarrytown Road man was advised to call police again if the second man called him back.

Jan. 19, 1:04 p.m. – A man on Turner Street was trying to get his stuff out of his apartment, but his roommate locked him out of the apartment following an argument.

The roommate also barricaded him a week earlier during an incident where he says she took a bunch of pills and now the man’s boss has arrived to give him a ride, but he does not want to leave without his stuff.

Additional information was not provided.

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