‘Melee’ outside McGarvey’s Pub results in four arrests

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Four people were arrested Oct. 30 after what Manchester Police described as a downtown melee outside McGarvey’s Pub. A police narrative of the incident follows:

At approximately 1 a.m. multiple patrol units were called to the area of McGarvey’s Pub for a report of an “out of control” individual. The initial officer on scene spoke to a friend of the intoxicated subject and while doing so, he was assaulted by Audiel Antonio Arevalo Herrera, of Brighton, Mass.

Herrera was charged with disorderly conduct, simple assault (on a police officer) and resisting arrest. Herrera allegedly approached Officer Justin Mangum and attempted to kick and punch him. The officer immediately used verbal commands, stepped back and deployed his Taser, but two separate attempts to subdue him did not have any effect on Herrera, as he continued to assault Officer Mangum.

Michael Kondzielaski
Michael Kondzielaski

Officer Mangum continued to shout verbal commands as he was fighting with Herrera, but the combative behavior continued until Officer Thomas Donovan arrived on scene and deployed his Taser. Officer Donovan’s taser deployment temporarily incapacitated Herrera and allowed the officers to subdue him as he was placed into handcuffs. A large contingent of people gathered around the arresting officers as they waited for the transport wagon. One of the individuals, arrested, Michael Kondzielaski, 30, of Manchester, acted in an aggressive manner toward the two officers and refused to adhere to the officer’s verbal commands to vacate the area.

Kondzielaski allegedly continued to interfere with the officers as they maintained a constant struggle with the still combative Herrera. Officer Din Jenkins arrived on scene and was directed toward Kondzielaski. Kondzielaski allegedly retreated as Officer Jenkins approached him and ordered him to stop. He immediately entered McGarvey’s Pub and once again refused to stop for Officer Jenkins.

Jonathan Soto
Jonathan Soto

Once inside, Officer Jenkins reported that Kondzielaski continued to be noncompliant as Sergeant Paul Thompson arrived on scene and assisted Officer Jenkins with Kondzielaski. A brief struggle ensued and Kondzielaski was transferred taken down by officers and eventually arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest/detention. They were also waiting for the transport wagon when Jonathan Soto, also inside the bar, started to advance on the two officers. Sgt. Thompson made several commands for the individual to leave the area.

Soto, 23, of Bedford allegedly continued to approach the officers and took an aggressive stance as they were dealing with the Kondzielaski. Due to the fact he was advancing on the officers and failed to obey a lawful command the officers were forced to arrest Soto. While doing so, he allegedly clutched on to the arm of Kondzielaski and refused to comply with Sgt. Thompson’s command. He was eventually placed into handcuffs and taken into custody.

Chelsea Matz
Chelsea Matz

Multiple officers continued to respond to the area and while doing so, Officer Mangum was approached by a female subject identified as Chelsea Matz, 24, of Manchester. Matz allegedly acted in a disruptive manner as she pushed the officer in an attempt to keep the officer from retrieving an piece of evidence. Due to the fact she made unprivileged physical contact with the officer and failed to obey a lawful order, so she was arrested and charged with simple assault (on a police officer) and disorderly conduct.

The situation appeared to be over as the individuals were being placed into the transport wagon. However, Herrera had other plans and decided to assault another officer as he was being placed into the wagon. He allegedly kicked Officer Aaron Stone as he attempted to buckle Herrera into the transport seat. Herrera was taken to the Elliot Hospital because the arresting officers believed he was under the influence of an illegal drug that may cause harm to him. Because of this no booking photo was taken.)


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