Monarchs ‘in the pink’ for the win, and a great cause

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MANCHESTER, NH — Last weekend’s game at The Verizon between the Elmira Jackals and Manchester Monarchs brought a heartfelt presence. The Monarchs had the crowd at their backs with a 4-2 win. On behalf of the atmosphere, however it was the most alive I’ve seen it all year, and the annual Breast Cancer Awareness night showed it with each pink strand. The ice was lit up with an attention-grabbing pink.

uppghTAHOIn_Fiut7YuMnyanHZt_dy4Dp9tFlngVH9XM70Oo-akXkM9s2_aFmLbPXRAAc_eVymwjrpksqSHdaNuAMn8=s2048Breast cancer survivors were honored before the game, and left something inspiring for all of us to behold. Moments of silence were quickly followed up with dancing and pure excitement — and after three-minutes into the game, No. 8 Alex Guptill scored the opening goal.

When things were knotted up at two each, it was at that moment fans sat at the edge of their seats, watching great saves by Stevens on the Monarchs and hoping for a bright spot to leave with for the night. A bright spot much like the pink on the ice, and on the player’s jerseys.
Sure enough Matt Leitner came through with a wrister and took the emphatic lead — signaling pandemonium all around the arena. By the way the defense was playing, fans knew that we were going to hold down this lead with five minutes to go. An empty netter followed up in the closing 30 seconds.

All the fans, including myself, left as happy campers. Sealing their 29th win, the Monarchs continue to hold strong at first place.


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