May 31: Last day to change party affiliation before the September Primary

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CONCORD, NH – New Hampshire Secretary of State David M. Scanlan reminds voters of two important deadlines ahead of election season:

Party Affiliation: May 31 is the last day voters can change their party affiliation before the State Primary Election scheduled for September 13, 2022. Voters who wish to do so should go to their local town or city clerk’s office.

Undeclared voters may vote in the State Primary; however, they must choose either a Republican or Democratic ballot on the day of the election. Once a ballot is cast, the voter is a registered member of that party unless they submit a signed request to the supervisors of the checklist to return to an undeclared status before leaving the polling place.

Individuals seeking the nomination of a political party at the State Primary Election should verify they are registered as a voter in the town/city ward where they currently live and are registered as affiliated with their chosen political party by May 31.

Supervisors of the checklist are required to meet from 7 – 7:30 p.m. on May 31 to accept all party changes.

Filing PeriodThe filing period for candidacy for the State Primary Election and General Election is June 1-10, 2022. All those who wish to file for office must be registered voters and members of the party in whose primary they seek to file by May 31.

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