Meetings on deck: Committee discusses Hallsville school, zoning updates and Planning Board business meeting

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City Works is a regular feature designed to provide a preview of upcoming city meetings including, but not limited to, Planning, Zoning and Board of Mayor and Aldermen.  


The Heritage Commission held a special meeting on Tuesday, May 10. The Commission is undertaking a comprehensive review of existing historic districts, historic city-owned buildings, heritage parks and monuments, as well as state and national registered and eligible properties within the city. This meeting is available to watch on-demand.


The Zoning Board met on Thursday, May 12. The following cases were reviewed and decided. This meeting is available to watch on-demand.

  • ZBA2022-023: 253 Lake Avenue, variance granted.
  • ZBA2022-025: 54 Windswept Road, variance denied.
  • ZBA2022-037: 149 Exchange Avenue, tabled.
  • ZBA2022-038: 39 Tougas Avenue, variance granted.
  • ZBA2022-050: 180-200 Woodbury Street, variance granted.
  • ZBA2022-051: 166 Reading Street, variance for setback was granted. Applicant indicated that the shed was being removed; therefore, count 8.29(B) Accessory Structures and Uses was denied.
  • ZBA2022-052: 177 Maurice Street, variance granted.
  • ZBA2022-053: 1860 Lake Shore Road, variance granted.
  • ZBA2022-054: 70 Barbara Lane, variance granted.
  • ZBA2022-055: 99 Mayflower Drive, variance granted.
  • ZBA2022-026: 180 Ward Street, variance granted.
  • ZBA2022-059: 625 Douglas Street, variance granted.
  • ZBA2022-060: 1176 Somerville Street, variance granted.
  • ZBA2022-057: 87 Westminster Street, variance denied.


ZBA2022-002, 55 Grand Avenue: Applicant submitted a request for a rehearing on this item, a sober house. The Board denied the request based on the fact that the requests for rehearing was submitted past the 30-day required submittal date.


The Board of Mayor and Aldermen will meet on Tuesday, May 17. The following meetings are scheduled. Click on meeting title for a link to the detailed agenda and associated documentation.

5 P.M. Committee on Accounts, Enrollment & Revenue Administration

5:30 P.M. Special Committee on Bills on Second Reading: Increase in taxicab rate from $5 per mile to $6.50 per mile

5:45 P.M. Committee on Administration/Information Systems: MOU with Nashua for Welfare Department software

6 P.M. Special Committee on Airport Activities: Updates from Airport Director Ted Kitchens

6:30 P.M. Committee on Lands & Buildings:  Discussion on Hallsville School

7 P.M. Board of Mayor and Aldermen


The Planning Board will meet on Thursday, May 19 at 6 p.m. The following items are on the agenda. The meeting will be broadcast live on Channel 22.  The agenda may be found here and the project applications are also available for review online. If you would like to comment for or against any project slated for public hearing and cannot make the meeting, you may send an email to or leave a voicemail at 603.792.6737.


SP2022-009: 48 Brook Street, Urban Multifamily Zoning District, Ward 3.

Applicant seeks approval of a change of use site plan to convert an existing mixed-use office building into a 10-unit, multi-family apartment building.


The following cases were heard during the public hearing on May 4 and will be reviewed and decided during this business meeting.

Building Photo

CU2022-011 & IMP2022-004: 625 Douglas Street, Residential Two-Family Zoning District, Ward 11.

Applicants seek a conditional use permit application for a proposed accessory dwelling unit of 744 SF above a detached two-car garage. Applicant also seeks approval to waive the $1,530 school impact fee.

Building Photo

S2022-001: 45 Windsor Avenue, Residential One Family Medium Density Zoning District, Ward 6.

Applicant seeks approval for a subdivision to create two lots of 34,089 SF (Lot 20), and 22,000 SF (Lot 20B).

S2022-003: 792 and 800 Hall St., Residential Two-Family Zoning District, Ward 2.

Applicant seeks a single lot of record, resulting in two new lots of 2,860 SF (Lot 16A) and 2,846 SF (Lot 16) respectively.


SP2022-007: Candia Road, Residential One-Family High Density Zoning District.

Energy North Gas seeks approval for a site plan application to construct a 920 SF gas utilities building and an associated 64 SF data accessory building.

CU2022-012: 190 Zachary Road, General Industrial / Industrial and Residential-Suburban Low-Density Zoning District, Ward 6.

Application seeks a conditional use permit application to reduce the number of on-site parking spaces from 156 spaces required to 95 spaces provided in order to build additions to an existing manufacturing and warehousing building in the as well as a site plan application to build 34,500 SF of additional warehouse space and 3,500 SF of an elevated covered storage area onto an existing manufacturing and warehousing building, and associated site improvements.

Building Photo

CU2022-013 and PDSP2022-003: 525 Hooksett Road, General Business and Residential One-Family High-Density Zoning Districts, Ward 1.

Application requests a conditional use permit application to reduce the required on-site parking for the development of two drive-thru restaurants (Taco Bell and Aroma Joe’s) along with a site plan and planned development application for the development of two drive-thru restaurants of 2,550 SF and 833 SF respectively, along with site improvements, on a current vacant parcel (next to Mr. Mac’s).


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June Trisciani is a lifelong resident of Manchester and owns j. ellen Design, LLC, a residential and commercial interior design firm. She has served on the Heritage Commission, is a past-chair of the Planning Board and currently serves as Alderman At-Large for Manchester.