Manchester salon has the cure for your summer hair blues

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Erica Sowa drying client's hair
Erica Sowa owner of Tower of Curls, styles client’s hair

Whether you’re taming the wave, fighting the frizz, or just frazzled by out-of-control curls, Erica Sowa, owner of Tower of Curls & Beyond, is here to show you how to tame your wild locks, no matter how hazy, hot and humid it gets.

Tucked away on the 6th floor of the Wall Street Tower, this boutique salon at 555 Canal St. is a hidden gem in the heart of downtown Manchester.

And when I say hidden, I mean it literally.

They are open six days a week, but hours are by appointment only and while parking is free, you can’t just walk up to the door.

Don’t worry, you don’t need a secret knock or password, but you do have to book ahead and visit the ground level concierge to access the elevator which adds a layer of exclusivity and mystique to the experience.

And have no doubt, a visit to Tower of Curls is almost a spa experience.

Unlike many larger salons that churn customers from shampoo bowl to chair and out the door as quickly as possible, Sowa provides a relaxing oasis where the stylists work one-on-one with clients from start to finish.

She says a new client can expect to spend two hours on their first visit.

Beginning with the new client intake form, Sowa and her team customize every part of the client experience. They ask questions about your hair, styling habits, and typical haircare routine.

  • How would you describe your curls?
  • How long is your hair?
  • What is the density of your hair?
  • How often do you straighten or blow out your curls?
  • How do you dry your curls?
  • Have you ever had a dry cut on your curls with no comb?

They want to know how much maintenance you’re comfortable with so they can give you a cut that works with both your hair and your lifestyle.

Sowa says “I think a lot of places don’t take the time to show people how to style at home.”

While the rest of the styling world treats all hair the same, these professionals know that every curl is different.

They embrace the dry cut, a technique that allows them to see how the individual strands lay.

Tower of Curls stylist Jessica Tremblay explains that curly hair is not uniformly curly. You might have one piece that is wavy or almost straight and the section next to it might be tightly curled. She describes the dry cutting technique as “almost like sculpting hair instead of cutting.”

Once the cut is done they educate you on the type of shampoo and conditioner you should use and how often you need to use it. They share tips on styling products and show you step-by-step on how to recreate the look and send you home with a goodie cup.

Tower of Curls custom swag bag includes:

  • Magic Stick (metal chopstick to fluff your curls)
  • Detox Hair Treatment
  • Pineappling Elastic (metal-free hair elastics used to get 2nd day from your style)
  • Flour Sack Towel (top choice for curly hair)

Their goal is for you to leave the salon feeling confident and looking fabulous.

As a straight haired person, I find the whole thing fascinating. In my world, there are no bouncy sassy curls, the best I can aspire to is shiny hair with even ends.

Tower of Curls hair care products
Tower of Curls has a wide array of specialty products for curly hair

Sowa assures me that even though their stylists are trained curly hair specialists they also take care of straight hair, too.

They are a full-service salon and offer many options such as hair coloring, hair painting, foiling, even eyebrow waxing.

The first two-hour visit including curly hair consultation and instruction costs $105 and the second curl cut and style visit is $80. They want to know if the cut and maintenance routine is working for you so the second visit also includes continuing education about at-home care and styling. After the second visit, they offer a lower-priced regular wash, style, and cut appointments where you can be in and out in 40-minutes.

If you’re tired of struggling with poodle hair or frizz, think about giving Tower of Curls a try. You never know, they might just have the cure for your summer hair blues.

For more information about Tower of Curls & Beyond, please visit their website, or find them on Facebook.

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