The Soapbox – Mask You a Few Questions: Why I’m weary of vaccine and mask mandates

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Stand up. Speak up. It’s your turn.

Questioning Mask Mandates
Masks like these are often made from Polypropylene, or oil, which emits VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), at a faster rate when warmed with heat (such as breathing), which can be damaging to one’s health. Source

Author’s Note: The purpose of this essay is to create awareness, discussion and understanding of the neglected side in opposition of mask mandates, vaccination, lockdowns and economic actions that have taken place since the coronavirus pandemic began. It is to show that a large portion of the population does not agree with their liberties, businesses and employment being sanctioned on what may demonstrably be an over-hyped version of a common cold virus (the coronavirus family). It may be more deadly, but how much?

I would be wrong in saying that we haven’t benefited greatly from pharmaceutical companies, hardworking healthcare professionals, teachers, governments and institutions with the abundance of food, energy and stability they provide, and for that, I am truly grateful.

History, however, has also shown good people and the emotional masses can be driven to do bad things such as burning women alive because they are witches, slavery because of a person’s skin color, and slavery before that because of one’s social status. Most recently, millions of Jews and Armenians were not only enslaved but murdered, justified by Nazi propaganda. The same country that created Kindergarten also created the Holocaust.

The risk of these evils and mass manipulation has never been higher, with the concentration of political power, consolidation of media distribution, and growing wealth divide spread the distance from the people that have power from those that do not.

I would like to thank the Ink Link for publishing my work, and I urge you to not only question yourself and your beliefs, but to question the authorities nearest to you, and ask that they question those above them, for this is your duty as a citizen in a free society. Perhaps this will result in a better understanding for all, and with that we can truly have a diverse, resilient and productive environment that benefits everyone. That is the power of freedom.

The following writing was original published here: Let Me Mask You a Few Questions

Editor’s Note: As described, this is an opinion piece submitted by the author. We acknowledge that the content of this piece and some of the data/references cited do not align with CDC recommendations or the clear message from NH DHHS that vaccination and mask-wearing are two proven methods of reducing the threat of COVID-19 and adverse outcomes. We respect all points of view when expressed with sincerity and encourage anyone who does not agree with Mr. Tanguay’s point of view to submit a thoughtful rebuttal to or comment directly below this post using our Disqus commenting platform.  As per our terms of service, submissions that are racist, pornographic, contain threats or incite violence toward individuals or entities, and violate the privacy or publicity rights of any third party will not be accepted.

Thank you. – Carol Robidoux, Publisher

The Corona Virus Pandemic

The entire premise of lockdowns, mask/vaccine mandates and other orders is that there is a health crisis caused by coronavirus which is extremely deadly. It started as asking people to stay home for two weeks to “flatten the curve” and has grown to mandating vaccines for all.  While it was harder to prove this was not the case in 2020, the data is in and it is clear that coronavirus is not as deadly as currently advertised.

Because of these misrepresentations, or hype, families have suffered, people have died alone in hospitals unable to see their families, riots have burned cities, small businesses have shut down and our dollar has been diluted so much that homes have become unaffordable, all while tech companies have made record stock market gains.

If you want evidence, it hasn’t been provided to prove the deadliness prior to the lockdowns. Still, I have some –

Average Life Expectancy, Birth and Death Rate Correlation

US Birth Rate 1919 to 2011
Average Life Expectancy is 75 to 78.8 years depending on your source. Go back that far, look at the birth rates, and start making hospital beds. Source

Near 25% Increase in Birth Rate – Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers - US Birth Rate 1940 to 1950
The Birth Rate in the United States rose 24.23% from 1940 to 1950  Source

The US Birth Rate increased dramatically from 1940 to 1960, or from 1940 to 1950 as shown above. That is relevant because as this generation (baby boomers) reaches their 78.8 year life span (now), they are unfortunately going to die, increasing the death rate.

CDC Increase in Death Rate 2020
The CDC reported a 15.9% increase in the death rate, which seems to fall in line with the 24.23% increase in birth rates in 1940–1950  Source

Good data is hard to find, but this is a quite simple concept. In a world without change in health outcomes, the death rate would be completely predictable. However, we live in a world with political agendas that change these numbers from year to year.

Flipping Switches, Making Riches

Reduce pollution controls, more people die from pollution, polluting industries make more profits. Subsidize sugar, more people die from diabetes, junk food manufacturers rejoice.

Depress natural immune systems with social distancing and mask mandates, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers profit as more people die from influenza and pneumonia, which happened in 2020 as indicated below.

Flu and Pneumonia Deaths rose near 10 percent in 2020, even with masks, social distancing, and flu vaccines — Source: CDC

Shouldn’t flu and pneumonia deaths go down with masks and social distancing? Could some of the Covid deaths be deaths that would have been from other causes, or flu/pneumonia attributed? Looks like diabetes deaths went up near 15 percent.

I have two very young children, work, a business, and am trying to navigate this mess called society, just like you may. I wish I had a team of top scientists, access to the latest data and information, but I don’t. Our local government does, and our president can. Still, the evidence above is pretty compelling that the coronavirus is not as deadly as it has been made out to be.

Just Masking Some Questions

Why aren’t we looking at this “pandemic” with other people’s thoughts and information in account, especially doctors and PPP specialists that say masks are ineffective?

Watch People Vape Through Masks — which seem pretty ineffective at stopping aerosols like coronavirus.

I like free money just like anyone else, but as the Manchester School District was about to open without masks, NHPR ran a segment a couple Fridays ago where a man was threatening taking covid money back if schools weren’t safe. Now there is a mask mandate in the school. New Hampshire has no statewide MASK MANDATES.

How Much Money did the Manchester School District get for Covid Relief? If you don’t live in Manchester, New Hampshire like I do, how much did your school district receive for Covid relief?

Social Media Vaccine Ad
Ad I saw on my Twitter feed as an example of the advertisements that are being funded through Covid Relief Funds. Most of this money leaves the community, adding revenue to an out of state corporation.  Source

I run a small marketing agency, and also heard on NHPR that a Manchester firm and competitor of mine has received $434,000 to market vaccination and aims to get another $900K from the state’s federally-funded covid-coffers.

This article continues to describe how federal money (our income taxes) does not stay locally, rather, was spent on 5 Facebook ads, that have been so ineffective they want over two times as much money to continue to grow the healthcare industry.

How much financial incentive is there to promote vaccines that don’t stop the spread of coronavirus?

Are vaccinated people getting coronavirus? Can the coronavirus still mutate into a variant in infected people?

Is there doctor-reviewed evidence that vaccines increase the mutation rate and may be responsible for the Delta variant?

Wouldn’t “Stop Scrolling, Start Walking” increase the health of the community, reducing covid deaths?

Are masks really just marketing materials for the Democratic Party?

From Manchester New Hampshire School District, where my 5-year-old son will have to be mandated to wear a mask even though I don’t have to, nor do other New Hampshire residents. Initially was to start in the Blue phase, but news is reporting “Yellow.” Is he being “educated” by special interests?

Is this chart from the Manchester school district just a chart for Team Blue? Wouldn’t Green, Yellow, Orange, Red make more sense? I know blue represents for-profit healthcare, also a typically Democratic value.

Instead of switching to a healthcare system like Canada, insurance was mandated by the Obama administration, in conjunction with Democrats. I really liked Obama — he was charismatic and inspiring.

I also volunteered knocking doors for Hillary and voted Democrat down the board in 2016 because I care about the environment. I found out in 2020 that they don’t.

Have you read “Incentives and the Environment”? In it is a chapter called “Out-Nurturing Nature”. You should read it.

Why are we trusting for-profit pharmaceutical companies to keep us healthy, not only paying them billions to develop vaccines, but giving them a free pass without liability to test on hundreds of millions of people?

Is Perdue, a pharmaceutical company and maker of Oxycontin settling for billions of dollars after being sued by multiple states for mis-marketing their highly addictive drug? Isn’t the family re-organizing their assets as to not go bankrupt?

Did Johnson & Johnson, makers of a government-funded Covid vaccine, which was temporally pulled out of use, just settle for putting asbestos $4 billion, a known carcinogen in baby powder?

It’s well documented that California force-sterilized over 1,000 women prisoners from 1909 to 1979, then coerced even more in the name of Eugenics.

This was from a time when medical professionals believed genetics were determinate of one’s behavior. We now know it’s environment — where they grow up and how they are treated in whole.

Do pharmaceutical and tech companies lobby the government like cigarette and oil companies did? Are cigarettes safe? Is global warming real?

Why are social media companies like Facebook and Twitter that have profited the most from the pandemic allowed to block and remove information that opposes the current narrative? Here’s a great video of a doctor calmly and clearly describing issues with vaccines. It was removed from Youtube after going viral, only to be made fun of by mainstream media with promises “to look into it and get back to our viewers.” When did that happen?

What is the retail price of a Covid Test? How much does Medicaid pay for each rapid test, covid test or vaccination to hospitals and publicly traded companies like CVS?

Did NPR or NHPR get funding from the government in the form of grants or advertising? Have the companies that sponsor their broadcast gained financially from the pandemic restrictions?

After the pandemic in 1919, wasn’t there an economic boon, then bust, then war and genocide?

Don’t experts agree that the “singularity”, or the point AI will be more intelligent than any human, is set to hit in 2030, 100 years after the Great Depression began?

Are robots and AI (capital) vulnerable to the same viruses as humans?

Are we all just going to sell out, ignoring history? Aren’t we pretending that greed no longer exists?

Beg to differ? Agree to disagree? Your thoughtful prose on topics of general interest are welcome. Send submissions for consideration to, subject line: The Soapbox.

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