Mapping crime: How many burglaries have been reported in your neighborhood this month?

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Crime data (burglaries only) in Moira Philbrook’s general neighborhood for the past month.

MANCHESTER, NH – Moira Philbrook has heard through the grapevine that her East Side neighborhood has been targeted by burglars. She thought that, beyond the grapevine, it would be important for someone to share that information publicly, to make sure everyone is paying attention.

“Word on the street is that there have been upwards of 20 break-ins in our neighborhood in the past month, let’s say between Bridge and Webster, up to Belmont. I support the police scanner being scrambled, but I think people need to be aware of this so that they are alert and vigilant,” wrote Philbrook.
I took her request to heart and asked Manchester Police Public Information Officer, Lt. Brian O’Keefe, about it. He said, according to the police department’s statistician, the city averages 20-30 burglaries a month.
He wasn’t surprised at the word on the street in Philbrook’s neighborhood.
A wider view of last month’s MPD burglary-only crime data, via

“The area specified did get hit over the last month, so the numbers are not surprising. As far as ‘warning’ the public or making them aware, every day people should be vigilant. ‘See something, say something’ is not just a catchphrase. We really want people to call when they see someone suspicious,” O’Keefe said.

 Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard was scheduled to release the department’s Q2 crime reports today during a noon meeting at police headquarters. We’ll bring you city-wide crime updates as soon as they’re available. You can see charts for Manchester Police Q1 “Part 1” crime data and comparisons with 2016 and 2015 at the end of this post. Crime data on the Manchester Police website has not been updated since 2014.
For the record, we’re including a glossary of Part 1 versus Part 2 crimes:


  • Criminal homicide
  • Forcible rape 
  • Robbery 
  • Aggravated assault
  • Burglary (breaking or entering)
  • Larceny-theft (except motor vehicle theft)
  • Motor vehicle theft Arson

Part II

  • Other assaults (simple)
  • Forgery and counterfeiting
  • Fraud 
  • Embezzlement
  • Stolen property; buying, receiving, possessing
  • Vandalism
  • Weapons; carrying, possessing, etc.
  • Prostitution and commercialized vice
  • Sex offenses 
  • Drug abuse violations
  • Gambling
  • Offenses against the family and children
  • Driving under the influence
  • Liquor laws
  • Drunkenness
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Vagrancy

All other offenses

  • Suspicion
  • Curfew and loitering laws (persons under age 18)
  • Runaways (persons under age 18)

In the meantime, we did a search of local crime data using, entering “burglary” and the geographic area of Bridge Street within a half-mile search radius. CrimeMapping returned 56 burglaries within the past month (Nov. 13-Dec. 10).

We’ve compiled the list of burglary reports below in descending chronological order. If you’d like to search your neighborhood for a specific category of crime, or overall crime reports, it’s pretty easy. Start here.
Below is an analysis of when the 56 burglaries reported via Manchester Police Department took place – Friday appears to be the busiest day, followed by Saturday, Monday and Sunday, which leads us to this pro-tip: Weekends are ripe for burglars, so make sure you lock your home and cars, activate alarms or security systems, and let a trusted neighbor know to keep an eye out on your property, should you have travel plans or expect to be away from home for an extended period of time.

Below is the complete run down by general address of burglaries reported via between Nov. 13 and Dec. 10, 2017. 

Map it BURGLARY (A) 17019760 300 BLOCK BRIDGE ST Manchester Police 12-10-2017 4:05 PM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17019694 100 BLOCK RUSSELL ST Manchester Police 12-9-2017 10:15 AM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17019688 200 BLOCK HAWTHORNE ST Manchester Police 12-9-2017 7:44 AM
Map it BURGLARY (A) 17019671 100 BLOCK N ADAMS ST Manchester Police 12-8-2017 8:36 PM
Map it BURGLARY (A) 17019643 1300 BLOCK BELMONT ST Manchester Police 12-8-2017 4:45 PM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17019635 100 BLOCK SHERWOOD DR Manchester Police 12-8-2017 2:56 PM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17019615 100 BLOCK SAGAMORE ST Manchester Police 12-8-2017 11:48 AM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17019599 100 BLOCK MASSABESIC ST Manchester Police 12-7-2017 5:51 PM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17019588 1100 BLOCK HAYWARD ST Manchester Police 12-7-2017 5:50 PM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17019519 0 BLOCK PROSPECT ST Manchester Police 12-6-2017 1:37 PM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17019476 200 BLOCK OAK ST Manchester Police 12-5-2017 8:04 PM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17019361 0 BLOCK PENNACOOK ST Manchester Police 12-4-2017 8:54 AM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17019326 0 BLOCK MIRROR ST Manchester Police 12-3-2017 1:50 PM
Map it BURGLARY (A) 17019289 200 BLOCK HARRISON ST Manchester Police 12-2-2017 8:50 PM
Map it BURGLARY (A) 17019335 0 BLOCK LAMONTE ST Manchester Police 12-2-2017 8:25 PM
Crime Incidents56 Records11-13-2017 to 12-10-2017 (28 Days)
Map it BURGLARY (A) 17019281 100 BLOCK HUBBARD ST Manchester Police 12-2-2017 6:04 PM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17019231 700 BLOCK MAPLE ST Manchester Police 12-1-2017 8:21 PM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17019166 0 BLOCK QUEEN CITY AVE Manchester Police 11-30-2017 11:14 PM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17019159 100 BLOCK LODGE ST Manchester Police 11-30-2017 6:58 PM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17019155 300 BLOCK MANCHESTER ST Manchester Police 11-30-2017 5:36 PM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17019151 300 BLOCK MYRTLE ST Manchester Police 11-30-2017 4:59 PM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17019107 100 BLOCK WINTER ST Manchester Police 11-29-2017 5:28 PM
Map it BURGLARY (A) 17019095 300 BLOCK LAKE AVE Manchester Police 11-29-2017 2:50 PM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17019089 0 BLOCK MONROE ST Manchester Police 11-29-2017 1:34 PM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17019015 0 BLOCK BLODGET ST Manchester Police 11-28-2017 1:35 PM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17018951 0 BLOCK MANCHESTER ST Manchester Police 11-27-2017 1:56 PM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17018936 300 BLOCK DOUGLAS ST Manchester Police 11-27-2017 10:32 AM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17018910 0 BLOCK LODGE ST Manchester Police 11-26-2017 8:01 PM
Map it BURGLARY (A) 17018901 100 BLOCK BOYNTON ST Manchester Police 11-26-2017 6:37 PM
Map it BURGLARY (A) 17018908 200 BLOCK PROSPECT ST Manchester Police 11-26-2017 2:20 PM
Crime Incidents56 Records11-13-2017 to 12-10-2017 (28 Days)
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17018881 0 BLOCK MIRROR ST Manchester Police 11-26-2017 10:32 AM
Map it BURGLARY (A) 17018872 600 BLOCK UNION ST Manchester Police 11-26-2017 2:30 AM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17018859 0 BLOCK HEMLOCK ST Manchester Police 11-25-2017 6:28 PM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17018851 0 BLOCK GORHAM ST Manchester Police 11-25-2017 5:07 PM
Map it BURGLARY (A) 17018846 0 BLOCK OAK ST Manchester Police 11-25-2017 3:45 PM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17018814 200 BLOCK WOODBURY ST Manchester Police 11-24-2017 10:10 PM
Map it BURGLARY (A) 17018818 100 BLOCK CLARKE ST Manchester Police 11-24-2017 6:25 PM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17018792 0 BLOCK GOLFVIEW DR Manchester Police 11-24-2017 1:32 PM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17018772 0 BLOCK SMYTH RD Manchester Police 11-24-2017 1:30 PM
Map it BURGLARY (A) 17018761 600 BLOCK SECOND ST Manchester Police 11-24-2017 5:23 AM
Map it BURGLARY (A) 17018760 700 BLOCK S MAIN ST Manchester Police 11-24-2017 1:51 AM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17018644 500 BLOCK PINE ST Manchester Police 11-21-2017 5:32 PM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17018635 300 BLOCK GOLD ST Manchester Police 11-21-2017 2:13 PM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17018595 600 BLOCK UNION ST Manchester Police 11-20-2017 6:17 PM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17018602 200 BLOCK SAGAMORE ST Manchester Police 11-20-2017 6:13 PM
Crime Incidents56 Records11-13-2017 to 12-10-2017 (28 Days)
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17018582 300 BLOCK OAK ST Manchester Police 11-20-2017 3:59 PM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17018586 0 BLOCK WHIG DR Manchester Police 11-20-2017 2:02 PM
Map it BURGLARY (A) 17018532 0 BLOCK RAY ST Manchester Police 11-19-2017 7:42 PM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17018471 300 BLOCK MERRIMACK ST Manchester Police 11-18-2017 11:39 AM
Map it BURGLARY (A) 17018439 300 BLOCK WALNUT ST Manchester Police 11-17-2017 10:17 PM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17018399 0 BLOCK SOUTH ST Manchester Police 11-17-2017 9:35 AM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17018369 1800 BLOCK FRONT ST Manchester Police 11-16-2017 12:23 PM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17018357 200 BLOCK MERRIMACK ST Manchester Police 11-16-2017 10:30 AM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17018242 300 BLOCK MERRIMACK ST Manchester Police 11-14-2017 10:36 AM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17018212 0 BLOCK PROSPECT ST Manchester Police 11-13-2017 4:35 PM
Map it BURGLARY (B) 17018168 500 BLOCK OAK ST Manchester Police 11-13-2017 8:19 AM

EDITOR’S includes a rolling 180 days’ (6 months) worth of crime data for each reporting agency. IMore historical data or more detailed information regarding a specific incident should be obtainable through Manchester Police Department’s public information officer. According to, data provided is always verified for accuracy and all address information is generalized by block in order to help ensure privacy is protected. They utilize TriTech Software Systems to produce crime map data.

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