May 23: Prison Yoga Project fundraiser to support NH chapter launch

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NH Karma Yoga in Action fundraiser, May 23 at Puritan Backroom.

MANCHESTER, NH – To celebrate and support Prison Yoga Project’s (PYP)  newest Chapter located in New Hampshire a fundraiser is being held on Thursday, May 23,  2019, at the Puritan Backroom Conference Center. The Prison Yoga Project’s NH Karma Yoga in Action fundraiser will be an engaging and informative evening featuring music,  guest speakers, silent auction, community vendors and wellness providers all united to bring trauma-informed, mindfulness-based yoga programs to the incarcerated people of  NH. A suggested donation of $10 per person is requested, and tickets can be purchased here

Since 2010, Prison Yoga Project has supported incarcerated people with trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness practices to promote rehabilitation, reduce recidivism, and improve public safety. Their methodology focuses on the mental and physical health benefits of yoga for prisoners and its application to the important issues they face related to their rehabilitation, such as relieving the symptoms of unresolved trauma, addiction recovery,  and impulse control. The training offers an evidence-based, trauma-informed and mindfulness approach to teaching yoga and meditation.

These programs are offered at no cost to the prisoners and funds raised will help elevate  existing programs, develop new programs throughout the state, support the Yoga Teacher  Training currently offered at the Women’s Prison in Concord, develop community  resources for participants once released, and offer additional resources and programming  for children and families impacted by incarceration.

“It is said that hurt people, hurt people. By offering a method of yoga instruction and mindfulness techniques that allow individuals to connect with and understand the mental and physical impact of their own trauma, we offer resources to begin the healing process,”  Jennifer Lindgren, Director of PYP New Hampshire said.

To learn more about the Prison Yoga Project please visit ​ You can learn more on the Prison Yoga Project – New Hampshire Facebook page.

About the Prison Yoga Project  Prison Yoga Project supports incarcerated people with trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness practices to promote rehabilitation, reduce recidivism, and improve public safety.   Most incarcerated people have a history of complex, interpersonal trauma. This unresolved trauma significantly contributes to criminal behavior. Punishing people for a crime by locking them away in an environment that further traumatizes them, without providing meaningful, transformative lifestyle skills does not promote social good nor public safety.  Unless we address this unresolved trauma the tendency to re-offend will remain.   Our evidence-supported, trauma-informed approach to yoga and mindfulness supports people to face and release unresolved trauma safely and effectively. We provide resources and tools for recognizing and reducing aggression, impulsivity, reactivity, and despair. With these tools, incarcerated people have a higher chance of taking personal responsibility and thinking and behaving differently. These tools and resources are the foundation for personal and social transformation.