Manchester School of Technology Class of 2022: A day of milestones and memories

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Senior Class President Edna Ndayisaba delivers remarks to MST’s Class of 2022. Photo/MSD

MANCHESTER, NH – In the first of what was to be four city high school graduation ceremonies at SNHU Arena, Manchester School of Technology Senior Class President Edna Ndayisaba recognized a milestone for the school this year since becoming a full-time high school 10 years ago.

“We are the biggest graduating class this school has ever had, and I would say the best. As I look before me, I see future doctors, lawyers,  engineers, directors, and many more successful professionals in their chosen fields. Ultimately, I see a lot of success,” Ndayisaba said.

She went on to talk about her personal take on making it through to the graduation finish line by reflecting on her family’s journey to the United States as refugees.

MST’s Class of 2022 was the school’s largest graduating class to date. Photo/Stacy Harrison

Twenty-eight years ago, my parents had to endure and flee from genocide in Rwanda, a country they grew up in, which they loved so dearly. After a lot of harsh years of simply surviving, they were able to find refuge in South Africa, where I was born. I grew up there learning many of my life lessons, like riding a bike, crossing the street by myself, learning not to put my hand on the stove when it’s hot, and processing loss and grief. At 10 years old I packed up everything I ever knew and got on a plane that took me on a huge journey across the world. The plane ride was really long, but I loved it because I knew I would have enough time to watch about six full-length movies, but truly it was because I knew this plane ride was going to be taking me to a new home full of opportunities and hope,” Ndayisaba said.

Photo/Stacy Harrison

Photo/Stacy Harrison

“When we think of our parents or the people that have raised us, we think of all the sacrifices and hardships they have made for our success. We sometimes get nervous about living up to their expectations of us and think “ugh, this is a lot of pressure.” but, now you can look at them and say that it was all worth it, because you’re here today,  in this room graduating. You are so worthy and so deserving of all the sacrifices. So please keep going and never give up,” she said.

Ndayisaba ended her remarks with a shout-out to MST instructors.

“I know that I, and the rest of my classmates, are equipped with all the knowledge and skills we need because we were lucky enough to have had teachers like you. You do such an important job that often goes by without the praise it deserves,” she said.

Photo/Stacy Harrison

MST Principal Timothy Otis issued a statement published in the program that acknowledged MST’s status as a district-wide magnet school for students who choose MST over their “home” school based on where they reside. He said that he hoped the school’s 7th graduating class, which experienced a unique education centered around project-based learning and competency grading – and also lost out on 18 months of in-person experience due to the pandemic – are as proud of their accomplishments as he is.

“As you gather here today for the culminating activity of your high school years, hopefully you are looking back and are glad that you made the decision that you did,” he said. “You have persevered through it all and we are all here today to celebrate your accomplishments. Even though it was a very trying time during remote learning, you have gained strength from that experience that will help you greatly in your future endeavors.”

Class Officers

President: Edna Ndayisaba
Vice President: Kayla Bogert
Secretary: Anam Tariq
Treasurer: James Anderson
Historian: Desire Smith

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Manchester School of Technology Class of 2022

  • Andrew Abreu/Business Principles
  • James Anderson/Design Communication
  • Olivia Angilletta/Cosmetology
  • Katie Babineau/Health Professions
  • Zoe Berry/Game Design
  • Zachary Blanchard/Automotive Technology
  • Jayda Bogert/Game Design
  • Kayla Bogert/Video & Digital Media Production
  • Vanessa Caradonna-Navarro/Culinary Arts, Business Principles
  • Tyler Ceasar/Manufacturing Technology, Residential Carpentry
  • Wren Chretien/Health Professions, EMT
  • Jonathan Cloutier/Residential Carpentry
  • Amy Contreras/Public Safety & Law
  • Ruben Cruz/Game Design
  • Jasen Cusson/Health Professions, EMT
  • Ashley Diaz Ramos/Health Professions, Business Principles
  • Sebastian Dudley/Residential Plumbing
  • Genesi Dumesle/Health Professions
  • Colin Ermatinger/Electrical Technology
  • Xavier Estrada/HVAC
  • Chinenye Ezeugwu/Business Principles
  • Zachary Featherman/Culinary Arts
  • Katarina Feliciano/Careers in Education
  • Felicity Felix/Health Professions, Business Principles
  • Luis Fermin/Electrical Technology, Game Design
  • Jaxson Field/Design Communication
  • Audrey Gagnon/Cosmetology
  • Jake Gagnon/Landscaping & Horticulture, Culinary Arts
  • Alexis Garon-Gaffney/Video & Digital Media, Business Principles
  • Ryan Gills/Design Communication
  • Gabriela Gomez Rui/Public Safety & Law
  • Sarah Grudzien/Cosmetology
  • Mirabella Guillou/Manufacturing Technology
  • Macaylah Hart/Automotive Technology
  • Audrey Harty/Careers in Education
  • Starla Skye Hayes/Culinary Arts
  • Audrey Henry/Business Principles
  • Alexander Howe/Collision Repair & Refinishing Technology
  • Malco Jimenez Aponte/Collision Repair & Refinishing Technology
  • Haley Johnson-King/Manufacturing Technology
  • Duketery Kandakai/Business Principles
  • Melphie Kanyinda/Public Safety & Law
  • Coby Kehoe Collision/Repair & Refinishing Technology
  • Matthew Keyes/Electrical Technology
  • Shawn LaRoche/Automotive Technology
  • Isaiah Lawrence/Game Design
  • Nhan Le/Residential Carpentry
  • Destiny Lemay/Culinary Arts
  • Cameron Lesko/Cosmetology
  • Keyanna Martel/Health Professions
  • Michael Martel/HVAC
  • Hannah McClaughry-Bertelsen/Careers in Education
  • Anaya Montes/Health Professions
  • Jiniahliz Montes/Health Professions
  • Imani Morris/Cosmetology
  • Ian Murphy/Automotive Technology
  • Edna Ndayisaba/Video & Digital Media, Business Principles
  • Luis Negron/Public Safety & Law, Green Technology
  • Hailey O’Neill/Business Principles
  • Samara Olive/Design Communication
  • Xavier Paquette/Game Design, Manufacturing Technology
  • Aaron Pichette/Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology
  • Mackenzie Powell/Health Professions, EMT
  • Meagan Quattrucci/Public Safety & Law
  • Gabriel Quinones/Public Safety & Law
  • Erika Reyes Ortiz/Cosmetology, Business Principles
  • Gabriella Rice/Health Professions, EMT
  • Joseph Roberge/Residential Carpentry
  • Patrick Roberge/Public Safety & Law, Fire Science, EMT
  • Isaac Rojas/Public Safety & Law
  • Noah Roukey/Game Design, Design Communication I
  • Mia Roye Perez/Game Design, Design Communication I
  • Jasmine St.Croix/Cosmetology
  • Chloe Sjolander-Dussault/Video & Digital Media Production
  • Desire Smith/Cosmetology
  • Samuel Smith/Video & Digital Media Production
  • Toni Speller/Cosmetology
  • Anam Tariq/Health Professions, Culinary Arts
  • Yomaily Torres Carrasco/Public Safety & Law
  • Brianna Torres/Public Safety & Law
  • Natalie Uribe/Careers in Education
  • Elijzah Vega/Landscaping & Horticulture, Business Principles
  • Noah Vincent/Residential Carpentry
  • Sean Vincent/Design Communication
  • Alexis Wells-Zemis/Health Professions, Fire Science, EMT
  • Isaiah H. Williams/Automotive Technology
  • Isaiah L. Williams/Manufacturing Technology

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More weekend high school graduation coverage to come.


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