Market Basket employees given Aug. 4 deadline; job fairs planned

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Employees outside the Manchester Market Basket on Elm Street.
Employees outside the Manchester Market Basket on Elm Street.

The following statement was issued by the Market Basket/Demoulas Board of Directors on July 30, according to a post on the We Are Market Basket daily blog:

“We want Market Basket associates back to work and reiterate that they can return without fear of penalty. We again acknowledge and understand how difficult this situation has been for associates. However, we also need to have associates working to support stores, customers and vendors. We need associates to return to work on Monday August 4th. We understand that some associates may choose not to return, consequently we will begin advertising for employment opportunities. Our hope and strong preference is to have Market Basket’s incredible associates return to work. Again, any associate that wants to return will be welcomed and not penalized.”

Based on initial reaction to the latest missive, via Twitter, setting down ultimatums, letting old employees go and hiring new ones may not reverse the unraveling of Market Basket and its bottom line, or end the controversy anytime soon – and may further alienate customers:

Former supervisor says company’s plan to hire replacement workers could affect 600 employees

Market Basket workers have rights! Make sure you’re not targeted for illegal punishment. Learn more

tmlt They really expect workers to give up the fight? You may replace workers but can’t replace customers

what ultimatum are they going to issue to the customers?

As a customer, I won’t support executives who treat employees this way. Stop trying to scare people and do your job

The lawyers will be happy to see that. A case can be made that this is a protected protest. Firings would be illegal.

And customers like me won’t be back unless the employees win. used to get 95+% of our grocery budget.

job fairs Aug 4-5 for employees, Aug 6 for outside hires. Are fairs indication of what the company expects for possible sale?

shows the failure of our cultural ethos. Everyone was winning, Shareholders, executives, & workers

Guess the new leadership decided the good- thing just wasn’t for them, after all.

PHOTO: Market Basket workers continued to picket today in Tewksbury. Latest on the stalemate:

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Meanwhile, a Market Basket Strong T-shirt is now being sold via for $11.00 Each / with 50 percent profits going to Market Basket Warehouse/Truckdriver Fund on GoFundMeScreen shot 2014-07-30 at 6.01.12 PM

Also circulating, anthems and price comparison charts, underscoring the loyalty and hype that has propelled Market Basket to such widespread popularity.

@BuzzFeed:This Is The MarketBasket Protest Anthem You Didn’t Know You Were Waiting For @mydemoulas

How low are prices, really? We did a price comparison today. Here’s what we found. 

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