Manchester Advanced Dental: State-of-the-art services with focus on conquering dental phobias

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MANCHESTER, NH – Everyone loves going to the dentist, right?

Well if you are someone who is petrified of going for whatever reason you have a great new option in Manchester. Manchester Advanced Dental is owned and operated by Dr. Fouad Yadani who has been providing outstanding dental care to the Manchester Area residents for the past 11 years and just recently opened up his own practice. His state-of-the-art facility specializes in catering to people with various levels of dental phobias or anxiety with an open concept and equipped with the latest technologies. I had the opportunity myself to use his facility as my wife has dental phobias, and I was truly impressed with his professionalism and dedication to his patients. I also had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Dr. Yadani and get some insights into the scope of his business.

What separates your practice from the competition?

Dr. Yadani: We focus primarily on tackling dental anxiety as it is estimated that 75 percent of people have some form of dental phobia. The people who are afraid of the dentist are who we specialize in and connect with the most. Our goal is to make every experience as stress-free as possible, which starts as soon as you walk into our office. We have the most advanced technologies, utilize the most up-to-date medical and dental protocols and procedures (hence Advanced Dental!)  and our exam rooms are specifically designed and set up to make the patient feel comfortable. When you go into many dental offices the rooms are typically cluttered with many countertops, cabinets equipment laying all around and surrounding the patient which can be claustrophobic to some. Our rooms are based on a novel European design which is aimed at keeping a simplistic setup but rendering the treatment rooms highly efficient and ergonomic. Hence, we position our supplies and main equipment behind the patients’ point of view when they are in the chair, which makes it very open and inviting as well as significantly decreasing the “claustrophobic” effect

What do you think is unique about your facility?

Dr. Yadani: Having the latest technology available is very critical in order to provide the highest quality of dental care. All our X-ray equipment was hand-picked with two essential criteria in mind: accuracy and safety. As such the models used for our patients at Manchester Advanced Dental are among the ones emitting the least amount of radiation on the market. Ever wonder why, in many offices, the assistant has to run away outside the room when you have bitewings taken (a type of intraoral x-ray)? It is mainly because of the dose of radiation emitted by the machine. At Manchester Advanced Dental, we use portable handheld x-ray devices that emit up to 75% less radiation than older wall-mounted devices. So much so that the assistant stays next to you while the intra-oral x-rays are taken! Needless to say, our x-rays take less time to take, are safer and more precise thanks to the advances in digital technology. Because getting the right diagnostic is imperative for proper treatment, we also utilize intra-oral cameras which are the size of a sharpie pen to look very closely and in detail in the patient’s mouth. Additionally, for many of our larger cases involving surgery (impacted wisdom teeth, dental implants, bone grafting reconstruction etc.), our patients benefit from our cone beam technology which allows us to take in few seconds a very precise x-ray in 3D of the patient’s area of interest, whether be a tooth, part of the jaw, or the whole facial skeleton depending on the information we need for the patient’s care. It is the equivalent of a CT scan but for the head only, where patients stand for less than 15 sec and again, the model used at Manchester Advanced Dental has the benefit of providing both very accurate imaging and the lowest amount of radiation among equipment of similar category on the market. We are also in the process of implementing a completely paperless practice which will make it easier for both the patient and our staff so we are able to access everything electronically quickly and provide overall the best dental care there is.

Our office is designed for efficiency and patient’s comfort. At its center, there is the sterilization & supply center which acts like the core of the office and all the treatment rooms are the spokes allowing patients and mainly staff to move in unison with no traffic jams. I consider all my staff an extension of myself, we all share the same passion and goals for our patient’s well-being and excellence in dental care. All our team members were handpicked not only for their experience and skills but more importantly for their compassion and their ability to connect positively with people and that’s why we all work so well together. Simply said, I am not shy to say that we probably have the best dental team in Manchester, perhaps maybe the best in the state! 

Another uniqueness of our office is that to me, access to high-quality care should not only be reserved for fortunate people who can afford it and/or have insurance. With that in mind, we developed our own comprehensive dental membership plan that is like no other plan on the market; no deductibles, no maximums, no waiting periods, no exclusions on types of procedures, a very little cost in comparison to standard private or employer-sponsored dental insurance plans. This allows us to put our patients first so they can get the best dental care they deserve regardless of their income level or insurance status. Our membership plans allow also significantly reduced costs on not just a few procedures but essentially all the procedures/treatments offered at Manchester Advanced Dental including implants, braces and, yes, even cosmetic treatments such as whitening, veneers etc. The membership plans available exclusively in our office are so popular among our patients that many decided to switch over and ditch their regular dental insurance as they easily figured out that from a purely financial standpoint, our plan was the smartest choice! Overall, a no-brainer for many of our patients who now have a much better alternative to hungry dental insurance companies.

Why did you choose Manchester to open your business?

Dr. Yadani: Long story short, I Grew up in Canada and after completing dental school there and later coming to the U.S. to pursue post-graduate surgical training in New York, I ended up joining an office in Manchester, New Hampshire owned back then by Dr. Adam Salem (May God bless his Soul). He was a true professional and the warmest person someone can have in his life. I certainly fashioned a lot of my way of doing things around his and he certainly played a role in the clinician I am today and also where I am today. He left a legacy of compassion and has always had the people of Manchester’s well-being in mind and always ready to help whenever the situation presented itself. At that office, I was providing my patients with cutting-edge expertise but most importantly I had the privilege to develop warm and truly enjoyable relationships with all the thousands of patients I was honored to meet and treat over the past decade. Many of them became loyal patients and some actually became friends! As such, when the time came to open my own office with a specific patient/people-centered philosophy in mind, it became naturally obvious to me that I would dedicate the rest of my professional career practicing in Manchester. Me, my wife and our three wonderful children have firmly established our roots in this community and we feel blessed to be part of it!

What do you attribute to your success?

Dr. Yadani: The precious relationship I develop with my patients. It gives me so much satisfaction in everything I do. I take the time to connect with them, understand them and then take care of their needs. After all, it’s all about human connection. I always remind myself and my team, that the people we see and treat have to be treated exactly like we would treat our own family members. Our patients feel that all the time and for me, that is so important. More than anything else. Indeed, dentistry, like medicine, is a business but I firmly believe that if you really care about people then you stop focusing solely about the business aspect and find more enjoyment and benefit in your career. I always have a willingness to raise the bar in terms of quality of care and not settle for the status-quo. I travel regularly for continuing education, attend national and international symposiums which allow me to be at the forefront of the latest advances and technologies that are used in dentistry and medicine to benefit Manchester Advanced Dental patients.

What do you do to give back to the community?

Dr. Yadani: As I’ve stated earlier, I love what this community represents and feel privileged to be part of. I often remind myself how blessed I am with the opportunity to do what I love, help others feel better and make a living out of it! But with great power comes great responsibility and as such, I feel we have a social responsibility to help in the best of our capacity our fellow citizens. Thank God, on that aspect, many of my colleagues do wonderful things. As far as Manchester Advanced Dental, I do not want to reveal specifically what we do regularly from a philanthropic standpoint but just so you know that we are in the works of completing a partnership with a well-known non-profit organization that does a lot of good to the people of Manchester. Also, we have some pretty cool projects in the pipeline so be on the lookout for more details in the weeks/months to come! 🙂 April is known as the Oral Cancer Awareness Month and for that, during that whole month, we were the first in Manchester to offer free oral cancer screenings to the community. Many people took advantage of that as for some, it was their first time seeing a dentist so we took that opportunity to provide care and offer education to those patients. Overall, it was a success in every aspect so we’re happy to inform you that we will be doing it again every April from now on!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Dr. Yadani:  I love being able to see the results/effect of my work on my patient’s lives, especially when a patient comes in and they have neglected their oral health for years, for x,y,z reason. We know and understand that people have lives to live and sometimes their mouth is the last priority after taking care of bills and putting kid’s oral care first before themselves etc. Going through that process of getting their mouth healthy and being able to smile again and see how much their inner confidence grows up instantly just validates our mission and makes the whole process so worth it.

If you could start your practice from scratch one more time, what would you do differently?

Dr. Yadani:  I’ve had this specific practice in mind for over 10 years. During all these years, I visited other dental offices and even worked with other dentists and taken what works for them and what hasn’t and implemented it into this office. This practice is the culminating point of all those years of research and preparation. It is sort of like my brainchild, something I have formulated over the course of those 10 years, so at this point, I don’t think I would really change anything or do it differently.

Where do you hope to see your practice in the next 5-10 years?

Dr. Yadani: We are currently working on expanding this office to full capacity at this location and bringing onboard more staff and Doctors who share our philosophy, have similar goals and passions. From a personal level, I also would love to be, one day, part of a dental school faculty and teach current and future dentists how to perform specific advanced procedures and to become a leader in dental care in that area. Overall, sharing my knowledge and passion with other clinicians all for the benefit of people in need of our expertise.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out as a business owner what would it be?

Dr. Yadani: 

Don’t look back and don’t be afraid, you will sometimes feel like you are looking down a cliff, you can’t let that distract you from your goals. Trust your inside feelings and focus on the human aspect of it. Think about how your dream will be a self-fulfillment to you as it will be to others when you are providing the best of your expertise and touch people’s lives the same way I see it happen every day with my own patients. Also be a leader and not just a boss, by leading a team and not “bossing” a team you can accomplish more because you are achieving those goals as a team.

So, if you are in the process of changing dentists, looking for a great one or if you, a family member or a friend have some apprehension towards visiting the dentist, take the leap and give Manchester Advanced Dental a call and see how Dr. Yadani’s office and team can help you get the smile you deserve!

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