Manchester Police to set up sobriety checkpoints April 22 & 23

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MANCHESTER, NH – Manchester Police Department  has been granted a Superior Court Petition to conduct a sobriety checkpoint April 22 and 23. The sobriety checkpoint is the most effective method of detecting and apprehending an impaired driver.

The program, approved by the NH Highway Safety Agency and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, provides federal highway safety funds to support these checkpoints which will be conducted in Manchester.

As part of the grant, police departments must notify the public that a checkpoint will be in place.

A review of records has shown that the use of alcohol by individuals who operate motor vehicles has resulted in an alarming number of deaths and personal injury accidents, and has been on the rise.

The purpose of the sobriety checkpoint is to detect and apprehend the impaired driver. Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard has taken an aggressive stance to prevent persons from driving when intoxicated. New Hampshire has some of the most aggressive laws in the country to fight the intoxicated driver and the law enforcement community will use those tools to their full extent.

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  • Andrew Criscione

    This isn’t a DUI checkpoint, if you look at the arrests they make at these things, it’s all cannabis, illegal immigration, driving with a suspended license. It’s a revenue/kidnapping/rape-cage checkpoint run by vicious thugs, but we’ll be on the sidewalk next to them yelling at them in as vicious language as is legally permissable and making their nights miserable by insulting them all evening, if it’s any consolation.

  • jo

    you need a better hobby

  • PatG

    “The sobriety checkpoint is the most effective method of detecting and apprehending an impaired driver.”

    No, the most effective method is to park outside of bars and nightclubs at 1-2am and follow those cars. Then stop the ones that are weaving and breaking traffic laws.

    • Jennifer Croteau Vaillancourt

      Thats illegal…its called entrapment…and if they did that the judge would dismiss the case.

      • PatG

        You’re wrong. Entrapment is inducing a person to commit a crime they would not likely commit on their own without being influenced to do so. How is sitting outside a bar and following people entrapping them?

  • tjg1984

    Why wasn’t my comment here approved? I thought it was important and valid to question the statement that “the sobriety checkpoint is the most effective method of detecting and apprehending an impaired driver” and point out the lack of evidence for this claim.

  • If that is all it was, go for it. We all know it is not. Stop these illegal stops of free travel. Generate your revenue another way.