Manchester Primary Election results

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Elizabeth Ann Moreau will be sworn in this week as Ward 6 Alderman, replacing Nick Pappas, until the results of the general election.

MANCHESTER, NH – The unofficial results of the Sept. 19, 2017 Primary are in and posted below.

In the mayoral race, Joyce Craig gathered the most votes, with 5,800 to Mayor Ted Gatsas’ 4,987, with Glenn RJ Ouellette getting 138 votes and Joshua D. Dailaire, with 71 votes.

Democratic Party Chairman Raymond Buckley celebrated Craig’s success via his Facebook page, as a new Manchester “first.”

“Tonight, Joyce Craig won the non-partisan Manchester mayoral primary, becoming the first woman to do so in the history of the city, which was founded in 1751. Craig won by a margin of 5,800-4,987 (53 percent -46 percent), besting the incumbent Republican Mayor Ted Gatsas. In Manchester’s primary format, the top two primary vote-getters regardless of party advance to the general election. Since Manchester switched to non-partisan primaries in 1997, no incumbent mayor has ever finished in second place. Craig and Gatsas will face off in the general election on November 7th.”

According to City Clerk Matthew Normand, turnout was at just about 20 percent of the registered voters in this election – slightly behind 2015  turnout of 23 percent. 

“I expected a similar result as 2015 but as we got closer to the election it seemed like interest was lagging a bit.  I wasn’t getting as many calls for absentees or election questions in general during the waning days, like I normally would get, which probably explains why we didn’t reach the 2015 numbers,” Normand said, after tabulating the unofficial results Tuesday night.

He also pointed out that these results represent ballots and write-in votes only. Official municipal election results will be released on the city’s webpage by the close of business on September 20, 2017.

Of note: In Ward 6 the special election for Ward Alderman has placed Elizabeth Ann Moreau in the Aldermanic horseshoe – as top vote-getter, Moreau is automatically named Alderman and will be sworn in early next week, replacing Nick Pappas, who stepped down earlier this year after moving out of the ward and leaving the post vacant. Moreau will serve until the general election results are tallied in November.

The Top two vote-getters (in bold) in each race will face off on to the November ballot.

These results represent ballots and write-in votes. Official municipal election results will be released on the city’s webpage by the close of business on September 20, 2017.

Unofficial results of the Special State Primary in State Representative District 15/Ward 8:


Ted Gatsas: 4,987

Joyce Craig: 5,800

Glenn RJ Ouellette: 138

Joshua D. Dallaire: 71

Ward 1

Christopher Stewart: 575

Kevin J Cavanaugh: 1,014

Jeff Nyhan: 151

Ward 2

Robert Gerard O’Sullivan: 248

Ryan Richman: 182

Will Stewart: 591

Thomas Svoleantopoulos: 88

Paul R.R. Martineau: 165


Adeel Tahir: 291 
Dennis J. Walsh: 422 
Elena Whitfield: 203 
Jacqueline Chretien: 294 
Corey Ann Doherty: 336 
Catherine Koblinsky: 171 
Kate Marquis: 257 
Elizabeth Ropp: 254 

Ward 4

Stephen N. Mathieu: 273

Christopher J. Herbert: 231

Jason Hodgdon: 107

Ward 6

*Special Election: Elizabeth Ann Moreau will be sworn in early next week to serve as Ward 6 Alderman until the results of the general election in November.


Ryan Van Orden: 171

Peter Macone: 438

Elizabeth Ann Moreau: 529

School Board

Ernesto Pinder: 75

Daniel H. Bergeron: 565

Jon DiPietro: 461

Ward 7

William P. Shea: 402

Brian D. Cole: 85

Brenda Noiseux: 232

Ward 8

Edward Sapienza: 299

John Cataldo: 458

Betsi Devries: 505


Ward 9

Barbara Shaw: 377

James A Burkush: 384

Michael J. Ricker: 116

Ward 11

Armand D. Forest: 56

Normand Gamache: 162

Russ Ouellette: 195

Andrea Rosa: 148

Ward 12

Jonathan Barrett: 52

Joel Elber: 110

Hassan Essa: 289

Keith D. Hirschmann: 394

School Board

Connie Van Houten: 357

Carlos Gonzalez:150

Kelly Anne Thomas: 323

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