Manchester Police issue scam warning

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MANCHESTER, NH — The Manchester Police Department is warning the public about another telephone scam that urges the intended target to liquidate bank accounts and send the money to the scammer in the form of gift cards or bitcoin.

According to police, there has been an “uptick” in the number of reported calls that are scams.

In the latest one, scammers say they are calling from a government agency, either Social Security Administration or law enforcement.  The caller ID indicates the particular agency mentioned even though it is not legitimate.

The caller then says the individual may be a victim of identity fraud because his Social Security number is being used in connection with a drug cartel.  To solve the problem the victim is encouraged to liquidate all bank accounts.  If that isn’t done, the victim is told he could be arrested

The victim is then told to withdraw the money and send it to the caller in the form of gift cards or a bitcoin. 

Another scam that is circulating involves a caller posing as someone from a business, such as Apple, and claiming the person’s device or computer is showing an “unauthorized” transaction.

Police said while the scams are not new, they want to remind residents to be suspicious of anyone asking for payment in the form of a gift card or bitcoin deposit.

Also, residents should also contact a company’s customer service or business number before conducting any financial transaction.