Scroll through our media kit, based on recent Google Analytics, to discover why advertising via Manchester Ink Link is the best way to get your message in front of more than 70,000 readers who visit our site 250,000 times per month.

We'll be your biggest cheerleader!
We’ll be your biggest cheerleader!

Since our launch in June of 2014 we’ve surpassed 7 million page views. We’re proud of our growth, and celebrate the fact that more readers find us every day. We also have a strong presence on Facebook, with a collective reach of more than 70,000+ users.

Love a striking and sophisticated ad campaign? You can see a sampling of our interactive and effective ad options here, which we provide via our ad server, Broadstreet Ads.

Our rates are straightforward and promise more bang for your buck. Contact us at for current options and pricing.

We want to keep it simple for you — from traditional display ads to our interactive, innovative dynamic ad options, which can be changed as often as you like, Manchester Ink Link is here to help build community – which includes promoting and supporting our local advertisers. Small businesses are truly the economic engine of our city, and we work with you, one-on-one, to shine a light on you. We deliver monthly geo-targeted stats with every campaign.

Want more? We can even help you tell your story, or give you a platform to do so yourself, through sponsored content or recurring blog posts.

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