Midterm election 2018 campaign for Congress: William Martin

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In this series, we will provide information about each of the candidates for Congress in Congressional District 1 using the same format so that you can compare the profiles. We hope it will lead you to learn more about the candidates and make an informed decision.

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The primary election is Tuesday, September 11.  You must register as a member of a party to vote for those candidates, either at City Hall or at your polling place.

Party Democrat
Resides in Manchester
Website https://www.facebook.com/ElectWilliamMartin/
Office Manchester
Endorsements None to date.
Total fundraising Self-funded.
Employment Senior Staff Accountant at Harbor Homes, Inc.
Education B.S. Accounting, Southern New Hampshire University.
Key issues Specific Proposals
Healthcare Healthcare for all.
Gerrymandering “Districts should be the simplest possible shape, fitting the character of their region, without regard to data on the voters there in. There should be no crafting the vote.”
Campaign finance reform “Campaigns should only be funded by voters who can vote in their specific election, and each should be a public donation. No hidden money.”
Term limits All federal elected positions should have two terms as their limit.
Transparency “The government must be accountable to the people it servers.”
Recycling “Products need to be made of recyclable materials or biodegradable ones.Final disposal should be part of the plan of anything sold.”
Climate change” “Focus on green sustainable technology. It’s time to let go of coal and oil.”
Immigration “We need to welcome them with open arms, not just as we did in history, but as we dream history should have been.”
Israel “We need to return to the two state solution. Israel must learn to coexist peacefully with Palestine.”
College affordability “State and community colleges should not come with a price tag. We need to provide access to them and trade schools as well, to give youth agency in determining their own futures without debt.”
Taxes Simplify taxes.
Economy Invest more towards emerging companies than propping up insolvent ones. Increase the availability of higher education. Cancel out subsidy money with respect toward highly profitable industries
Privacy Protect personal privacy, online and offline.
Religious freedom Prevent laws with a religious basis from being passed.
Self-determination. Make sure citizens have easy access to accurate information regarding the choices they make every day, and as few of those choices as possible are controlled by the government.
Law enforcement Focus enforcement on crimes that endanger people, such as human trafficking, embezzlement, fraud, and violent crime.
Citizen’s United Reverse Citizen’s United and reduce the money in politics.

The list of contributors is from Open Secrets.