Metaphysical forecast for 2017: A March surprise for President Trump? Will Gatsas return as mayor? Will Chief Willard take a new job?

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MANCHESTER, NH – It’s that time of year, when our minds race ahead to all the possibilities, sort of like wanting to read the last page of a book you’ve just started, to see if it’s worth reading to the end.

Last year we asked three local soothsayers – Astrologer Dorothy Morgan, Numerologist Angie D’Anjou, and Psychic Medium Raven Duclos – to give us a clue. It was so much fun, we decided to ask them to take a crack at 2017.

See what they had to say about the world, President Trump, the city of Manchester and the overall vibe of the coming year.

2017, as Written in the Stars

NH Astrologer Dorothy Morgan.
NH Astrologer Dorothy Morgan.

Astrologer Dorothy Morgan looks to the cosmos as a way of understanding the best path forward. It’s an ancient practice that originated with the Babylonians, Greeks and Egyptians, and relies on planetary positions and relationships.

We asked Morgan what she sees in the stars for 2017.

Jupiter and Pluto = Power and Conflict

A significant planetary alignment came into play in November, just following the Presidential election. Jupiter and Pluto squared off in a 90-degree angle, creating an energy of conflict, says Morgan.

Jupiter is a planet of expansion, which makes everything bigger, and Pluto is all about power and transformation.

“We’ll see this two more times in the coming year, at the end of March and in early August, and what this means is that we feel motivated to achieve the things we want to achieve, but the positioning of Jupiter and Pluto creates conflict, an underhandedness; people trying to overpower others. So if our motivations and goals are honest that is good, if we’re not staying above board or doing things the legal way, if you will, those things that are underhanded will take over and, boy, if that doesn’t speak to what has been going on lately, with all the political investigations,” Morgan says.

“I’m not going to take sides, but the things that have been going on behind the scenes are coming to the surface for all to see globally. So what does it mean personally? It means we should set goals for ourselves. It’s a good time for that, and you have the energy and support of the planets to help you achieve the goals you want to achieve – just do not be underhanded about it. Don’t take shortcuts. Stay honest with yourself. In general, it’s a good time, between now and August, to rest and rebuild things that have broken down, and to set new goals for the future.”

An image related to astrology from the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry. It shows the purported relation between body parts and the signs of the zodiac.
An image related to astrology from the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry. It shows the purported relation between body parts and the signs of the zodiac.

Astrology is about knowing what’s going on in the universe, and working with the planetary energy as it comes into play, which means positivity will flow for those who are in a place of harmony and peace with the universe.

“If you’re operating from a place of fear, if you’re afraid or paranoid about the future, this won’t be an easy time for you. This Jupiter/Pluto energy will be successful for you and help you to achieve a lot of long-term goals, but only if you work with it and stay out of fear,” Morgan says.

Uranus/Jupiter = radical change = Brexit, Standing Rock

Another set of planetary transits going on right now is the first of three oppositions between Jupiter and Uranus, which is associated with sudden dramatic changes – anything from breaking out of a daily routine or a relationship, to other life-changing situations. Because Jupiter is expansive, and it is in the sign of Libra during most of 2017, the focus will be on truth in close relationships we have, while Uranus in Aries – sign of the rebel – means breaking free of all that is stale and routine.

By way of explanation, Morgan describes what happened during 2016 when Uranus was in Aries and the planet went retrograde: Brexit happened, which was like a big, cosmic “FU” to the world, says Morgan.

Similar upheavals are often observed during a Uranus/Jupiter transit.

“Brexit sent shockwaves through the world, and with Uranus and Jupiter in transit three times this year, which basically means for most of the year ahead, the radical changes this country wanted are now here. We saw this not only with Brexit and the historic election of Donald Trump, but also with the water protectors at Standing Rock in South Dakota – these are all revolutionary happenings, all around the world. It’s everywhere, revolutions all over the place, some peaceful and some not so peaceful,” Morgan says.

Expect to see more skirmishes and outbursts from people wanting to break free of things, or seeking causes to get behind, says Morgan.

“All the way through April 2017, Uranus is retracing its steps from last July, and while it does we have an opportunity to see the consequences of our actions. By April 2017 we’ll start to see the results of all these things that have transpired in the past year, as Jupiter is inflating Uranus, and it may cause more trouble for certain groups of people,” Morgan says.

Donald Trump: Born for this moment

Donald John Trump, born during a lunar eclipse.
Donald John Trump, born during a lunar eclipse.

Morgan says 2017 will amount to a balancing act – between a the stability of what exists, and embracing new ideas and concepts.

“It’s a time to move obstacles that have kept us stuck, and a time of opportunities. When applied to our new President, Donald Trump, the forecast is intriguing, says Morgan.

Trump was born two hours before an eclipse, which signifies someone who is powerful and born to change the world. He also has Leo and Mars on the ascendant, which is the side of us we show the world – aggressive, speaking off the cuff, assertive, and the ability to create anger. Of course, he also has the ability to get the job done, Morgan says.

“He starts his presidency with Saturn inhibiting him, so basically that tells me he will be slowed down every possible way that he can be slowed down. He won’t have free reign, and he will be restricted, unbelievably, especially during his first year,” Morgan says.

“What I can see in  his chart is that he’s a proponent for change –  he is the change – so many have run on that change platform, but Trump is this change. People don’t like change, even though they think they do, so I can’t say how successful he’ll be, but he is the change the world needs, just not the way many people are looking for” Morgan says. “Sometimes we have to see what we don’t want before we know what we do.”

Revolutionary Times Revisited

HamiltonMorgan says she’s learned over the years that it’s not unusual to find that what’s happening astrologically is often reflected in the prominent themes of movies, TV and the theater. Take, for example, our national obsession with Broadway’s “Hamilton.” For those who think it’s uncanny how a musical about American history and our founders has unified us with a common soundtrack and an emotional connection to “the room where it happens,” well, Morgan isn’t surprised in the least.

“With Jupiter doing what it’s doing, and Pluto in Capricorn for another 10 years, what that signals is a breaking down of the system we think of as a structure and a foundation. Uranus is saying ‘I need to be born and create and do something new,’ and the only way we can achieve that is to break down the system. Pluto has that – it represents religion and government, people are creating a revolution. The last time we had Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn was the American Revolution, and we’re in that same vibration now – actually, we’ve been here since 2012,” says Morgan.

Hence, “Hamilton” resonates universally because the cosmic energy for change is strong.

Because Morgan also prescribes to the numerological view that 2017 is a “1” year (2+0+1+7 = 10 or 1+0 = 1) 2017 will be about new beginnings on all fronts.

“For a ‘one’ year, it’s like being reborn, which means we have been and are in labor pains, so to speak, and that the outcome, as with birth, is well worth it,” says Morgan.

2017 by the Numbers

Psychic Medium and numerologist Angie D'Anjou.
Psychic Medium and numerologist Angie D’Anjou.

Angie D’Anjou is a spiritual consultant and numerologist who specializes in helping others find balance in life through self-awareness. She also happens to be a Manchester native, and so in assessing what she sees ahead for 2017 in the world based on numerology, we also asked her to take a look at Manchester’s numerological forecast, based on its “birth” as a city.

Fun, right?

First, a brief understanding of numerology from D’Anjou’s perspective – despite what you think you know about it, D’Anjou says numerology is rooted in science. It’s based on the work of Pythagoras, a mathematician and philosopher who believed order is created from the chaos of life by converting everything into preordained numeric values, from 1 to 9, each with its own unique energy.

2017 = Another new beginning

“As we open up this new year, 2017, we’re entering into a “1” energy, which means here we go again,” says D’Anjou. “This is a time to look at everything and ask ourselves what do we want to change, recreate and re-establish. That’s the theme of the year.”

By comparison, 2016 was a “9” year [2+0+1+6 = 9] which means completion, the end of things, and closure.

“We just got out of a 9 year, a lot of doors closed, solid influences were dissolved. Now it’s a time to start fresh, with new strong decisions about the direction we are going in. That’s the theme of this year. Of course, when any new thing comes into play, there’s always a  little bit of initial chaos, because there is an adjustment period between the old energy and the new,” D’Anjou says.

That said, “1” energy has a lot of chaotic stamina, D’Anjou says.  A lot can be accomplished in a 1 year. Many people will feel like it’s a time of  starting over, and that their plans for the future are getting revamped.

“In general, people will be feeling more confident, ready to stand up for themselves as they approach the question of ‘how do I fit into this puzzle?’ In that way, it will feel like a busy year for many people because of all the new goals being set. It will take assertiveness to get the proper results,” D’Anjou says.

Expect to see more random acts of courage in 2017.
Expect to see more random acts of courage in 2017.

The urge to change career paths, relocate, renovate or reorganize things on the home or work front will be prevalent, and that includes a governmental restructuring.

“Governments around the world, not just here. You’ll also see more people enacting deeds of courage, primarily because people are trying to bring their inner-selves into structure, which includes a belief in their ability to help others and be more responsible,” she says.

The first few months of 2017 will be one of “muddled energy,” followed by mid-year chaotic weather patterns that reflect the overall chaos of change, all leading up to a major earth-shaking announcement by the end of 2017.

“Whatever goes on during the year, by October or November something really huge will be announced, I think more like November, a great announcement involving government, or a world figure. It may be the passing of someone important, or someone coming into power that impacts the world. It will be a distinct event, and will have that ‘wow’ effect on the world,” D’Anjou says.

Whatever the big announcement is, it will spill over into December as we contemplate 2018.

“The most important aspect of the “1” year is that it sets the stage for what will be the next 9 years, so it’s foundational. That means whatever you do, do it right, or else, you’re going to be stuck with it – so if you’re moving into a new home or job, of if there’s an inkling that the situation you’re in doesn’t feel right, it’s the time to look before you leap,” D’Anjou says.

Donald Trump: What’s in a name?

She points to the shift from a Democratic White House to a Republican-led one, and how it fits with the closure of a “9” year and the foundational changes that occur in a “1” year. It has been interesting for D’Anjou to analyze the numerology of Donald Trump, our country’s most controversial president, as he begins his first term in office.

Donald John Trump was born June 14, 1946. Of note: His original family name was Drumpf, which was changed a few generations back. Drumpf has a “3” energy for soul and a “3” for energy, which equals 6, and a 6 energy is someone that looks to the compassion of humankind, a humble helper.

screen-shot-2017-01-02-at-5-52-01-pm“But when we change the name to Trump, that transforms the energy to a 22, which is a superior number. When you add to that the 3 for the soul number, it becomes a 5 destiny. A 5 is someone who always needs to change and grow, who can’t sit back, but needs to have new adventures,” says D’Anjou.

Add in his middle name, John, and he becomes a 7 – soul/personality, with a 5 destiny, which translates to a risk-taker and wheeler-dealer; one who doesn’t want to spend time at one thing for too long,” D’Anjou says.

The name change reflects a redirection of the energy surrounding Trump and his dynasty.

Based on his date of birth, which is his life path, Trump has a 4 energy of which organization is a key aspect.

“A 4 can be so organizing to the point of controlling. He’s a person who knows how to manage and create order in life, however, he has to learn flexibility – that’s the lesson for a life path 4. It’s one of the things I found funny when researching Trump, that his life challenge is to learn to not be controlling,” D’Anjou says.

She says she found Trump so fascinating to analyze that she could go on for hours, but in the interest of time, she will cut to the chase.

“When you put it all together, it gets to the heart of what Trump is all about. His birth date, the 14th, brings the quality of determination, an achiever who’s not afraid of problems or hard work; one who loves to gamble and risk, but who is very restless and in constant need of change and travel. The karma value of his birthday shows his past lifetimes of abused rights to freedom, in other words, he’s had freedom at the expense of others,” D’Anjou says.

Birth of a Queen City and its manifest destiny

The numerology of “Manchester” comes in with a 7 energy, says D’Anjou, which means it is a city of secrets – not only the kind that are kept from coming to light, but the kind that are a joy to discover, as in hidden treasures.

“There are a lot of secrets that could be found in Manchester, but 7 also shows there is dignity. It will always be a well-kept city, although it takes a little understanding of the city before people feel comfortable enough to jump in and get involved. As a city, it needs to have its solitary retreats – libraries and places to socialize. It needs to work at maintaining the old as well as the new, and because of this energy, it’s always been a good place to do business,” D’Anjou says.

MHT seal (Source - Wikipedia)After consulting with Manchester Historic Association Executive Director John Clayton on the city’s “birth date,” D’Anjou was intrigued that he offered three specific dates, all with significance.

March 10 1846, when the legislature was petitioned for cityhood:  The energy at that time was in the “5,” which means time for change – it’s almost as though they were looking at this idea specifically at this time because the time was right for getting the ball rolling.

June 1, 1846, when the legislature approved the petition: At this point, June of 1846, it was an “8” energy, and that is like, ‘OK, let’s get this done; we’ve sat on it long enough,’ so the petition was pushed out with intent, which makes sense that there was momentum in June.

Aug. 1, 1846 the city of Manchester was put to a vote of the people and passed, 485 to 134: No surprise to D’Anjou, that the August date has a “1” energy, a time of new beginnings. “The life path of a ‘1’  also means there are opportunities for leadership, and that the city was destined to be the leader – even though Concord is the capital city, Manchester has the energy of being the magnet city.

How will 2017 treat Manchester?

Manchester is following the universal pattern, so it’s also a “1” energy this  year –  it will be like the city is walking hand-in-hand with the world energy. That means if there is something new to be created in Manchester, this is a great year to develop it, whatever they do has great opportunity to be embellished, says D’Anjou.

“That said,  the  first few months of this year the city will be in for some quick wake-up calls, generally when you start a ‘1’ year off, there are lots of ideas and projects that people want to get accomplished. It’s important to review the details carefully –  if not, you could have situation on your hands that’s not so good,” D’Anjou says.

“Once something is in motion, it will move forward quickly, and I can assure you it will be done no later than November. Everything will come together, and whatever it is will be ready to open by the end of the year,” she says.

With this ‘1’ there will also be a lot of voices in the mix and struggle for control, so don’t be surprised if there is a lot of disagreement in first few months. But the eventual changes created will liven up tourism.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if a huge, major event is developed, like a festival of some sort – for May or June, that’s when the energy is good for planning that,” she says.

She sees some financial concerns ahead for the city this fall involving secrecy, someone working with money without letting others know, and this will be brought to the forefront, says D’Anjou.

See something, say something - good advice, but may be the undoing of some of our city officials this year.
See something, say something – good advice, but staying silent may be the undoing of some of our city officials this year.

“People affected by it will be like the three monkeys – they will see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing – and that will cause a conflict that will continue for quite a few months,” says D’Anjou.

And just like the “wow” factor event she foresees coming on the world stage, because the city is mirroring that “1” energy, D’Anjou says to expect a major announcement for Manchester toward the end of 2017, as well.

“The kind of news that will stop you in your tracks. Whatever it is, it will fill people with a sense of peace.”

Psychic energy of 2017

Psychic Medium Raven Duclos.
Psychic Medium Raven Duclos.

As already established above,  2017 will be a huge time of transition, and psychic medium Raven Duclos is in full agreement.

“It’s not just the presidency, but for everyone personally. But as far as the presidency, I really feel like there’s going to be a huge change in March/April. I’m not sure what it will entail, but I see upheaval – that’s the the word I’m getting. I’m not seeing Trump leaving office, but it may be a total 180 for him at that time, in the way he conducts his presidency,” says Duclos.

And that “upheaval” will benefit we, the people.

“We really are entering an awesome age of transition in that, environmentally and personally, things are going to change and people are going to have to make a choice as to which way they want to go. It’s a time for people to decide if they’re in it for themselves or for the greater good. It will take a few years to process through the transition, but having said that, as long as you’re working toward certain goals, the Spirit, Creator, God – whoever – will help you toward that,” Duclos says.

After sputtering a bit in the first few months of 2017, things will even out under our new president.

“That’s the way it keeps coming through. I’m not personally a Trump supporter, but that’s what I’m hearing from [the] Spirit, that things will turn around in a positive way after a rough start,” Duclos says.

Whatever upheaval is coming, it may be prompted by the threat of some personal rights being taken away, or a devastating effect to our climate, or environment, and that will be the catalyst to turn things around in Washington, D.C.

“I keep seeing this major change coming in March or April, and that may be the onset, but whatever it is will change the way things are conducted from the White House. I feel Trump altering his stance and having to work things out in a different way because of it,” Duclos says.

2017 a year of prosperity for New Hampshire

Smooth sailing ahead under Gov. Chris Sununu.
Smooth sailing ahead under Gov. Chris Sununu.

“We’re going to keep moving forward, and I don’t see a lot of major changes here, but I do feel movement forward. A lot of it has to do with all the outreach and kindness people have been putting out there, that will be coming back to us. Our new governor won’t be without issues, but I also feel he will not function as a radical Republican, and he will be more open. He’s going to be there to listen, even though he works the Republican way, he’s not extreme, and he will be working with people and businesses to continue the work that Governor Hassan began,” Duclos says. “Governor Sununu won’t let New Hampshire down –  and again, he’s not one of my favorite people from a personal standpoint, but I’m not seeing anything detrimental associated with him.”

Once President Trump settles in, Duclos sees communities finding ways to heal from the unrest of the past year, with Black Lives Matters protests and the loss of human life because of it.

“There’s going to be progress. There’s going to be a lot more focus on police and how things are done. You will see a lot more body cams, and things brought out there that won’t be hidden anymore, and that will begin to bring the trust level up. I see healing within communities. That’s what this whole transition time is about, to get rid of things that don’t work anymore,” says Duclos. “We’ll see a lot of that this year, and that’s why we’ll be able to bring positive things forward a lot easier this year. Last year, everything was coming to a head, and coming to an end;  this year we’re moving forward.”

Chief Willard
Chief Willard

When asked about Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard, Duclos also sees his time as top cop here a relatively brief one.

There have been rumblings that with his work as part of a national drug task force, and a few invitations to Washington, D.C., in 2016 – plus Donald Trump’s blessing, that Willard might soon be a big fish in a small pond.

“I do see him leaving eventually, not sure it’s this year, but when he does we should have no fear. Whoever is coming after him is of the same mind, and it will work out fine for us as a city. He is very loved here. Whatever happens with this, it needs to happen, and he’s going to transition or take something on next year that will be good for him,” Duclos says.

And what about another term for Mayor Ted Gatsas?

“This is it for him. He’s kind of done,” Duclos says. “I see things here haven’t been going his way.”

If there are any warnings from the spirit world, it would be that online security and scamming will be front and center in 2017,

“There’s something happening to blow that open this year. Unfortunately I also keep hearing the heroin crisis is not going anywhere. There’s not enough help or interest in helping people with it, not yet. More needs to happen here,” Duclos says.

The 2017 transition period we are embarking on is something that has to happen, says Duclos.

Bombshell coming on the Trump/Putin horizon?
Bombshell coming on the Trump/Putin relationship?

“And the situation with Russia, all of the things that are going to be brought out between now and February are kind of what’s going to make the turn-around happen for Trump, and force his hand. It’s going to be do or die, make a change or get the hell out of the White House, because there are multiple things that are going to come out about him, his business, his dealings with Putin,” Duclos says.

“And it’s not that I’m anti-Trump. I’m not for or against him, but there are some major issues about to unfold – some things I won’t say publicly at this point, but I don’t see him getting impeached. More like he will be given an ultimatum, maybe behind closed doors, which will lead to a definitive change and that change will be good for us as a people,” Duclos says.

As for the most pressing thing on everyone’s minds: What kind of winter will we have in 2017?

“For most part, not that bad. January and February will be the worst of it, but it won’t be anything epic, maybe a huge cold front or a storm in late January or early February, but  like a Nor’easter, but we’re going to do just fine this winter.”

NH Astrologer Dorothy Morgan.

Dorothy Morgan is a Master Astrologer and Personal Consultant with more than 27 years’ experience teaching on a wide variety of subjects relating to Astrology. She has appeared on local television and radio shows, and posts weekly Astrology forecast videos on YouTube. For information about online classes and private sessions as well as her Astrology blog go to

Angie D’Anjou has been a spiritual consultant for more than 40 years, specializing in the Enchanted Tarot, Angel Guidance, Numerology, Tea Leaf Readings, as well as connection with deceased loved ones utilizing her psychic medium abilities. She is a certified Angel Healing Practitioner, a certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher as well as a Shamballa Master, and a certified Hypnotherapist for her work in past life regression work. You can find more at  Angie D’Anjou Center for Awakening.

Psychic Medium Raven Duclos.

Raven Duclos is a fourth-generation psychic medium who has read for people and businesses all over the globe. Her favorite work is mediumship and she specializes in spirit communication and those who have “crossed over, and also works with paranormal investigation as part of Hellfire Paranormal. You can learn more at


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