May 16 Planning Board: Limited public hearing + business meeting

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By Bryce Kaw uh


The Planning Board will meet on Thursday, May 16 at 6 p.m. and the following applications will be heard. If you cannot make the meeting in person, it will be broadcast live on Manchester Public Television, Channel 22. The agenda is available online.

1000 Elm Street Proposal
1000 Elm Street rendering.

SP2021-033 (Amendment): 1000 Elm Street, Central Business District, Ward 3

The Planning Board will hold a compliance hearing to address a condition of approval regarding modifications to the exterior of the property currently under renovation.

195 McGregor Street
195 McGregor Street

CU2023-028: 195 McGregor Street, Amoskeag Millyard Mixed Use District, Ward 11

Applicant has submitted a conditional use permit application to allow a further reduction in required parking for an indoor amusement arcade.


The following applications will be discussed during a business meeting:

  • S2024-004: 46 South Taylor Street
  • S2024-005: 200 Brock Street
  • SP2024-009: 959 Elm Street

The Planning Board also met on Wednesday, May 1 and the following applications were decided. If you missed the meeting, it is available on-demand via Manchester Public Television.

  • S2024-003: 1415 Elm Street, Application approved.
  • SP2024-006: 25 Harrison Street, Application approved.
  • PDSP2022-002 Extension: Properties between Smyth Road and Radburn Street, Application approved.
  • SP2023-002 Extension: Property between Orange Street and Pearl Street, Application approved.


The Zoning Board met on Thursday, May 9 and the following variances were requested. A recording of the meeting is available on-demand via Manchester Public Television.

  • ZBA2024-010: 199 Manchester Street, Withdrew 10.07(E) & 10.07(F), variance granted for 10.07(G).
  • ZBA2024-013: 424 Spruce Street, Variance denied.
  • ZBA2023-160: 37 Bay Street, Variance granted.
  • ZBA2024-027: 87 C Street, Postponed to Thursday, June 13.
  • ZBA2024-038: 398 East High Street, Tabled until Thursday, June 13.
  • ZBA2024-041: 508 Union Street, Variance granted.
  • ZBA2024-042: 102 Thorp Street, Variance denied.
  • ZBA2024-043: 358 North Gate Road, Variance granted.
  • ZBA2024-044: 201 Dallaire Street, Variance granted.
  • ZBA2024-045: Oakland Avenue, Postponed to Thursday, June 13.

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About this Author

Bryce Kaw-uh

Bryce Kaw-uh (pronounced cow-woo) is a former Air Force brat with a passion for urban planning and community development. He currently works as a software engineer for his day job while serving as Chair of the Manchester Planning Board in his spare time. Bryce lives in Ward 1 alongside his Manchester-born-and-raised partner of nine years and their enthusiastic golden retriever.